Best Car Insurance Options In Pennsylvania

Historically, Pennsylvania has had average car insurance premiums compared to the other states in all of America. However, some regions in Pennsylvania might have higher insurance premiums than others because of the crime rates and population sizes in certain urban areas.

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This is why it’s important to practice due diligence when picking car insurance in Pennsylvania. Premium prices in this state will vary depending on not only where you live but your credit score and personal driving history as well. If you’re looking for car insurance in this state, you should strive to get at least three quotes from both small and large car insurance companies. Below are some of the best auto insurance companies in the state.

1. Progressive Insurance

Price, customer service, discount availability, and a company’s reputation are the most important factors when it comes to picking an auto insurance company, and Progressive Insurance in Pennsylvania delivers on all counts. It’s one of the cheapest options available, with a price tag of around $232 per month.

You can reduce that figure further if you take part in the Progressive Offerings they have. The Snapshot program, in particular, could help save you around $125 if you are a good, safe driver. This auto insurance company also has live chat, meaning you don’t need the phone. Furthermore, they have a customer support team that’s highly rated in the car insurance scene in Pennsylvania.

2. Allstate Insurance

If you drive safely, then you deserve a reward. No one understands this better in Pennsylvania than Allstate Insurance. They have some of the best rewards in the entire state. For starters, they have deductible rewards where you get a $100 deduction every year when you are accident-free.

Allstate Insurance also offers discounts on car repairs, accident forgiveness and more. The perks offered by this car insurance company is what helps make it one of the best in Pennsylvania. But, having good auto insurance is way more than just how much it costs. Sometimes it is nice to go with an insurance provider that offers their members perks and actually pay the members that drive safely.

3. Erie Insurance

This auto insurance company has been there for over 90 years. Even though it’s considered a Fortune 500 company, you can only find it in twelve states, one of them being Pennsylvania. They have some of the cheapest car insurance premiums as well. It’s one car insurance company you should definitely consider when in this part of America.

Depending on where you live in Pennsylvania, there’s a high chance this car insurance company is either going to be the cheapest insurance option there is or a close second. In addition to this, this company was awarded the top spot for having the best overall customer satisfaction levels in 2019’s J.D Power Auto Insurance Study.

As with most auto insurance companies, the premium you’ll get will largely depend on certain personal factors, such as your own past experiences with car accidents, credit score, age, and driving history.

4. Esurance Insurance

Buying auto insurance can sometimes feel like an archaic practice; however, not with this particular car insurance company. Suppose you aren’t looking to spend tons of your time looking for old insurance cards, finding your driving history, and scanning several different documents. In that case, Esurance is definitely what you need in your life.

They have an Express Lane Program that only requests you to give your address, birthday, and name, and the company does the rest. The incredible technology they have in place will use this data to get all of your previous driving information. It’s an extremely fast way of getting your hands on car insurance. Esurance is the best option for those busy professionals that want to get car insurance in Pennsylvania quickly and painlessly.

5. AAA Insurance

When most folks think about AAA insurance, they think of the membership rewards card they offer. However, most people don’t usually know that they offer car insurance as well. This company has been selling auto insurance for over 100 years and has around 16-million car insurance members.

Plus, if you purchase car insurance through this company, you automatically get basic membership. This can help save you cash on roadside assistance, hotels, and so much more.


Pennsylvania is unique when it comes to car insurance. Even though it’s a no-fault American state, their average car insurance premiums are much lower compared to other no-fault states such as Michigan, Florida, and Louisiana. Still, cost was not the only thing considered when comparing the best auto insurance coverage options in this particular state.

When looking for an auto insurance company in Pennsylvania, you should first think about how much you’re willing to pay, the company’s reputation, and how they handle customers. All the companies that have been highlighted in this article will ensure you get the best service possible.

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