5 Best Nursing Online Education Programs in Illinois

Nursing, unlike other professions, is a calling and requires compassion and dedication. On graduation, you can work in hospitals, care homes for the aging, schools, offices, and more. Herein is an outlook of the options provided by the best nursing online education programs in Illinois. Read on and find out which option best addresses your needs.

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The best nursing online education programs in Illinois appeals to anyone with a calling to become a nurse. If you are in high school or a Licensed Practical Nurse or another career but want to join the compassionate profession, Illinois has nursing options for you. Online nursing programs provide you with an opportunity to balance your studies, personal commitments, and professional work.
Best Nursing Online Education Programs in Illinois

Illinois Nursing Programs

ADN Programs are meant to propel you towards passing the NCLEX exam and obtain an RN in two years. In addition, ADN is a program meant to kick start your nursing profession.
BSN programs propel first-time students to move to BSN without going through ADN. You are set to complete the program after four years of full-time classroom study and clinical work.
Accelerated BSN Programs are for you if you already earned a degree but in a different profession. For example, you may consider elevation to the nursing profession through BSN. Here, you can package standard courses already done and quickly complete the required coursework.

Illinois Bridging Programs

LPN-RN and LPN-BSN Programs: If you are a licensed Practical Nurse, you can upscale through a two-year bridging course. You can enroll for a bachelor’s degree and earn your BSN in three years.
RN-BSN Programs: if you have an ADN, RN-BSN is meant to propel you to get a BSN degree considering your practical nursing experience. You can complete the program in two years.
RN-MSN: A master’s program takes three years, and on graduation, you get an opportunity to handle advanced roles with specialization in your career.
DNP and Ph.D. programs entitle you to promotions after graduation. It also opens doors for academic research.
Post-Graduate Certificates: If you are interested in acquiring additional skills and narrow down to specific fields, a post-graduate certificate offers the first steps in achieving that.

Options of the Best Nursing Online Education Programs in Illinois

Illinois State University
At Illinois State University, you are provided with an entry-level BSN and other programs that take you up to Ph.D. First-time students directly enter the BSN program, and those with ADN can join the bridging RN to BSN option. If you have a degree in a non-non-nursing field, you may consider the accelerated BSN.
Saint Francis Medical Centre
Saint Francis Medical Centre provides BSN, RN to BSN, BSN to DNP, MSN, among many other certificate courses. Thus, you can easily clock the required number of clinical trials at the St. Francis Medical Centre.
The University of Illinois at Chicago
The University of Illinois at Chicago provides packages for all education levels at affordable costs. Furthermore, you are treated to purely online RN to BSN programs up to Masters and Ph.D.
University of Northern Illinois
At the University of Northern Illinois, you meet various RN to BSN, MSN, and DNP, all of which are offered online. As long as you have an associate degree or diploma in nursing, you are set to go. MSN at the University of Northern Illinois a purely online save for in-person clinical requirements.
Western Illinois University
All RN-BSN programs offered by Western Illinois University are purely online. To join the program, you must have an active RN license together with course transcripts and references. The University has a record of reasonable NCLEX-RN pass rate and impressive 100% job placements.


Projections in Illinois are rife that the job market will create 17000 nursing opportunities in the coming decade. Such a demand has created an upsurge in enrollment at the best nursing online education programs in Illinois.
Credible institutions offering online nursing education programs in Illinois must obtain accreditation from ACE and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

The concept of online programs works on flexibility where professors provide prerecorded lessons to be consumed at your convenience. In addition, you can attend classes for in-person topics at your convenience. For in-person training, some colleges find for you a suitable hospital that meets your convenience.

Although fees for both online and in-person programs are the same, the online nursing courses provide an opportunity for students to save on campus-based costs. Students in Illinois are also provided with opportunities for grants and scholarships.

It is prudent to consider the licensing requirements of the state of Illinois before embarking on any program. In addition, you must carry out due diligence to ensure you enroll in an adequately accredited state-approved program to avoid future problems with your papers.

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