Best Deals On Gaming Chairs For 2023

Whether it’s “Dungeons & Dragons” or one of the many Nintendo consoles, almost everyone enjoys a good, fun gaming session here and there. But if you’re a serious, passionate and highly competitive gamer, you’re going to need a high quality, supremely comfortable gaming chair to beat those really hard levels.

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You may be thinking that your office chair would be sufficient. However, there are a few reasons why a gaming chair, also known as a gamer’s throne to many, is superior to any office chair out there. Firstly, they have super long backs reinforced with extra plush cushions for your back, neck and head, and often come with additional small pillows as well that you can put anywhere you desire.

Secondly, if you’re willing to invest, some of the high end gaming chairs feature leg rests, Bluetooth capability, massaging pillows and more that deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

Lastly, they have better body weight and height capacity, possess a wide variety of attractive color schemes, reclining ability, various special features and ergonomic adjustability that make you feel like a boss. Although they are generally on the pricier side, we’ve put together a list of great gaming chair deals for 2023 that you don’t want to miss out on.


Ferghana - Miami Blue Gaming Chair

This ultra affordable gaming chair from Ferhana has made it to the top of our list for several reasons. Although it hasn’t received the highest comfort rating, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s pretty impressive in many other ways. It features a footrest, comfortable armrests, durable material, a plush head pillow and a lower back massage pillow, wheels that glide along the floor quietly and excellent reclining ability. Plus, the height is adjustable and it comes in five other color schemes – black, pink, dark blue, green and red. Best of all, the price is so low, so it’s very hard to refuse.

Amazon’s Price: $154.90

Cooler Master - Caliber X1C

Also known as the R2C, this incredible high end gaming chair model from Cooler Master will keep you comfortable and your torso cool in the heat of battle. Most higher end gaming chairs cost at least $500 or more, but Cooler Master’s Caliber X1C only costs 400$ or less, depending on where you buy it from. It’s lavishly comfortable, ergonomic, durable, sturdy, and pleasant to sit in. It may not come in many colors, but it’s definitely worth buying. The chair is made with dense foam and a metal base. Its dual material upholstery comes in silver and black, featuring very breathable fabric and attractive faux leather. The lumbar pillow is deceptively simple yet well designed.

All in all, this is a fantastic gaming chair for any gamer at a reasonable price that you won’t be able to get enough of. Master Cooler’s Price: $400

Secretlab - Titan EVO (2022 Series)

Secretlab’s chairs have consistently ranked among one of gamer’s top picks for years, and the 2022 Titan EVO is no exception. This is truly an excellent chair, with rock-solid build, supreme comfort, dense-but-giving foam and supple faux leather. The Titan EVO combines both of Secretlab’s gaming chair lines (Omega and Titan) into a single product with the best features from both, along with a variety of size and material options. Most noteworthy is a two-knob internal lumbar support that lets you adjust the chair’s height and firmness to provide perfect support for your lower back.

The Titan EVO is easy to assemble and is just a tad pricier than the Caliber X1C, but you’ll receive one of the nicest conventional gaming chairs available for its price range. It’s also available in three different sizes (small, regular and extra large) and your choice of faux leather, fabric, or NAPA leather. However, be aware that the NAPA leather option will push up the price to around $1000. Plus, there are dozens of different designs, including esports teams, DC superheroes, and League of Legends characters.

Secretlab’s Price: $549

Razer - Enki X

If you’re looking for super affordable but don’t want to compromise on comfort and quality, the Razer Enki X would be an ideal choice. It looks and feels similar to their more expensive gaming chairs, such as the Enki Pro, but with only two small differences – less of a tilt mechanism (the back reclines, but the entire chair can’t rock back like most can) and fewer armrest adjustments. The lack of tilt has proven to be irrelevant, as many happy customers have testified in the droves that they found the Enki X a lot more comfortable to sit in for hours at a time.

This is an attractive option for any gamer on a budget who wants a conventional seat in the $300 price range. Overall, it looks top notch and feels wonderful. Razer’s Price: $299

Playseat - Puma

This budget gaming chair from Playseat may not be suitable for desk use, but it’s definitely very useful in other ways. This is specifically for gaming in front of your TV, and it’s lightweight so you can easily toss aside if you want to hang out on the couch with friends. The design is unique and quite comfortable to sit on, and can gently rock back if you want to further stretch out while you play. It also features helpful pockets for stashing your various gamepads, remotes, snacks and more.

This quirky looking gaming chair is small but sturdy enough to support larger body sizes, feels comfortable whether you want to lean back or bend forward, and you can easily tuck it away in a different room when needed.

Playseat’s Price: $150

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