Best Free Online Cinematography Courses For Seniors

Have you always dreamed of studying cinematography, but could never seem to find the time or money for it? Do you love taking videos, but lack the tricks of the trade to make them look and sound more clear, detailed, beautiful and professional? Well then, you’re in luck.

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There are a number of free cinematography courses available online. And because they don’t take much time to complete and are relatively easy to follow, this makes them convenient for seniors to take in the safety and comfort of their homes. Plus, you can start the course whenever it best suits your schedule. Contrary to what many people think, achieving professional cinematography, also known as videography, involves so much more than just capturing videos on an expensive camera or a smart device. You also need to know how to write scripts, edit your videos properly, etc.

And whether you’re aiming to become a youtuber or just create videos for your portfolio, you’ll have to be totally comfortable and confident in front of the camera, have all your content ready, and possess good acting/talking skills to captivate your audience. Additionally, if you’re planning to make videos at home, some courses can teach you how to make your own studio as well.

Lights, camera, action! Listed below are the top best free online filmmaking courses suitable for seniors that are worth checking out.

Top 10 Secrets To Creating Cinematic Videos - By Parker Walbeck

Parker Walbeck from Full Time Filmmaker decided that he wanted to help other film enthusiasts around the world to boost their skills. So he created a 1 hour long, comprehensive masterclass on how he creates his cinematic videos. This is a fantastic online program for anyone, whether a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, that wishes to further improve their filmmaking and create videos that look more cinematic and professional.

Parker also spills about his personal journey of how he went from making nothing as a newbie/amateur to getting paid full-time as a filmmaker, and how you can achieve the same success if you have the right tools, patience and determination. You’ll also receive a special surprise bonus if you stick around till the end of the video.

Skillshare – Learn From MKBHD, Sara Dietschy, And Sorelle Amore

If you have ever wanted to learn how an MKBHD video gets made, then this is the course for you. In this training course, MKBHD will teach you how to script, shoot, and edit videos in the best way possible. Many happy clients have reported how cool it is to be able to look behind the scenes and see their filming process from beginning to end.

Skillshare offers a generous 14-day free trial for their subscription, after which you will only be required to pay a small fee if you choose to keep it.
Once you subscribe, you will get access to all their training, including – How to Vlog by Sara Dietschy, YouTube Success by Sorelle Amore, and so many more very interesting and helpful cinematography courses.

5 Hollywood Secrets You Can Use Today In Your Filmmaking- By MZed

MZed’s library started out small, yet has grown significantly over the years. In many reviews, individuals expressed their appreciation of MZed because of Philip Bloom’s Cinematic Masterclass, but ultimately chose to stay because of their ever-growing library of valuable content from a wide range of professionals.

Most recently, MZed has also put together a 1-hour free Masterclass that helps beginners, intermediates, and advanced filmmakers to achieve their videography goals. In this course, you’ll get a plethora of tips with scripting, acting, editing hacks, lighting secrets, and more.

One factor of this class that other classes don’t offer is that you’ll get to learn from pros that are on bigger production sets instead of solo content creators. While they are both valuable in their own ways, it is always preferable to get trained by the biggies in the business.

How To Go From Zero To Full Time In 90 Days By 90 Day Filmmaker

If you want to learn a set framework that will teach you how to become a successful, full-time videographer without rushing anything, then this free course from “90 day filmmaker” would be a great fit for you.

This free training course is jam packed with invaluable tips, tricks and knowledge to help you on your journey towards going full time as a filmmaker. And just as the name suggests, it will teach you how to achieve your goal in just 90 days.

Build Your Own Dream Studio Space At Home- By Kevin Shen

Have you always wished that you could have a cool at-home filming studio setup like Peter McKinnon, PotatoJet, Parker Walbeck or any other online creator, but didn’t quite know how to make one that conveys your style? Then look no further. In Kevin Shen’s free 1-hour training course, you will learn feasible design tactics that you can use to transform your room into a bonafide filming studio.

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