Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers

Of all the various sleep positions, side sleeping is one of the most dominant within over 70 percent of the US population alone. But in order to be comfortable, support their joints and get good quality sleep every night, side sleepers need to choose the right kind of mattress.

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This is because not all mattresses are created equal, no matter how comfortable or high quality it is. Some are designed and built with certain features, technology and materials to specifically benefit side sleepers, while others may accommodate them to a certain extent, but won’t protect or offer support for their spine and joints from aches and pains. By far, the best mattresses for side sleepers are usually memory foam or hybrid beds, which offer a soft-yet-supportive feel. Firmness-wise, it’s highly recommended to choose a soft, medium or medium-firm mattress, as highly firm beds can cause pressure point pain where the surface doesn’t give.

Each of the models listed below are queen sized, which is the most popular size, and come from a well established and trusted brand. They are also backed by many positive customer reviews, and include a generous trial period and warranty.


Helix - Midnight Luxe

A recent upgrade from the original Helix Midnight mattress, the Hybrid Midnight Luxe is thicker, cooler and more thickly layered.
This mattress perfectly hits the medium to medium-firmness that works well for singles, couples and kids, while offering zoned lumbar support to help take pressure pain off the lower back. It’s also built with six layers, including a dense 1,500-coil system and cushy surface foams that cradle joints to significantly reduce lower back pain.

The finishing touch is the breathable cooling cover that won’t trap heat, and hot sleepers can add on the GlacioTex Cooling Cover ($199) for more chilling power. The Hybrid Midnight Luxe arrives at your door in a box. It comes with a 100 night trial period and a 15-year warranty.

Price: $1,899

Puffy - Luxe Hybrid

The Puffy Luxe Hybrid is expertly designed with body-contouring memory foam and an adaptive coil base that perfectly conforms to the shape and curves of your body, while also minimizing strain on your joints. A support layer, which keeps your spine properly aligned and eliminates pressure points, sits in the middle of the mattress so you wake up well rested and pain-free.

Additional layers provide temperature regulation and humidity control, with plush foams sitting at the surface for optimal cushioning, so you don’t get stirred awake when your partner or pet shifts position or gets out of bed. All in all, it offers just the right levels of balance, softness and support that most side sleepers can’t get enough of.

This mattress is delivered in the box, comes with a 101 night trial period and a fabulous lifetime warranty.

Price: $1,499

Brooklyn Bedding - Aurora Luxe

Brooklyn Bedding’s Aurora Luxe mattress is made with layers that offer specialized support, depending on which firmness you choose. All firmness options are topped with an inch and a half of cushy CopperFlex foam that’s both highly responsive and antimicrobial. Underneath this layer, the soft and medium firm mattress offers an additional two inches of memory foam, with the final layer consisting of a 1-inch gel swirl foam for heavenly pressure point relief.

If your living space happens to have odd dimensions, then you’re in luck: The Aurora Luxe is available in soft, medium and firm, and comes in standard and non-standard dimensions, including split, short, XL and RV sizes, so you can sleep comfortably no matter where you love to snooze.

You’ll get a bed in the box delivery, along with 120 night trial period and 10 year warranty.

Leesa - Original Mattress

Leesa’s original mattress is a budget friendly option made entirely from memory foam for a cozy-yet-supportively firm feel. Although it’s all foam, the mattress is made with four different layers to offer the balance of support and comfort that side sleepers crave. Plus, thanks to the absence of coils, this means that it’s less springy than traditional mattresses, thus it excels at minimizing motion transfer, which is a major boon for couples. On that note, if you share your bed and your partner isn’t a side sleeper, that’s okay as well, as this mattress is medium-firm, thereby providing pressure relief for all sleeping positions. Better yet, it doesn’t trap heat either. The Leesa mattress has a top layer of airy foam that stays cool while providing responsive contouring, and its gray twill cover is refreshingly breathable.

This mattress includes a 100 night trial period, a 10 year warranty, in the box delivery and optional white glove delivery service for a small fee.

Price: $1,099

Amerisleep - AS5

The AS5 is Amerisleep’s plushest mattress to date. It’s crafted of several layers of ultra-soft, pressure-relieving memory foam that provide enough give for your shoulders and hips, which are areas that often go numb when you’re sleeping on your side on a mattress that’s too firm. Underneath the soft memory foam lies a support layer called “Active Flex” that reinforces the foam and prevents it from sagging. It can support up to 400 pounds per side for a total capacity of 800 pounds. This ensures that you and your partner will have aligned spines during the night, regardless of size and weight.

Additionally, the memory foam also has an open cell design, which is more breathable than traditional foam and keeps you cooler during the night. With the addition of its heat-wicking “Refresh Cover,” this mattress can feel a full 7 degrees cooler than other mattresses on the market. It’s also available in a hybrid version.

It arrives at your home in a bed in the box delivery. Includes 100 night trial period and 20 year warranty.

Price: $1,899

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