Best Flip Phones For Seniors Under 100$

We all know someone in the senior club who tends to struggle with today’s internet, modern gadgets and overall technology. And when it comes to cell phones, that level of difficulty increases exponentially. Luckily, upon seeing this issue, the phone companies created a solution: Senior – friendly flip up phones.

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These phones are fun to use, and are specially designed with seniors in mind. They feature larger screens, larger buttons, emergency buttons, easy interface, vision and hearing impaired setting options, sturdier design, a camera and more, making them incredibly easy for seniors to use. In addition, you can also obtain them at a very affordable price, with some models costing under 100 dollars. Thanks to this thoughtful and brilliant innovation, senior citizens and anyone with certain challenges can now use their cell phone to make a call, take a video or voice recording, listen to music, play games, browse the web or send a text message to their friends, partners or relatives with confidence and comfort. But which flip – ups are truly worth your buck?

Listed below are the best flip – up phones for seniors, with a ticket price of under 100 dollars or less.


VBestLife: 2G Unlocked Flip - Up

VBestLife may not be a well known brand, but this beautiful and ultra affordable red flip – up phone certainly deserves a lot more recognition and spotlight, and you’ll soon see why. For starters, it’s built with exquisite craftsmanship – The sleek and durable alloy shaft can withstand many drops and countless openings and closings, and the super large font and icons are impossible to miss. Next up, you can set up to 9 home numbers, allowing the user super easy and quick access to the most important numbers in their contact list. No more scrolling, tapping or pressing on and on without end trying to find numbers.

But wait, it gets better. You also get an internal and external screen display of 2.4 inches, which enables the user to answer phone calls by simply flipping up the screen, along with HD lens, LED flashlight, high quality camera, strong signal reception and loud sound. All of these features help you stay safe and capture every sweet, magical moment. As an added bonus, messages and other functions can be read out loud, and the clock on the external screen is huge and easy to read as well.

Online Price: $50.00

TCL: Flip Pro (Slate Gray)

Meet the TCL FLIP Pro, a familiar and well loved flip phone that is well worth considering. Although it’s a tad pricier than the VBestLife, is pre-paid only and isn’t as attractive in color, this phone makes up for it by delivering a smooth performance and a pleasant experience, along with a highly durable design and various smart features to help keep you connected at all times.

The 2.8″ color display features an easy-to-use interface, while the external preview color screen alerts you of incoming calls and notifications. The upgraded keypad with designated shortcut keys lets you access favorite contacts and messages from either screen, along with a voice assistant that can read your texts and other messages with ease.
Top that off with a front and rear camera, wifi hotspot, bluetooth connectivity, GPS and more, and you’ve got a phone that’s hard to refuse. Better yet, you can now pair it with Verizon, which is a very helpful plus for many people.

Online Price: $62.00

S Erounder: 2.4inch Full Voice Assistance Flip

If you’re somewhat tech savvy, have mastered the use of a touchscreen yet don’t want the complexity of a smartphone, then you should check out the S Erounder Flip. It’s also not well known, but many feel that it deserves more recognition.

Beyond the full voice assistance technology, this black and red flip phone is packed with features, including a bright LED flashlight that allows you to see up to 50 meters away, a special SOS button in case of an emergency, dual sim card, an HD camera, extra large numbers and font, and long lasting battery life. Plus, the price of this handy gadget is super attractive. In fact, it’s one of the lowest priced senior friendly phones currently available on the market, making it all but impossible to pass up.

Online Price: $43.00

Yeemi: Unlocked Flip

This classy looking flip has everything you could want and expect in a senior friendly flip phone. It features a dual screen display, dual screen inside and outside, multi function display, simple and convenient usage, standby clock display, incoming and missed call display and an SMS reminder. Additionally, the large buttons make it easy to operate, and the large font allows clear reading.

You also get a built in LED flashlight, which provides bright luminosity and makes it safer for seniors to walk to the bathroom or travel in the dark, along with a rear high definition digital camera and a supremely convenient “One press” family number function.

Online Price: $64.00

ASHATA 2G - 2.8inch Screen

Are you on the lookout for a simple, cool and modern looking flip phone that doesn’t scream out “senior owner” when others see it? Then look no further than the Ashata 2G.
This black and gold flip model is unlocked and features a 2.8in screen, along with a 32 GB memory storage capacity, prominent buttons, bluetooth connectivity, water and wear resistant material made of zinc alloy, dual sim capability, super loud volume, one touch dial and more.

Not only is this model senior friendly, fancy and youthful in appearance, it won’t break your wallet either. It may not be as easy to use as other phones, but all in all it’s a win-win per most people’s standards.

Online Price: $44.00

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