Best 2021 Cell Phone Plans Designed For Seniors

It wasn’t so long ago that cell phones were things that were used mostly by business people and others who traveled away from their homes a lot. Now days, almost everyone uses and are even dependent on their cellphone. As more and more seniors adapt to the usage of hi-tech things, this usage has also included cell phones.

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There are many cell phone service providers, each offering a myriad of different plans. This makes it somewhat confusing and difficult to choose a cell phone plan for many people, including seniors. Recognizing that seniors are looking for good value plus special features that cater to them, some cell phone companies offer plans that are designed for seniors. Four such plans are detailed below and a way to save money on your cell phone plan.

T-Mobile 55+ Unlimited Plans

This major national cell phone company has special plans for those over 55 years of age. They have excellent ratings for their customer service and reliability.

– Major advantages: Unlimited talk time, texting and data usage with every senior plan; many customizable features, can keep your existing cell phone and phone number, senior-friendly cell phones available.

– Major disadvantage: Must subscribe to two phone lines to get maximum discount.

– Pricing: $27.50 to $45 per line for two lines.


Lively is a cell phone company that specializes in cell phone service for seniors. They also have excellent consumer ratings.

– Major advantages: No long term commitments, very low priced cell phones available – including specialized phones with larger screens and buttons, urgent emergency response system included with each phone, special prescription drug and health management apps available.

– Disadvantage: An upfront activation fee of $25.

– Pricing: Basic plan with limited usage at $15 per month; Premium plan with unlimited usage at $60 per month.

AT&T Senior Nation Plan

The national giant offers special senior plans for those 65 years old and up. AT&T also scores excellent consumer ratings.

– Major advantages: Strong service reliability and network, can use your current unlocked cellphone, various discount and rewards programs.

– Disadvantages: Cell phone equipment is expensive and locks you into a two year contract.

– Pricing: $30 per month for a basic talk only plan: $40 per month for unlimited talk, text and data plan.

Sprint Unlimited 55+ Plan

Sprint offers this special plan to those 55 years and up. This company has above average consumer ratings.

– Advantages: International service included in over 200 locations, good pricing.

– Disadvantages: Two year contract usually required, need to enroll in person at a Sprint store.

– Pricing: $50 per month for one line; $70 per month for two lines.

Special Discounts

Many cell phone companies offer special, additional discounts for members of AARP and other similar groups. If you are a member of a special group, be sure to ask for applicable special discounts.

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