Best Mattresses For Chronic Back Pain

Do you often wake up in the morning with upper and/or lower back pain that puts a damper on your day and mood? Then it may be time to buy a new and better mattress that will help alleviate the ache. Chronic back pain is no trivial issue.

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There are quite a few reasons why you should invest in the best mattress that you can afford. Firstly, the ache and pain caused by sleeping on an old, damaged and cheap mattress can easily lead to pain medication addiction, which is very damaging to your body’s organs if taken on an ongoing basis. Secondly, buying a high quality mattress, such as orthopedic or smart foam, can help improve your overall quality of sleep, so you’ll wake up feeling a lot more refreshed and well rested. Lastly, high quality mattresses last way longer, thanks to their stronger, more durable material. Plus, you get the super added bonus of a trial period, which allows you to try out the mattress for a certain period of time before you commit to buying it.

Are you craving a really good night’s sleep every night? Of course, who wouldn’t? Read on to discover some of the top rated mattresses designed to tackle chronic back pain.


Saatva Classic Mattress (Queen) - Best Overall

Saatva offers three levels of firmness: plush soft, firm and luxury firm. This mattress is fortified with double-layer coils for added support, along with layers of smart memory foam and polyfoam to help keep you supremely comfortable and stable while you sleep and dream away. It also has a wire “Lumbar Zone” in the center of the mattress to add additional and oh so important support and pressure relief to your spine and shoulders.

Saatva’s Price: $1,570.00
Trial Period: 180 nights

Helix Twilight (Queen) - Best For Pressure Relief

Helix offers mattresses that are tailor made to your specific needs. All you have to do is fill out a short questionnaire, and the company will recommend the perfect mattress for you. The Helix Twilight is another top choice for back pain. It offers a firm feel that doesn’t sink, but soft enough so that you don’t feel like you’re sleeping on a rock. The mattress contains a specialized foam layer to help cushion your pressure points, especially when you’re sleeping on your side, along with a polyfoam transition layer for added support.

Helix’s Price: $1,049.00
Trial Period: 100 nights

Nectar Premier Memory Foam (Queen)- Best For Side Sleepers

For side sleepers, finding the sweet spot is the key to a quality night’s sleep, and now that’s possible with this Premier Memory Foam Mattress from Nectar. Its five-layer structure cushions your pressure points and supports your body weight, while also helping to keep you cool so you stay comfortable and don’t sweat throughout the night. The 3-inch layer of gel memory foam is designed to respond to your body’s unique changes in temperature, while its shift-resistant lower cover keeps the mattress in place even if you twist, toss and turn in your sleep.

If you want to get a good idea of its firmness, the brand puts it this way: It scores a 6.5 on the one to 10 scale, with one being as soft as a feather pillow, and 10 being as hard as a cement floor. In other words, it’s a winner.

Nectar’s Price: $1,299.00
Trial Period: 1 year

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-ProAdapt (Queen)- Best Luxury Mattress

This super luxury mattress is constructed of special Tempur-Material that was originally developed by NASA. It provides advanced pressure-relieving power that’s ideal for those with back pain. This adaptive and elite mattress conforms to your body, weight, shape and temperature, even if you shift positions throughout the night. The proprietary material also absorbs motion better than other memory foam mattresses, so if you sleep with a partner, your sleep won’t get ruined if they toss and turn in the middle of the night. This ProAdapt model also has an extra support layer. It may be more expensive than other high quality mattresses, but totally worth it.

Tempur-pedic’s Price: $3,349.00
Trial Period: 90 nights

Avocado Green - Best Eco-Friendly

Many of today’s mattresses are made from memory foam, which typically contains synthetic chemicals. If you’re an advocate for the planet and interested in something a bit more eco-friendly, the Avocado Green Mattress is a great choice.

It’s constructed of organic ingredients, including a layer of organic latex sitting on top of more than 1,000 pocketed support coils. The mattress has a gentle-yet-firm feel and five distinct ergonomic zones that adapt to your pressure points and provide relief where you need it the most. The thoughtful and innovative construction also helps reduce motion transfer and distributes weight more evenly so the mattress can contour to your body’s unique shape.

Avocado’s Price: $1,699.00
Trial Period: 1 year

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