4 Best Driving Jobs for Seniors in California

Seniors can make a few bucks a week by taking driving jobs. There are many driving jobs available for seniors, either on a full-time or part-time basis. You can land the best driving jobs for seniors in California if you have clean driving, good credit records, pass a drug test, and are trustworthy. Read on to find out which one suits your style.

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Getting the best driving jobs for seniors in California requires your compliance with California’s special driving laws for seniors and older drivers. California Department of Motor Vehicles(DMV) is the enforcing authority.
Best Driving Jobs for Seniors in California

The laws sanction unsafe older drivers if they are reported to have committed an offense. It is essential first to understand the driving laws and restrictions to comply before taking that driving job. Below are special regulations on older drivers that you should consider:

License Renewal Rules for Older Drivers in California

If you are 70+ years, you must renew your license every five years in person. Also required at renewal is a vision and written test. You will need an eye vision examination. The DMV shall file the report for future reference.
License Restrictions
DMV may restrict your license after performing a driving test. You may be subjected to a driving test if there are indications of impairment based on reports by a physician, law enforcement officer, or family member.
Such restrictions include wearing classes of corrective contact lenses, no freeway driving, no nighttime driving, no driving during rush hour traffic, geographic area restrictions, and additional features to the vehicle, such as an extra side mirror.
Requesting for Unsafe Driver Investigation
California DMV encourages reporting of unsafe driving and promises to have your name confidential. Other parties who may report include family members, the driver themselves, police, or any other source so long as it is not anonymous. The DMV writes a letter to the concerned driver and requests for driver examination.
Mandatory Reporting By Doctors
California requires doctors to report to DMV any instances of a condition likely to impair driving, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Then, DMV, at their discretion, may pull your license or request a driving test.

Outline of the Best Driving Jobs For Seniors in California

Courier and Delivery Driving Jobs for Seniors
Driving delivery trucks is most popular with seniors hoping to get active. You can get your vehicle to run light errands and work at the schedule that gives you adequate time to take a rest. You are bound to get several options from home delivery companies now that people stay home due to the pandemic.
The most popular jobs are food deliveries. Food delivery jobs allow you flexible schedules, and you can define your own time. Customers place orders through mobile apps, and your job is to pick and deliver while payments are made directly to the supplier.
Rideshare Driving Jobs
With a smartphone and driving experience, you are set to kick-start your flexible driving job as a contractor. First, you will need to do a background check before signing up. After that, the platform allows you to earn an agreed rate per trip. Some of the popular apps you may opt into are Curb, Uber, Lyft, and Via.
Tour Guide Driving Jobs
As a tour guide driver, your task is to take guests or groups of people on sightseeing tours across California while disseminating valuable information and answering questions. You will be assigned routes and destinations.
The role requires your research on historical or environmental conditions on the place of interest so that you can comprehensively provide accurate answers. In addition, you are responsible for the safety of hour passengers and vehicle maintenance.
Local Truck Driver
As a local truck driver, your work is to transport goods within a specified geographic area according to schedule. Therefore, you are required to keep accurate records of your trip. In addition, you must ensure the safety of packages.
To qualify, you need a high school diploma or a GED, and valid class C commercial driving license, and a clean driving record. A local truck driver’s hourly rate is $26.

The Final Submission

California is ranked first for the number of job opportunities for seniors. More than 5.5 million drivers are over 55 years, with 2.5 million drivers being 70 years or older. If you are aged 70 and above, California laws require you to present yourself to perform tests to gauge your fitness to handle driving.

You can work on your chances of getting the best driving jobs for seniors in California by enrolling in driving classes for mature driver improvement programs. In addition, the DMV website has rich resources on all laws and regulations, including a Senior Guide for Safe Driving and a page dedicated to senior drivers.

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