Best Large Cars for 2021

There are many reasons a man would want to buy a large car. The very best ones of them are reliable, economical, practical, and a pleasure to drive. There are so many of them that it can be hard to come to the right decision. That’s why we are here to help. We’ve picked some of the best ones to make the choice easier for you.

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2021 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class

This Mercedes-Benz is a good choice. This is a sedan, but it has a couple-like roofline. Thanks to this, its aesthetic is very pleasing and won’t leave you disappointed. It has two powerful engines, great mileage, and offers a comfortable ride. One more plus is its posh cabin with plush front seats and user-friendly tech features.

On the downside, the rear seat is too crowded for taller people, and the trunk is unusually small. Don’t let this fool you, though, because it’s still worth a look.

All in all, with its excellent combination of power, performance, and luxury, it competes with cars like Audi A7 and Jaguar XF.

2020 Lincoln Continental

Let’s take a look at this Lincoln Continental. This is a good luxury large car that lives up to its heritage. The rear-seat legroom is so spacious that you might ask yourself why this isn’t made specifically for NBA players. The tech features are user-friendly, and the ride is smooth and comfortable. It also offers powerful optional engines.

However, it suffers from poor fuel economy, an unusually shaped trunk, and unimpressive build quality. It also lacks steering feedback.

Even though its class is full of worthy rivals, this Continental offers real value. It might be a tad expensive, but it comes with a lot of infotainment and driver assistance features. You can also get it with packages that will add luxury and convenience features if you have the money.

2021 Audi A7

This car is among the best ones on this list. It has an outstanding interior with high-quality materials, comfy seats, and a huge cargo area. It offers a smooth and composed ride even over rough pavement. It also feels agile around turns. The engine performance is strong, and the car has a good predictability rating and advanced safety features that’ll make you feel secure. The only bad side is the fact that the touch-screen controls are a little distracting.

If you are looking for practicality in your daily life, this Audi A7 is something you should definitely buy. It offers pretty much everything a man wants from a luxury sedan.

2021 Genesis G90

The Genesis G90 is a splendid vehicle. Its craftsmanship is top-notch, and you will get a lot o comfort and convenience amenities that will make the cabin experience even better than it already is. It has ample engine power thanks to its twin-turbocharged V6 or V8 engine. The excellent ride quality is something you’d expect from a large luxury car.

If we really have to nitpick, the G90’s weaknesses are the fact that it’s less sporty than its rivals, but it’s not even trying to be athletic. It also has poor fuel economy, but that’s probably not something that matters a lot when you’re driving a large and luxurious car.

2020 Kia Cadenza

This is a great car with a very small amount of weakness. It comes with many safety features and a straightforward infotainment system. The cabin has premium materials and a lot of passenger room – even in the rear seats! When it comes to some other qualities, like ride quality, engine power, and trunk space, it’s good rather than great. It costs a lot, so that can be one of its downsides.

If you’re looking for a good-looking and comfortable vehicle, this Kia is a good option. If you’re short of money, there are cheaper options to consider. However, for a large-car buyer, it offers pretty much everything you need.

2020 Chevrolet Impala

This full-size sedan might be the right choice for you. It offers a lot of space with its roomy cabin, large trunk, and pleasant ride. The infotainment controls are easy to use. The muscular V6 engine and serene ride only boost its appeal. The combination of quality and value is outstanding.

As with everything else in life, this car has its worse qualities as well. The cabin materials are not that good, and the same goes for the fuel economy estimates. It also has lower safety scores than some of its rivals. You should also keep in mind that the steering is a bit over-sensitive, and the handling is clumsy.

2021 Toyota Avalon

The Toyota Avalon has a high ranking in the large car class. It has an impressive combination of safety and reliability ratings, positive reviews, cargo and passenger space, and family-friendly features. That’s why we named it our 2021 Best Large Car for Families. We also named it our 2021 Best Large Car for the Money because of the way it combined quality and value. Adults don’t need to worry because they’ll get a lot of space to sit comfortably. There are many standard features, and you’re getting a good infotainment system. Something that sets this vehicle apart from the other ones in its class is its all-wheel drive.

The only bad side we could find is the fact that the starting price is above-average.

2021 Nissan Maxima

Here’s another great full-size sedan. Besides the good qualities of a large traditional car, it offers style and driving. You’ll get a powerful V6 engine and a long list of standard safety features. The infotainment system is easy to use, and it has a good predicted reliability rating and quick acceleration.

When it comes to its bad qualities, you should keep in mind that it’s not as agile as its rivals, has a small back seat, and the trunk room is below-average as well.

While it’s a good car, its price might make you want to look at some other ones, like the Toyota Avalon, for example.

Take your time while absorbing all this information, and good luck with your decision!

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