Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors in Florida

If you are a senior of 55 years and above but faced with unfathomable cell phone bills, consider changing your current plan. At this age, you qualify for any of the senior plans on offer. This article will guide you on the best cell phone plans for seniors in Florida. It is time you leave your comfort zone and enrol in a senior package.

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The best cell phone plans for seniors in Florida have revolutionized the way carriers provide their services. As a senior, these plans have also influenced your phone usage. You need first to assess your requirements, then start comparing prices. Check out what their packages entail, and do not forget to find out their connectivity strength in your locality. Most importantly, consider the accompanying offers and contractual obligations. All these will depend on your preferred mode of usage.
Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors in Florida

Key Factors to Consider

You might get lost in a maze of complex features of several competing plans if you are unsure what you need. It might take you ages before settling on a plan. It is paramount that you first assess your usage and narrow your search to what you prefer. If you are excited by online activities or mere voice calls, play a role in your choice.

Getting what you want is influenced by the pricing. Your pockets have a say in the kind of plan you choose. Make a comparison of package prices across the platforms and consider the strength of their connections.

Finally, go for soft aspects of carriers’ qualities and customer experience. Does the plan meet your expectations? Look for additional features and whether they are convenient to your normal usage.

An Insight into the Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors in Florida

1. Verizon 55+ Unlimited Plan
Available to ages 55, this plan costs $60 and $80 for single and twin lines, respectively. By enrolling in this plan, you get the best connection because of its exclusive offer to Florida seniors.

2. T-Mobile Unlimited 55+
At $27.50, you will talk and text away to your satisfaction. Your 50 GB guarantees uninterrupted online services. Your plan incorporates gadgets for free. You get access to the latest device in the market. There is always a gadget for you, whether you prefer a smartphone or a flip phone.

3. GreatCall
GreatCall plan offers devices that meet each user’s extreme: Lively flip for the not-so-techie and Jitterbug Smart2 for the tech-savvy. It will cost you $14.99 to get 200 minutes and three bucks for 300 texts in a month.
You also get health and safety riders, such as direct access to doctors and a link to your family that alerts them on your health and safety.
Lively flip is for seniors who are not into the internet and need easy navigation through large buttons, a big screen, and bright background. Your handset has got a one-touch button that relays to emergency services and extends to your family.
Jitterbug smart2 is a smartphone with tailored features for ease of use. You get a dedicated button for emergencies, a widescreen, and bright background.

4. AT&T Senior Nation Plan
You fit right here if you are 65+ years. With a phone and $29.99 a month, you get yourself a good offer that guarantees a long chat with family and friends anytime, any day. This plan has no data package, and if interested, you have to raise $40 per month.

5. Consumer Cellular
If you enroll, you get low-cost unlimited text and voice. With a monthly fee of $20 for voice and messaging, this plan is reasonably cheap.
An option of only voice calls costs $15 per month, but if you want to include data and text, you pay $17.50 to get 250 minutes, messaging, and 500MB.

Consumer cellular is famous for its exceptional customer experience tag. What you spent is what you pay, be it voice calls, or voice and text, or voice, texts, and data. The choice is yours.

Your Final Take

Plans with seniors in mind may not necessarily incorporate all features, but you save a lot. You get customized extras that are essential such as emergency services. You also get free devices compatible with your plan, but you will pay for the device if you opt out.

If you are squeezed financially, you can go for federal assistance programs and get phone plans for low-income people. To qualify, you must meet the bare minimum requirements set by the federal government.

Most seniors are not interested in plans stuffed with many extra features which they may never use. As you age, interests and priorities change, and your health too. The providers of the best cell phone plans for seniors in Florida must simplify their packages to allow straightforward usage.

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