5 Best Dental Implant Dentists in California

Dental dentures are not the only solution for people with damaged or missing teeth. The best dental implant dentists in California carry out some of the best implant procedures that ensure people end up with replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like normal teeth.

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Dental implants have become an important aspect of human life for replacing missing or damaged teeth. Technological advancements and tremendous success have made removing and replacing a damaged tooth with an implant much easier and more necessary. Nevertheless, it is important to do the whole procedure with the best dental implant dentists in California for the best outcomes and avert the risk of complications in the future.
Best Dental Implant Dentists in California

When properly done, dental implants are some of the most natural-looking replacement options for a damaged or missing tooth. Unlike normal dentures, dental implants are implanted within the jawbone. Therefore, they don’t move around when someone talks, laughs, or eats. They also play a pivotal role in protecting the jawbone and help avert bone resorption, which often causes the face to look old.

While seeking distance from the best dental implant dentists in California, there are a few things to consider. For starters, the type of dental implant, the recovery and healing timeline, and most importantly, the cost.

The Best Dental Implant Dentists in California

West LA Implants
If you are missing one or more teeth and struggling to bite, let alone chew, West LA Implants is a one-stop shop for dental implants in the greater Los Angeles area. The team at the clinic is well experienced in providing dental implants that can help achieve that perfect smile and quality of life with the permanent solution.

The dental implant treatment at the clinic is personalized to individual oral needs and smile goals. At first, patients undergo complete discussions in dental and medical history. Digital x-rays are then taken to create a custom treatment plan. Finally, one can undergo surgery for tooth extractions for bone grafting and dental implant placement.

Dr. Anthony Mobasser Dental Clinic
Dr. Anthony Mobasser is one of California’s best dental implant dentists, backed by a friendly, skillful, and courteous team. The doctor and the team provide the least invasive cosmetic procedure that one might need for anyone who has lost a tooth or needs to replace one.

The team also offers dental implants tailored to patients’ needs and requirements to bring back the smile. While only some are eligible for a dental implant, Dr. Mobasser examines all the patients to deliver the best results.

Dentistry @ Its Finest
Dentistry @ Its Finest is one of California’s best dental implant dentists renowned for restorative dentistry that helps people live a life full of confidence. The clinic located in Cosa Mesa prioritizes the oral health and welfare of all patients while providing the smile one has ever wanted through dental implants.

The team at the clinic is not only friendly but also knowledgeable of pre- and post-dental implant care, ensuring a speedy recovery. While most patients expect to feel pain or discomfort while undergoing the procedure, that’s not the case at Dentistry @ units Finest.

LA Dentists Group in Pasadena and Glendale
Missing or severely damaged permanent teeth can affect one personality significantly. That should be different for everyone in Pasadena or Glendale, with La Dentists Group a stone’s throw away. Backed by a highly experienced team of prosthodontic dentists, the clinic offers customized dental implants that ensure a full set of beautiful natural looking teeth.

The team examines all its patients’ teeth and gums and take dental X-rays to determine the best dental implants based on underlying need. While some patients might need dental implants to replace all the natural teeth, others may need a few implants to fill the gaps a missing tooth leaves.

Kevin Sands Dos
While in the Beverly Hills area, it only gets as good as visiting Dr. Kevin Sands if you are in need of dental implants. His clinic is renowned for carrying out successful dental implants with incredible functionality and results that make people look and feel like natural teeth.

The clinic’s best candidates for dental implants are those with one or more missing teeth. Also, potential candidates must be healthy and have healthy gum tissue. At the clinic, Dr. Sands carries out a comprehensive oral exam to determine if dental implants would be the right option.

As one of California’s best dental implant dentists, Dr. Sands ensures that patients undergoing dental implants end up with a replacement tooth that looks, feels, and functions like natural teeth. As a result, the dental implant not only enhances a smile’s beauty but also improves the ability to chew and speak confidently.

Bottom Line

A beautiful smile, let alone feeling confident while speaking or laughing, can be a problem if struggling with missing or damaged teeth. The best dental implant dentists in California strive to enhance the beauty and improve the ability to chew and speak confidently with some of the best dental implant procedures. They design dental implants to achieve a perfect fit and ensure maximum stability as an ideal alternative to natural teeth.

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