Best 2023 Private Jet Deals [Affordable]

You no longer have to be a millionaire or celebrity to fly via private jet. For many travelers, lying by scheduled regular airlines has become a major hassle. This in turn has created a huge increase in companies offering private jet travel and a lowering of prices!

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As a matter of fact, you can often fly private for less than the cost of a commercial airline’s business class ticket price. Plus, the extra safety, time savings and convenience gained by flying private are enormous. For senior travelers, being able to travel in less crowded environments and with no long lines or waits, flying private can be very beneficial for them. The main advantages of flying by private jet are:

– Comfort: For senior passengers, special attention is paid to ensure their comfort. Clients are assured of private and quiet trips with crew members on board to attend to your needs. Passengers are also allowed to bring in more luggage than on commercial flights. There are also perks like access to television, Wi-Fi, lighting and temperature control, and so on.

– Safety: Private jets are considered safer than commercial flights because of the fewer passengers they carry. There’s room for only minimal contact between passengers and crew members. The crew members ensure that a lot of attention is paid to the safety and health of passengers.

– Convenience: For private jet trips, all the long and crowded boarding processes are skipped because passengers have a private boarding area. Private jets also have more airport options than commercial flights, giving their clients the chance to choose the airports closest to their departure and arrival locations.

Following is a list of the best private jet deals for seniors in 2023.



This is one of the most popular private jet companies due to high service, comfort and affordability. Instead of chartering your own private jet and having to paying tens of thousands of dollars, you only pay a fraction of the price by buying individual seats on one of their scheduled flights. This may sound like a regular commercial flight, but it offers the following features:

– Huge time savings from a streamlined security and boarding process
– More spacing between seats for better social distancing
– More legroom and cushioning at each seat
– Maximum capacity on the plane of 30 seats on each jet

For most people, the most important benefit of JSX is the time savings — just walk a few steps from the entrance of the private terminal to clear security and walk onto your flight. Plus, you only need to arrive 20 minutes before your flight. You can often find flights for as low as $149 one-way, and you can even credit your JSX flights to JetBlue to earn TrueBlue points or to United to earn MileagePlus miles.


The parent company BLADE is famous for their helicopter air taxi services in certain major cities. They also offer “per seat” bookings on other scheduled routes, including seaplanes and private jets. This service is known as BLADEone. Their scheduled jet service holds up to 16 travelers per plane, and these flights come with in-flight dining and caviar service, plus 15-minute helicopter transfers between Manhattan and the BLADE Lounge in Westchester. They have a special service called FlightTilt, where you can schedule your own flight and save thousands of dollars compared to a private jet charter.

Surf Air

Operating mostly in the West Coast of the US, this company provides a more private flight experience while being affordable. It exclusively operates a fleet of Pilatus PC-12 single-engine turboprop planes with a capacity of only 8 passengers. They offer an online booking service that can secure you a seat in just a minute. Their membership costs as little as $199 per month and you can buy an individual seat for around $200 one way on most of their flights.

Some of their routes include:

– Burbank (BUR) to/from Phoenix (PHX)
– Las Vegas (LAS) to/from Oakland (OAK)
– Las Vegas (LAS) to/from Santa Ana (SNA)
– Oakland (OAK) to/from Santa Ana (SNA)

Set Jet

This private jet provider with the clever name ( think “Jet Set”) is another membership-based company exclusively offering scheduled flights on upscale Bombardier Challenger 850 aircraft or Bombardier CRJ200s. Their planes accommodate 13 to 16 travelers, and the Set Jet experience boasts a true VIP configuration — like couches, lavish upholstery, high-gloss wood, marble, and carpet. Also, complimentary top-shelf alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, plus free Wi-Fi and snacks.

The membership fee is paid $99.95 per month. There’s a one-time security check fee of $99.95. After these are paid, access any of its regional domestic flights from $560 one-way. They have routes along the West Coast, East Coast and cross country.


This large private jet charter company operates a limited number of routes in the US an Europe. Membership starts at $595 per year. Individual seat purchases are currently limited to:

Munich (MUC) to/from London-Luton (LTN)
Westchester (HPN) to/from Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
Westchester (HPN) to/from West Palm Beach (PBI)
Zurich (ZRH) to/from London-Luton (LTN)

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