6 Best Nursing Online Education Programs in Texas

Nurses are empowered to assume roles in not only the healthcare system but also in other fields. As a nurse, your career involves caring for particular groups of people, such as the old and the physically and mentally challenged. It is for this reason that you need the best nursing online education programs in Texas.

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The best nursing online education programs in Texas are differentiated according to what and how they offer their programs. With your career goals, the University would help you get a head start when searching for online nursing programs. Going to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the nursing profession is projected to witness employment growth. Nursing graduates can also pursue non-practice fields, including administration, research, and nurse education.
Best Nursing Online Education Programs in Texas

Types of Online Nursing Programs

Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN)
To enroll for online ADN, you have to pursue a hybrid ADN program, a mixture of online and in-person classes. You cannot get 100% online classes. The nursing board requires you to meet a certain number of clinical hours before you qualify as a registered nurse.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
If you have a bachelor’s degree in any other field and have career prospects of becoming a nurse, you can seek to enroll in an online accelerated BSN program.
Online Master’s Degrees
To pursue a master’s program, you need a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Alternatively, an MSN degree is also open to those with a bachelor’s degree in any field who wish to join the nursing profession.
Specific Subjects of a Nursing Courses
When you enroll in a nursing program, you are exposed to various courses that prepare you for any role in any job openings. Some of the courses are Anatomy & Physiology, Gerontology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, and Health assessment.
You may apply for a scholarship if interested. In addition, some private and non-profit organizations offer grants and awards.

Overview of the Best Nursing Online Education Programs in Texas

University of Texas Health Science Center- Houston
University of Texas Health Science Centre produce highly trained in community health and patient health. With comprehensive coursework and state-of-the-art resources, the University releases to the market competent graduates.
The University is accredited by the Texas Board of Nursing and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Centre, Lubbock
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Centre boasts of the best medical research facilities in Texas. If you enroll for RN to BSN, you can access their courses online anywhere. Their RN to BSN is set to be completed in 30 hours which takes two or three semesters.
University of Texas, Austin
University of Texas, Austin, provides full-time and part-time programs. In addition, you can enroll in RN to BSN degree hybrid program. The University provides placement, wellness, and simulation services.
The University of Texas at Arlington
The University of Texas at Arlington provides several undergraduate and graduate degree options. In addition, the University offers certificate courses as well, and its BSN program is a hallmark of its online courses.
BSN coursework is purely online, and clinical skills are completed at any place you choose as long as they are supervised. Before you are enrolled, you need to have clocked 70 credit hours of coursework.
Texas A&M Corpus Christi
Texas A&M Corpus Christi’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences offers online BSN, including e-Line BSN Military for those with experience in military medical training. The BSN coursework is purely online, and current RN should complete 60 hours to earn a bachelor’s degree.
Texas A&M provides three online master’s programs; nurse practitioner, leadership, and nurse educator. You also get the option of a part-time post-masters degree.
Texas Woman’s University
Both men and women can access any of the five online degree programs on offer at Texas Woman’s University. The coursework on RN to BSN option is 100% online, which means students continue with full-time employment. Other online programs include MSN & Ph.D.

Final Submission

The nursing profession requires comprehensive and specialized training that imparts on nurses, caring and compassionate skills. Nurses who are already employed find value in the best nursing online education programs in Texas.

With the need to advance your career amid busy schedules, it is important to consider online courses. Schools are now offering several options through which potential students earn degrees at their convenience.

In the absence of face-to-face interaction with professors, online programs require self-discipline. The good thing is that you can continue your full-time job.
Although you can complete your entire online nursing program coursework, you still need in-person clinical skills that are available cannot be offered online. It is for this reason that all ADNs are a mix of both online and in-person programs.
The nursing career outlook is positive, with a high demand for nurses in hospitals, offices, and home health agencies. In addition, there is high demand for nurses to take care of aging and chronically ill patients.

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