4 Best Alzheimer Treatment Clinics in New York

If you are worried or concerned about your memory loss or that of your loved one, the best Alzheimer treatment clinics in New York are always ready to help. The clinic’s sole mission is to provide an early diagnosis and the best treatment option for patients to enhance their quality of life.

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Alzheimer’s is one of the most prevalent brain disorders in the US that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills. In advanced stages, it affects people’s ability to concentrate and carry out the simplest tasks. While the symptoms appear most later in life, they can also appear when one is young. In the US, more than 6 million people above the age of 65 have dementia caused by Alzheimer’s. With the condition strengthening to get out of control amid an aging population the best Alzheimer treatment clinics in New York are helping relieve the symptoms.
Best Alzheimer Treatment Clinics in New York

Some of the earliest signs and symptoms that show one is slowly developing Alzheimer’s disease include memory problems. Everyone can have memory problems. However, it should be a point of concern when they are more than normal for a given age and interfere with one’s way of life. In addition to memory loss, some people struggle with vision and spatial issues and impaired reasoning or judgment.

The lack of a cure for the neurological disease sees it ranked as the seventh leading cause of death. It is also the most common cause of dementia among older people. The best Alzheimer treatment clinics in New York don’t cure the disease. Instead, they focus on slowing down its progression and minimizing the symptoms.

Best Alzheimer Treatment Clinics in New York

Pearl I. Barlow Center for Memory Evaluation and Treatment
It is regarded as one of the best Alzheimer’s treatment clinics in New York for providing diagnosis and appropriate treatment options for memory loss. Perl I Barlow Center for Memory Evolution and Treatment also offers the best support services for patients and their families struggling with Alzheimer condition.

The Alzheimer clinic focus is addressing the needs of those experiencing mild cognitive impairment, frontotemporal degeneration and progressive aphasias due to neurodegenerative disease. Its treatment regimen is dedicated to helping patients manage memory disorders. Its team of specialists that tailor treatment options to individual patients includes neurologists, psychologists, social workers, and nurse practitioners.

Perl I Barlow Center for Memory Evaluation and Treatment leverages advanced treatment technologies and research options to provide the best diagnostic and assessment for memory loss. Individual care plans are developed for each person once the diagnosis is made. Referrals are also made to appropriate community resources such as adult care and respite care. Additionally, it offers programs in cognitive remediation tailored to those struggling with concerns about their memory.

Mount Sinai
Mount Sinai Alzheimer Disease Research Center operates one of the biggest and best programs for patients struggling with memory loss problems. It offers a wide range of services backed by a team of specialists. The team focuses on a compassionate, comprehensive approach to the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of Alzheimer disease.

As one of the best Alzheimer treatment clinics in New York, Mount Sinai carries out several types of clinical research to come up with tailored treatment and prevention options for the disease. Its treatment program is tailored towards improving diagnosis, delaying disease progression and enhancing the well-being of people affected by the neurological condition.

New York Presbyterian
New York Presbyterian is one of the best Alzheimer’s treatment clinics in New York, focused on providing compassionate care from a multi-disciplinary team approach. It relies on a team of neurologists, neurosurgeons”, psychiatrists’ neuropsychologists, among others, to accurately diagnose the disease and tailor treatment options to individual needs.

The clinic comes backed with a wide spectrum of diagnostic services, including neuroimaging such as Positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. It also offers neuropathological assessments and electroencephalography.

Once the clinic identifies the cause of Alzheimer’s disease, the best treatment course is determined while considering all the facets of the condition, from neurologic to cognitive and psychiatric symptoms. The clinic also addresses modifiable risk factors, such as diet and exercise, which affect the progression rate or delay.

Columbia University Department of Neurology
The New York Columbia University Department of Neurology operates one of the best Alzheimer treatment clinics in New York. The clinic specializes in providing comprehensive and coordinated care for those struggling with all the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Its multi-disciplinary team of specialists comprises neurologist’s, psychiatrists, genetic counsellors, and social workers who work to determine the exact cause of any impairment. In return, they advise on the best treatment plan depending on the nature of the underlying condition.

Bottom Line

Alzheimer’s disease affects the patients, the entire family, and the caregivers. Therefore, it is important to seek treatment at the best Alzheimer’s treatment clinics in New York. Such clinics focus on cutting-edge prevention and treatment options that help minimize the symptoms and the disease progression. Additionally, the clinics consider various factors, including current and past medical problems, genetics and nutritional patterns, to tailor therapies for each patient.

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