9 Best Private Jet Packages in Florida

Whether to buy or charter a private jet depends on your financial situation and how often you fly. Regardless of the option you choose, consider the advantages and disadvantages before making any final decisions. Here is a guide to finding the best private jet packages in Florida.

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The best private jet packages in Florida offer competitive rates, luxury amenities, short travel times, flexible schedules, and maintain safety records. Private jet hire has gained popularity in recent years as they have become more affordable and reliable.
Best Private Jet Packages in Florida

If you only need to charter flights occasionally, it probably makes more sense to rent than buy. On the other hand, if you’re constantly flying around the state for business meetings and other events, purchasing a private jet may be worth the investment.
The law requires all private jets have an FAA certificate before they are allowed to fly passengers. To obtain this certification, private jet companies must meet specific requirements that demonstrate their aircrafts’ safety and service standards.

A spot Check on the Best Private Jet Packages in Florida

Private jets are fairly expensive, but private jet hire can be cost-effective for groups of people who need to get somewhere fast. Private jet hire companies offer flexible rates that depend on the size of the group and how far they will be traveling.
Citation Air
Citation air offers the following types of aircraft: 2 to 9 passenger Citation V, 3 to 8 passengers Citation VII, 3 to 10 passengers Citation XLS, LXI, or EX, and 2 to 7 passenger Citation Sovereign, among others.
Citation air is based out of Orlando International Airport. However, they have destinations all over the world. Some locations include Atlanta, New York, Montreal, and Nassau.
First Class Jets
First Class Jets offers all-inclusive travel, including catering and drinks, as well as providing luxury car service to pick and drop you at any airport around the world. Their fleet includes both large-cabin jets as well as small, personalized jets.
First Class Jets has a flexible schedule allowing you to book your jet up to two years in advance or two days before your flight. They even offer complimentary membership into the prestigious Presidents Circle for their top customers.
As for availability, First Class Jet offers charters for one to twelve passengers with various jet types, including the Citation, Hawker, Lear, and Challenger Jets. These jets are typically equipped with internet access, televisions, and gourmet catering options.
Kestrel Aviation Management
Kestrel is based out of Orlando, Florida, and provides private jets to clients worldwide. They have been serving the industry since 1999 with their dedication to luxury travel.
There are over 100 locations for NetJets to depart from in Florida alone, including Orlando Executive Airport, Palm Beach International Airport, and Jacksonville International Airport.
NetJets also has flights into the following cities in Florida: New Orleans, Miami, Tampa Bay, West Palm Beach, Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport, Tallahassee Regional Airport, Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport, Gainesville Regional Airport, and St. Petersburg–Clearwater International Airport.
Lincoln Jet Group
Lincoln Jet Group provides a personalized and attentive experience for all clients, no matter what kind of jet they’re flying in. So if you’re looking to travel on a public-use flight, this is the company for you.
Vector Air
Vector Air has been providing private jets since 2000 and flies out of several locations in Florida, including Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. They even have their executive terminal at Fort Lauderdale International Airport.
Silver Airways
Silver Airways offers private jet service at almost all of Florida’s major airports: Orlando International Airport (MCO), Tampa International Airport (TPA), Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP), Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW), and St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport (PIE).
Aircraft Services International Group
ASIG also has a list of destinations including Miami Executive Airport (TMB), Orlando International Airport (MCO), Gainesville Regional Airport (GNV), Tallahassee Regional Airport (TLH), St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport (PIE) and Palm Beach International Airport (PBI).
Hessian is based out of Miami Executive Airport (TMB). They have a list of destinations they fly to, including Atlanta, Jacksonville, New Orleans, and a few cities in the Caribbean.

Wrapping it Up

The best private jet packages in Florida can comfortably seat between 6 and 14 people. The average price for a flight is around $3,000 per hour of flight time, with some companies offering discounts when multiple people fly together.

Aircraft availability, aircraft types, and luxury amenities available vary from company to company. Therefore, it is prudent for travelers to research what they would like before booking a flight. Most companies have websites with information about their company and what they offer.

You can hire a private jet for lengths of periods between an hour to several weeks. Most companies do not allow their jets to go abroad without the permission of the owner. However, they will often coordinate with clients on stopovers that are necessary for refueling and restocking supplies.

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