7 Best Nursing Online Education Programs in Florida

Although Florida has the highest number of nurses, there is still a need for more. The best nursing online education programs in Florida produce graduates in biology, anatomy, chemistry, physiology, and nutrition. By upgrading your education level, you increase your chances of landing a lucrative nursing opportunity in Florida.

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The best nursing online education programs in Florida provide an end to end student support from enrollment to acquiring licensure. Getting information on NCLEX-RN pass rates helps you determine the best option. Florida is has witnessed a rise in demand for skilled nurses, with records giving 6,000 recruits every year. Another interesting observation is that with a BSN, your earnings are way above those of diploma holders.
Best Nursing Online Education Programs in Florida

Types of Online Nursing Programs

Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN)
Online ADN is a hybrid program, which is a mixture of online and in-person. The nursing board requires students to meet a certain number of clinical hours before qualifying as a registered nurses.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
If you are a degree holder in another field but pursuing becoming a nurse, you can enroll in an online accelerated BSN.
Online Masters Degrees
With a Nursing degree, you can advance your studies by enrolling in the MSN program. Alternatively, if you have a bachelor’s in any other field but have an interest in nursing, you can be considered for an MSN program.
Contents of a Nursing Course
Nursing is a broad field consisting of Anatomy, Physiology, Gerontology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, and Health Assessment.

Determinants of a Good ADN Program

Accreditation: Before committing to a particular program, it is wise to confirm whether accreditation is in order.
Licensing: You ought to get assurance that your online ADN program leads to the NCLEX-RN exam that leads to licensing on graduation.
Results: Before proceeding with a particular program, check the rate of total graduates against the total enrolled. Also, check the pass NCLEX-RN pass rate and, finally, the number of those who obtain jobs within the first year of graduation.

Outline of the Best Nursing Online Education Programs in Florida

Florida National University
If you enroll at Florida National University, you get not only a quality online degree but also a job placement in your field. The University’s online courses multimedia content with interactive classes.
Keiser University College of Nursing
You will find all relevant nursing programs in the college of nursing and come out with critical thinking skills, leadership, and health promotion. If you are an entry-level student in the nursing field, you will benefit from The Fast Track Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
University of West Florida
UWF offers flexible 100% online education with an NCLEX-RN pass rate of 97%. UCF online programs include RN-BSN and ASN – BSN. You can also enroll in postgraduate programs including, online masters and doctorate.
Rasmussen College – Ocala
Rasmussen College has both online and on-campus programs. They have a standard BSN, BSN Second Degree. The coursework includes genetics and genomics and technologies of healthcare.
University of Florida – Jacksonville Campus
The Jacksonville College of Nursing offers an opportunity to undergraduates and graduates in other fields to pursue their dream. The coursework is purely online, but you must participate in 765 clinical hours. You are exempted from subjects you studied in pursuing the other degree.
University of Central Florida
The University of Central Florida equips you with quality RN to BSN and ASN to BSN, among other programs. It is respected for its quality BSN programs in its hometown of Orlando.
Their BSN program covering six semesters is 100% online. You can also enroll in other online programs, including BS, Health Informatics and Information Management, or Health Services Administration.
Florida Gulf Coast University
Enrollment with Florida Gulf Coast University elevates you to various aspects of an excellent healthcare system. At Florida Gulf Coast University, you get a marketable BSN.

Your Final Take

Nursing online courses have made it possible to study without interrupting your work schedule and at your convenience. To get the best out of this program, you need self-discipline, as you are left to study alone without the supervision of professors.

The prospects of the nursing career are appealing, given the high demand for nurses in various sectors. With increased uptake, the best nursing online education programs in Florida are working around the clock to manage admissions.

A study conducted through the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms an increased demand for nurses in the coming years. The projection holds water given various options and opportunities available to nursing graduates.

Online programs provide pre-recorded lectures so that students can go over them at their convenience. You can complete your daily chores and study after, but this requires discipline. Remember you are operating outside a classroom structure lecturers

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