5 Best Alzheimer Treatment Clinics in Illinois

Living a quality life is possible for anyone struggling with dementia. The best Alzheimer’s treatment clinics in Illinois offer some of the best treatment options that help slow the progression of the condition and address the symptoms.

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Alzheimer’s is a chronic illness that has a devastating impact on patients and their caregivers. The disease is known to affect the quality of life as patients struggle with memory loss. Forgetfulness is one of the key symptoms whereby patients struggle to remember important dates, events, and directions. While there is no known cure for the condition, the best Alzheimer’s treatment clinics in Illinois help patients live a quality life while battling the condition.
Best Alzheimer Treatment Clinics in Illinois

The treatment process starts with diagnosis, whereby specialists try to understand the cause of the memory loss. Then, a patient may be required to explain the symptoms to a close family member or friend called to explain. The best Alzheimer treatment clinics in Illinois would also carry out tests to assess memory and thinking skills.

Laboratory and imaging tests can be relied upon to rule out potential causes and also help doctors better understand potential causes. Blood tests may also help doctors rule out potential causes of memory loss and confusion, such as thyroid disorder or vitamin deficiencies.

Once a diagnosis is made, doctors may resort to medications, diet changes, and physical exercise to control memory loss symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s. Current medications, which include cholinesterase inhibitors and memantine, help with memory symptoms and other cognitive changes. Nevertheless, the treatment goes beyond medications.

Best Alzheimer Treatment Clinics in Illinois

South Illinois University School of Medicine
It runs one of the best Alzheimer treatment clinics in Illinois dedicated to clinical care, research, and community programs. For nearly 4 decades, the clinic has diagnosed, treated, and educated the greater Illinois population with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Over the past year alone, the clinic has served more than 4,000 patients and their families.

SIU School of Medicine integrates patient care education and research to better understand the biological aspect of gaining and cognitive disorders. Therefore, it can design innovative personalized care that addresses individual Alzheimer’s symptoms. This is done while integrating clinical health neuroscience and community engagement.

In addition to researching new and better ways of preventing, slowing, and curing Alzheimer’s disease, the SIU School of medicine is also focused on caring for and supporting patients and their families. It does so through therapeutic, evidence-based programs tailored towards improving quality of life.

Northwestern Medicine
Northwestern Medicine has established itself as one of the best Alzheimer treatment clinics in Illinois by offering access to various traditional and leading-edge technologies tailored toward treating the disease. In addition to leveraging various options to treat patients, it offers support services to patients and their families.

The clinic’s Alzheimer treatment options include quality, compassionate healthcare, educational services, and counseling. It’s Alzheimer treatment programs are tailored towards managing the disease to deal with the symptoms which affect the quality of life that patients live.

At the clinic, patients and caregivers gain access to a neurologist, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers with years of experience in managing Alzheimer symptoms.

University of Illinois College of Medicine
The University of Illinois operates a Memory and Aging Clinic that provides a team approach to caring for patients with Alzheimer’s or other memory and cognitive disorders. The clinic is staffed by a multidisciplinary team that includes neuropsychiatrists, neurologists, and neuropsychologists, all dedicated to offering the best treatment and care for patients diagnosed with neurodegenerative disease.

The clinic has access to the newest and best clinical tools needed to better manage Alzheimer disease symptoms and slow down its progression. The clinic also works with specialists in neuroradiology, sleep medicine, and pharmacy to better manage the disease. The clinic’s primary goal is to help patients live well with Alzheimer.

University of Chicago Memory Center
The University of Chicago through its Memory Center offers specialized and compassionate care for the most challenging cognitive disorders, including Alzheimer’s. Staffed by a highly experienced team of specialists, including neurologists and psychiatrists, the team evaluates each patient to develop an accurate diagnosis. In return, a comprehensive treatment plan is formulated focused on addressing the symptoms and slowing the disease progression.

The team at the clinic also works closely with family members that are often affected once their loved one is diagnosed with a degenerative disease. While the treatment option includes medication, dieting, and exercises, the aspect of managing behavioral and psychiatric problems accompanies memory loss. The family and friends are looked upon and educated on how to guide the patient’s treatment over the long term.

Advocate Memory Center
The Advocate Memory Center is one of the best Alzheimer’s treatment clinics in Illinois that runs a comprehensive and compassionate approach to treating Alzheimer’s disease. The team at the clinic evaluates each patient’s unique situation to diagnose the case and the cognitive problems.

Thereafter a well-thought care plan is formulated to help address the symptoms and slow the degenerative disease progression. The clinic leverages advanced techniques and treatment to help manage the condition.

Bottom Line

While Alzheimer’s is the seventh largest cause of death in the US, it is not a death sentence. The best Alzheimer’s treatment clinics in Illinois have formulated programs and treatment options that address the symptoms and slow their progression, allowing patients to live long life.

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