Best Cheap Pet Insurance For Dogs

Most people have dogs to protect them from trespassers and intruders infiltrating their homes without them noticing. The protective property of a dog, however, depends on their breeds, such as German shepherd. Irrespective of the breed of dog you have in your possession, they need to be healthy to remain active.

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The occurrence of health problems that result from bacteria, fungal or viral infections, and other home injuries may make your dog dormant and unable to perform their protective duty and the other reasons you bought them. The illness may be severe and may need the attention of a veterinarian. If the illness or injuries sustained by your dog is severe, it may cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars, which may bite a large hole in your wallet and personal budget.

The cost of common dogs health problems

There are various diseases most dogs are prone to suffer from, and they include gum disease, arthritis, and upset stomach & vomiting.
The average cost of treating gum disease, arthritis, and upset stomach & vomiting is about $400, $330, and $300, respectively. These costs may increase if the health of your dog deteriorates due to a lack of regular wellness checkups.

How pet insurance works

The cost of treating your dog’s illnesses or injuries may become astronomically high if you are required to pay for it, but if you have pet insurance, the expenses you may incur from your dog’s veterinary care will not bother you because your pet insurance provider will pay for all or part of it, depending on your coverage and insurance policy.


If your dog broke his leg due to an accident, it was exposed to, and your veterinarian demands the cost of $2,500 to repair his fracture. If you have a pet insurance policy that charges a $30 premium you pay per month, with a deductible of $150, you will be saving over $2,100 required for your dog’s treatment. However, if you do not have a pet insurance policy, you will have to pay the entire vet bill.

The rate of pet insurance for dog

The costs of pet insurance you may require for your dog depends on three primary factors, which are;

– The type of coverage you purchase
– The breed of your dog
– The age of your dog

  • The type of coverage you purchase
  • The primary function of a pet insurance policy is to offer coverage for most of the expenses you may incur from your ill or injured dog’s veterinary care. The type of coverage your pet insurance company provides may vary in cost; hence the type of coverage you purchase will automatically influence the cost you will be required to pay per month.

  • The breed of your dog
  • The breed of your dog is one of the most significant factors that may influence the cost of your pet insurance policy. The breed of a dog defines the dog’s susceptibility to several kinds of illnesses. For instance, If your dog is susceptible to infection that occurs frequently, you will be charged more for your pet insurance policy.

  • The age of your dog

Just like humans, dogs also become susceptible to a variety of health problems when old. The susceptibility of pets to diseases when they age is the primary reason most pet insurance companies usually charge more for older pets coverage, especially if they are older than nine years. Still, it varies with different dog breeds with different life expectancy rates.

Best Pet Insurance For your dogs

There are various pet insurance companies in the market that offer convincing coverage and services that range from affordability to the coverage they offer the insured. However, among the plethoric amounts of pet insurance companies, the best amongst them include the following insurers, spot pet, Pet First, Pumpkin and Embrace pet insurance providers.

  • Spot pet
  • According to studies and research, Spot pet is the number one pet insurance provider due to the level of flexibility they provide the insured amongst others—you can customize your policy to a premium, deductible and coverage to meet your requirements—spot pet insurance provider also provides maximum reimbursement (may range from eighty to ninety percent) to the insured.

    Spot pet insurance policy covers the following: illnesses, accidents, medicines and supplements, and diagnostic tests (MRI, CT Scans, and X-ray or any other test your veterinarian may prescribe)

  • Pet First
  • Pet First is arguably one of the best pet insurance companies around due to the affordable, comprehensive coverage they offer. The coverage pet first pet insurance policy provides include accident & illness, medications, dental care, surgical treatment, diagnostic tests, and genetic illnesses.

  • Pumpkin
  • Pumpkin is one of the best pet insurance companies for your dog preventive care. They are prominent for the following merits that include:

    – The coverage they offer is not age-specific.
    – They offer discounts for multiple pets should you insure them
    – They over ninety percent of the cost you may incur from your dog’s veterinary care

  • Embrace
  • Embrace pet insurance company provides the insured with a comprehensive coverage plan for your dog with chronic health problems and medications, which are one of the few nose-to-tail plans they offer. The nose-to-tail coverage offered by the Embrace pet insurance policy include accidents, illnesses, dental illness and chronic health problems, such as arthritis and diabetes. They also provide other therapies and rehabilitation coverage, such as acupuncture, hydrotherapy, therapeutic laser treatments and chiropractics.

    Your dogs need a routine check-up and other veterinary care to keep them healthy, especially older dogs susceptible to various diseases. Although, there are few cases where your dog might develop illnesses or injuries due to several causatives, which may come with a high cost of treatment. If you have pet insurance for your dog, you will not be bothered about any high cost of veterinary care your dog needs to stay healthy because your insurer will cover ninety percent of the cost you may incur for your dog’s treatment.

    There are, however, several kinds of pet insurance companies in the market, which may make it challenging to purchase an insurance policy from an insurer that may suit your needs. It is, however, beneficial to consider your budget and the kind of coverage your dog needs before purchasing any coverage.

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