3 Best Cable Deals In California

California is the most populous state in the U.S and home to a number of companies offering Cable TV services. While one is sure to be spoilt of choice we have selected some of the best cable deals in California.

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California is home to an impressive collection of cable TV providers, all gunning for market share in one of the most populous states in the U.S. The wide variety will surely confuse anyone, given the widespread offering and competitive pricing. The best cable deals in California are sure to appeal to all household needs.
Best cable deals in California

There are more than 20 cable TV providers and satellite TV companies in the golden state, including Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, and DIRECTV. In addition, more than 30 million Californians have access to cable or satellite TV, affirming the market size.

One thing to remember is that Cable TV requires fiber optic cables to operate. The wires send the programs to televisions in households as encrypted signals. A subscriber must subscribe to a package to decrypt the signals to watch their favorite shows.

Subscribers also need a receiver that connects to an outlet to enjoy cable television at home. Some of California’s biggest and best cable TV providers offer a promotional discount on equipment to attracts new customers. Despite the deals, one must pay a monthly subscription to use the equipment afterward.

Below are some of the best cable deals in California

Xfinity Cable TV Deals
Xfinity is one of biggest providers of the best cable deals in California. It offers three sets of plans that come with different packages and pricing. It provides flexible bundles that customers can choose from depending on their needs. It also offers month-to-month service options instead of long-term contracts with some providers. Customers also stand to enjoy top-quality DVR choices.

Xfinity TV Plans
The Basic TV plan under this category comes with ten TV channels and costs $30 a month, while the Extra TV packages offer access to 125 channels priced at $49.99. The preferred TV package providing access to 185 TV channels goes for $59.99.

Xfinity TV and Internet Bundles
In addition to the primary TV plans, Xfinity offers cable deals with internet bundles. For $69.99 a month, customers can enjoy 125 TV channels plus an internet package pegged at a speed of 600Mbps. Anyone eyeing the Preferred TV package with access to 185 TV channels can pay $109.99 to enjoy 600Mbps worth of internet speeds. The preferred TV package plus 1200Mbps internet speed goes $134.99 monthly.

Xfinity Triple Play Bundles
Additionally, Xfinity offers a tipple play bundle that combines TV channels, internet access, and voice subscription. Consequently, the Extra TV package that combines 300mbps worth of internet speed and voice bundles goes for $89.99, while the preferred TV package plus 1200MBps of internet speed and voice access goes for $144.99 a month.

Best Cable Deals in California: Suddenlink TV

Suddenlink also stands out as a provider of one of the best cable deals in California, with its plans starting from as little as $30 a month. In addition to affordable packages, it offers a good channel line-up and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Suddenlink TV Plans
Suddenlink Basic TV Plan with access to 50 TV channels goes for $30 a month, while the Core TV plan with 200 channels goes for $65 a month. The Select TV plan with access to 290 channels goes for $85, while the Premier TV plan offering aces stops 340 cable TV channels for $105.

Suddenlink TV & Internet Bundles
It also offers the best cable deals in California that combine TV channels and internet bundles. The combined packages start from $49.99 to $154.99. For $49.99 a month, customers can subscribe to the Basic TV plan with 100Mbps internet speeds. The Core TV plan combines with Internet 500, guaranteeing 500Mbps of internet speeds goes, for $104.99. Customers can also subscribe to the Internet 1GIG + Core TV plan for $154.99.

The Best Cable Deals in California: Spectrum Cable TV Deals

Spectrum is another top provider of the best cable TV deals in California with various cable plans, some combining internet bundles, and others with voice services. Its plans start from as little as $50, with the highest costing about $122.

Spectrum TV Plans
Spectrum basic TV select plan costs $49.99 while offering access to $125 TV channels. The TV silver plan goes for $74.99 with access to 175 TV channels, and the TV Gold plan provides access to 200 TV channels and costs $94.99.

Spectrum TV & Internet Bundles
Spectrum offers affordable TV and internet bundles. Its TV Select plan, combined with Internet Ultra that guarantees 400Mbps, goes for $79.98, while TV Silver with 400Mbps worth of internet speed will cost $89.98. TV Gold with 400Mbps goes for $109.98.

Spectrum Triple Play Bundles
Customers who wish to combine Cable TV with internet bundles and voice will also be spoilt for choice given the options. For instance, TV Select combining Internet Ultra and Voice costs $94.97, while TV Silver with Internet Ultra and voice costs $102.97. The TV Gold plan with Internet Ultra and voice will cost $122.97.

Bottom Line

The best cable deals in California transcend many things from a wide selection of TV channels to internet bundles and in some cases voice services. The offerings depend on the location one is in and whether the provider has coverage. Additionally, customer needs and pricing is also a factor in asserting the best cable deal.

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