Best Mattresses To Treat Back Pain

When we experience several kinds of body discomforts, consulting a doctor is the first solution that comes to our mind because we frequently think bacteria and viruses cause our body pains. Yes! It is a fact no one can deny but have you ever thought of your discomforts originating from what you feel is giving you comfort?

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This is not to puzzle you, but this is similar to someone who makes use of medications to treat their headaches, knowing fully well that they hardly sleep or take a nap; and all they need is good sleep. This illustration is also apt for those that complain of back pains.

They will start having frightening thoughts of medical conditions they never had, such as osteoporosis, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and many others. Meanwhile, the primary culprit of their back pains is a bad mattress, and this can only be corrected or harnessed by upgrading their mattress to one that is helpful for back pain problems.

Factors to consider when choosing the right mattress for you

When choosing the right mattress, that will benefit you in all ramifications apart from its aesthetics properties, like if you have a back pain problem or you are trying to avoid having one, you will have to consider a few factors before deciding on the best mattress to choose, and these factors include:

The firmness of the mattress
Mattress material
How you sleep

The firmness of the mattress

The firmness of the mattress you can decide to purchase primarily depends on your weight of the body. The more they weigh, the higher the degree of firmness. In terms of firmness, there are soft, medium and tough Mattresses.

The type of firmness you decide to get depends on the weight of your body. A medium firmness mattress is appropriate for those with about one hundred and twenty pounds (120Lb) body weight. You may, however, decide to use a softer mattress so long as you do not have back pain problems.

There is also another significant factor, which is back pain status, that may alter the type of firmness your mattress should be to provide you with a comfortable benefit. If you have a back pain problem, the best firmness that will harness or prevent the deterioration of your back pain is a tough firmness (that is, your mattress must be firmer rather than softer ones).

Mattress material

The materials that make up your mattress is also a significant factor that may determine the amount of comfort you will get. You may be free to use whichever type, but this freedom does not work for those with back pains. There are several types of mattress materials that include memory foam, hybrid mattress.

Hybrid materials are made up of two layers with different levels of firmness that contain foam and cotton primarily. They are becoming prominent in the market due to the support with inner spring and comfort they offer users, especially those with back pain. On the contrary, a Memory foam made mattress is susceptible to deformation and will cause an increment pressure to some easily hurt areas; hence, it is not an option for those with back pains.

How you sleep

Your sleeping position is another significant factor you should consider when purchasing a mattress. It makes you aware of what position or part of the body will be subjected to pressure when you are asleep. You can either be a back sleeper, stomach sleeper or side sleeper.

Stomach sleepers subject their neck and their spine to pressure; therefore it will be preferable to purchase a firm mattress because this type of mattress will forestall the neck from hanging over a body that is sinking into the mattress, protecting your neck from pressure and tension.

Side sleepers subject their shoulder and hips to pressure when asleep. Therefore a mattress that will be flexible to the curvature of the sleeper will be best for a side sleeper, and this is a semi-firm mattress.

Back sleepers subject their lower back to pressure; therefore, a medium-firm mattress that provides the user’s spine support will alleviate the pressure on the lower back.

The types of mattresses suitable for back pain

There are, however, several types of Mattresses in the market that promise the users comfort, but there will always be a better one than the other. It will, however, be a bit difficult to find a suitable mattress that will suit your requirements based on a few factors such as its material, firmness, and pressure alleviating capacity of the mattress. However, among the numerous types of mattresses in the market, there a few that will be suitable for those with back pains. They include:

Bear Mattress: Bear Mattress is made from a Celliant Infrared Yarn Technology that harnesses back pains by converting the body’s heat energy into infrared lights and emitting the lights to the body’s muscle and tissues to reduce back pain. Bear Mattress has a firmer property and is made with responsive and supportive foam to guarantee the user’s comfort when asleep.

Layla hybrid mattress: The mattress has uneven firmness, whereby a side is soft, and the other is a bit firm, which provides support and comfort to users with different sleeping positions. It is, however, made with a combo and memory foam into six layers that include copper-infused gel memory foam, coiling for position support that forestalls pressure from affecting several body parts such as the shoulder and hips.

Helix dusk: Helix dusk is one of the best multi-layer mattresses made up of several foams with different densities to forestall the subjection of a part of the body such as the shoulder, neck, or spine to pressure when asleep. Furthermore, they offer users in doubt a hundred-night sleep trial.

The purple mattress: The mattress is prominent for its pressure supporting factor because It is made of dual-layer foam, in which the first layer is soft and the second layer is firm, and they both show responsive and supportive properties, respectively.

The saatava classic mattress: The mattress comes in three different levels of firmness that includes soft (ideal for side sleepers), medium-firm (for support and comfort) and firmer (primarily for stomach and back sleepers). Saatava classic mattress is especially for those who suffer from back pain because it has Lumber zone Support Technology which is active in the middle of the mattress, which functions in the alignment of the spine.

Level Sleep mattress: The mattress is specifically designed for those with back pains due to its alignment property. They are made up of three different firmness such as soft, medium-firm and firm foams to provide the user with support and comfort.

There are, however, several other types of mattresses such as The Casper mattress, sleep number C2 smart bed, Sweetnight Gel Memory Foam Mattress and Nectar Memory Foam Mattress, all of which are good for those with different sleeping positions and back pains.

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