5 Best Nursing Online Education Programs in Georgia

It matters not whether you are already working and interested in getting a degree or a new entrant in the nursing profession; there are online programs for you. Georgia has seen a rise in demand for nurses, and the trend is growing. The demand has seen the best nursing online education programs in Georgia come up with convenient programs.

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The best nursing online education programs in Georgia facilitate a flexible coursework arrangement to cater to your schedules. Whether you are in full-time or part-time employment, you can access pre-recorded courses and watch the lessons at your convenience. In addition, there are hybrid models which provide online programs with in-person attendance for clinical and class attendance. Programs such as RN-BSN allow working nurses to complete their education quickly.
Best Nursing Online Education Programs in Georgia

Online Nursing Programs in Georgia

RN to BSN is an accelerated bridging program for working Registered Nurse (RN’s) and allows them to further their career. You can complete your RN to BSN programs in 12 months as it accommodates a balance between job and studies.
RN to MSN is available to working RN’s and facilitates a quicker way of getting a master’s degree in nursing. The program requires prospective students to have a Georgia RN license.
Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) is a nurse practitioner program covering topics of physiology and pharmacology. It takes 18 months to the program, after which you can join a private practice in administration and management.
DNP empowers graduates to become leaders in the nursing field. In addition, you can go for the Post-Masters Nurse Practitioner certificate and complete it in three semesters.

Preview of the Best Nursing Online Education Programs in Georgia

Georgia Southern University
Pursuing an online program at Georgia Southern University exposes you to several online nursing programs such as RN-BSN bridge programs and MSN and DNP, including online post-graduate certificates. These programs take two semesters, and students ought to graduate within five years.
You require an associate degree from accredited institutions and a Georgia RN licensure to be eligible for the program. The University’s program is accredited by CCNE and the Georgia Board of Nursing. Though 100 % online, the program has its clinical work completed at medical sites approved administration.
Georgia State University
Georgia State University, through its five nursing degrees, provides a pathway from associate to doctorate. In addition, RN to BSN provides registered nurses with an associate degree or nursing diploma.
RN-BSN takes three semesters and suits working nurses interested in advancing careers. It is purely online, meaning one doesn’t have to visit campus in person. To enroll, you need a degree from an accredited institution and maintain a Georgia license.-
Gordon State College
Gordon State College offers a baccalaureate nursing program through the RN-BSN program that ACEN accredits. The program, through online courses, requires 120 semester hours.
Albany State University
The courses at Albany State University follow the associate to Masters’s pathway of RN-BSN to Masters’s. The University had the approval of the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).
Online RN-BSN programs cater to professionals with an associate nursing degree. If you enroll full-time, you can take the accelerated degree in two semesters. Additionally, you must be a holder of an RN license.
Georgia Highlands College
You get a purely online RN to BSN completion program at Georgia Highlands College while working. You can be through in three years if you opt for a full-time basis. A part-time option takes four or more semesters.
For consideration into the program, you must score a minimum GPA of 2.5 out of 4.0. In addition, you need an RN license, verification of employment, and referees.
On meeting the qualification criteria, you can join the articulation plan that streamlines RN-BSN accreditation provided by the University in collaboration with the Georgia Board of Nursing.

Final Submission

Choosing the best nursing online education programs in Georgia is a significant decision to kick-start your nursing profession and requires careful consideration. In addition, it is recommended to make sure that your choice of a program has proper accreditation and approvals.

The Universities in Georgia present a host of online programs, with the most popular being online RN bridge programs of RN-BSN, RN-MSN, MSN, and DNP. In addition, nursing graduates can also advance careers by taking specialized courses under the Post-Masters NP certificate.
Additionally, on enrolling for an online program, you get access to Nursing resources such as the Georgia Board of Nursing. The Board provides licensure and training resources and sets nursing standards in Georgia. The Georgia Nurses Association (GNA) takes care of nurses’ welfare and maintains the best practices of the nursing profession.

Furthermore, the Georgia Association of Nursing Students provides networking opportunities with professionals with the aim of uplifting nursing education. Lastly, as an RN, you gain access to scholarships and awards to further your studies.

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