Best Online Fresh Fish Delivery For Seniors

If you enjoy fish, and you’re not allergic to it of course, that’s definitely a big plus for your overall health and diet. But typical store-bought fish can be a risky business, especially for seniors, due to tainted or spoiled fish that wasn’t handled or kept properly.

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Apart from their potential health risks, cheaper and more ordinary store-bought fresh fish is often loaded with harmful substances, lower quality, and doesn’t taste as good as fresher, higher quality fish products. In addition, if you’ve got a fancy dinner planned for your spouse/partner, date or your family, you’re going to want the very best fish and seafood that you can get. So if you’re short on time and ability to find the very best on your own, the most affordable, convenient and reliable way to find exactly what you want is through online delivery.

Listed below are some of the top- rated and most highly recommended online fresh fish delivery sites for seniors.


Wulf’s Fish

Wulf’s Fish is based in Boston, Massachusetts and specializes in seafood (including kelp) from the Atlantic seaboard of the U.S. They offer filets, whole fish, shellfish, a host of caviars and roes, as well as farmed fish from far and wide.

The brand’s list is delicious and quite extensive, from their Scallops and tilefish to their Acadian redfish and cod – which are all plucked from nearby waters, where they are raised ethically and sustainably. Wulf’s fish also sells the illustrious Ōra King salmon from New Zealand and fatty scrumptious Chalkstream trout that hails from the UK.

Wulf’s fish online store offers exclusive customer deals, rewards and perks, special and customizable bundles, Chef-quality & straight to your door delivery, free and reliable shipping on orders of $150.00 or more, recipes, wholesale section, several payment options, order tracker, gift cards and online customer service.

Best Seller: Nordic Blu Salmon From Cleanfish


Purefish is a top catch when it comes to quality packaging. Whatever you order, it will arrive on an oven-safe aluminum tray with portions for two, shrink-wrapped, and absolutely free of any air or water. The beautifully trimmed portions don’t even need drying. Simply add whatever seasoning you desire, then put it on a tray and right into the oven for a mere 15 minutes.

Their customers rave about their farm-raised salmon, steelhead and wild-caught yellowfin tuna, claiming that they are perfect to make sashimi with. The brand may be on the younger side, but is quickly expanding their inventory, in which you will find more localized species like wild-caught striped bass, cobia, and Pacific black cod.

Specifically, if you’re looking to stock up on easy, zero cleanup, more eco friendly and superb quality meals for two, PureFish is definitely worth trying out. They also deserve big kudos points for actively donating to ambitious non-profit ocean clean- up projects and organizations.

PureFish also offers 10% off your first order, free and trustworthy shipping nationwide, online customer service, special boxes/bundles that were approved by dieticians and health experts, spices, monthly subscription option that you can cancel at any time, gift cards and recipes.

Best Seller: Santa Barbara Black Cod

Sea To Table

Sea to Table provides you with the most information about your catch right on the label. You’ll know exactly how and when your fish was caught, as well as where it was landed, including a reliable and very reasonable “best by” date.

Loyal customers also love Sea to Table’s carefully vacuum-sealed cuts of seafood. You’ll find delicately-handled filets and scallops, with nothing broken or mangled. Plus, no unsavory bits like oxidized meat or bloodline, which tend to be offensively pungent and bad for your health. Sea to Table also offers some of the more sustainability-minded catches. They’ve got skate (an often overlooked finfish in the US and a delicacy across the Atlantic), Gulf of Maine redfish, and West Coast Dover sole.

Sea To Table also offers Free shipping on orders starting from $99.00 and $15.00 off the first order, 100% risk free guarantee, gift cards, recipes and cooking tips and online customer support.

Best Seller: Northwest Pacific Halibut


Sizzlefish is another subscription-based service, but it’s much more affordable than most, starting at just $6.99 per serving. The brand also offers an a la carte option and specializes in North Atlantic seafood. True Cod, which is increasingly substituted with Alaskan black cod, is not the easiest thing to find anymore, but it’s totally worth grabbing when and where you can. Other customer favorites include the (Alaska-caught) salmon, halibut and the North Atlantic cod.

You can choose from weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and even once-every-five-week deliveries of 12- or 14-serving boxes, with shipping included. Regarding seafood, you can also place one-off orders of everything from blue mussels to diver, sea scallops, crab cakes and soft shell crabs from the Chesapeake Bay, calamari and king crab legs.

SizzleFish also offers fast and free shipping for orders starting at $99.00, great customer service, interest free payments with ShopPay on orders of at least $50.00, and a satisfaction or full refund guarantee.

Best Seller: Wild Chilean Sea Bass

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

Yes, they may not sell fish, but if you’re a vegetarian or vegan who wants to improve their diet but doesn’t want to eat fish of any kind, then this is a fantastic option for you.

Additionally, If you’re looking for raw seaweed and kelp in bulk, this place has the widest range of offerings out there. They also sell several dried snack options, as well as seasonings and sushi nori.

Final Thoughts

Fish, especially fatty fish, are rich in Omega 3 and 6, which significantly improve brain and heart health. So it makes perfect sense to eat more of it every week.

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