4 Best Engagement Ring Stores In New York

The best engagement ring stores in New York live up to the hype, thanks to their wide selection of quality rings tailored to different tastes and styles.

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A beautiful engagement ring is a treasure that will always capture the beauty of a proposal forever. Therefore, it is important to only shop from top designers and stores for the best outcomes. The best engagement ring stores in New York offer a wide assortment made in gold, diamonds, Platinum, and in different styles and designs. Given the plenty of options always available, choosing can be a challenge.
Best Engagement Ring Stores In New York

When choosing an engagement ring, one must educate themselves on a few aspects of this once-in-a-lifetime investment. First, knowing the exact ring size is essential. When a proposal occurs, the ring size should slide on easily and have little resistance so that it does not fall. If the couple is shopping together, finding the right size is easy.

Finding a perfectly fitting engagement ring can be challenging if the proposal is a surprise. Nevertheless, if you wish to keep it a surprise, asking for help from the partner’s friends and family will always do the trick. If they are heavy sleepers, you can always wrap a string around their fingers to get their size.

In addition to size, you must be sure about your partner’s setting style. The setting style determines how the center diamond is mounted, which goes a long way in giving it personality. The setting style should reflect the partner’s style. The ring setting can vary from solitaire to channel bezel, pave, halo, or even Split Shank.

The setting can also be made of various metal types and colors. The metal does not only add to the personality but enhances the look. Some of the metals used include Platinum which is 30 times rare than gold, or 18k gold, the most precious metal in the world. The 14K gold is considered the most wearable, comprising 58% gold.

The Best Engagement Ring Stores in New York

Dreamstone lives up to its name as the best place to shop for a dream engagement ring in New York. It offers the smartest and safest way to purchase diamond engagement rings from ethically rated diamond miners.

Its engagement rings come in different styles, from solitaire, halo, vintage, three-stone, pave, and side stone, among others. It also offers the ability to shop the rings by metal, from white gold to yellow gold, rose gold, and Platinum.

Having been in business for more than three decades, it has made the engagement ring shopping process smooth, fun, and enlightening. With the help of leading service expertise and innovative technology. It has also introduced the Adamas platform, allowing people to design their custom engagement rings from start to finish with proprietary software.

James Allen
James Allen is one of New York’s best engagement ring stores for women and men. It offers the opportunity to choose from classic to modern styles and designs sure to shine. It also offers the opportunity to design engagement rings according to one’s preference. You can also explore other handcrafted rings that others have created to find inspiration.

Its extraordinary women’s enjoyment rings span timeless styles to the latest trends. The collection includes every metal and every style in yellow and white gold, Platinum, and rose gold. Whether you are looking for a timeless diamond or a colorful gemstone James Allen will always have plenty of options.

The store also offers a virtual ring sizing that helps you find a perfect ring size. It also offers free engraving services for anyone looking to engrave a personal message as an extra meaningful touch.

MDC Diamonds
MDC Diamonds offers one of the largest online selections for engagement rings in New York. Its collection includes a wide range of GIA-certified diamonds with over 60,000 loose diamonds of all shapes, colors, and cuts.

Its collection includes engagement rings in every metal, from gold to Platinum and rose gold. The rings also come in plenty of styles, from vintage to modern and even trendy. Some popular designs on offer include Pace side stone, three-stone solitaire, and channel set.

MDC diamonds also offer the opportunity to create your own engagement ring. There are also plenty of handcrafted designs that one can borrow inspiration from while looking to develop a custom-made ring.

Reve Diamonds
Reve Diamonds has been in business for decades, rising in the realms to become one of the best engagement ring stores in New York. In addition to competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and high-quality products, it offers a wide selection of engagement rings in different styles, designs, and colors.

It boasts a large inventory of over 40,000 diamonds to choose from, including colored diamonds and lab-created stones. In addition, they offer virtual appointments for anyone looking to sample their offerings online.

Reve Diamond also offers the ability to tweak a ring or create a bespoke ring from scratch with a turnaround of fewer than two weeks.

Bottom line

New York is one of the best cities for shopping and is home to some of the finest engagement ring stores with a wide selection for any taste. With so many stores, we have narrowed the choice to the best engagement ring stores in New York based on excellent customer service, craftsmanship, and positive customer reviews.

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