Best Online Jobs For Seniors In 2023

The population of America is “aging” – seniors are a growing percentage of the overall population. At the same time the cost of living is continuing to go up, putting financial pressure on many seniors who live on fixed incomes, such as Social Security. Therefore, growing numbers of seniors are looking to earn extra income.

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The growing trend and popularity of work from home jobs has provided a good solution for these seniors. These jobs are performed remotely from your home, utilizing the internet – thus they are often referred to as online jobs. This type of work is very beneficial for seniors as they can do them from the safety, security and convenience of their own home. The basic requirements for these jobs are a modern computer, a strong internet connection and dedicated work space.

While many of these online jobs will require basic computer skills and some proficient typing ability, many of these online job opportunities will hire you without direct prior experience. Provided you demonstrate interest and aptitude, these employers will then in turn be willing to train you. Better yet, is that many of these online job companies actually like to hire seniors which is very refreshing from the too typical age discrimination in much of the traditional job market. This is due to the fact that seniors often have the traits and living situations best to succeed in an online job, such as no kids in the house, a stable lifestyle, usable life and work experience, patience and strong work ethic.

Listed below are some of the best types of online jobs for seniors.


Virtual Administrative Assistant

With the great growth of online commerce and businesses, many companies now operate without formal offices. However, they still need administrative and secretarial support. Many of these jobs actually start off as or soon become office manager positions. You would do the same basic tasks as if you were in a real office, such as answering phone calls, taking messages, filing documents, setting up appointments, sending out mail and handling incoming mail, and so on. The difference is that it is all done via the internet and computer software.

If you have prior experience in office administration or secretarial experience, this can be an ideal job for you. With good basic office skills and proper aptitude, most of these employers will train you on their specific software and other job details. You should be an accurate and fast typist, very good working with different types of people and being able to successfully multi-task.

Sales and Customer Service

Most businesses that sell products or services to consumers operate some sort of call center to perform many sales and marketing tasks and operations. Many of these call centers are now fully remote, where the workers all work remotely from their homes. The most common type of position in these operations are in sales or customer service. You communicate with the company’s customer or prospective customers via internet phone, email and text “chat”. The contacts made are either out bound – where you initiate the contact, or inbound where the customer or prospect does so.

This is a good job for you if you like talking to people, love being on the computer and are a good communicator. Having good typing and computer skills are also important. Also, you will be working in a team hooked up by the internet, so you will be physically working by yourself, but you will not be working alone.


Distance learning or remote education has become very big and common due to the COVID epidemic and modern internet education platforms. Therefore, the number of job opportunities in this area is fairly large. Tutoring is perhaps the most common such job. Students (or their parents) of all ages, in a variety of subjects, are looking for help with their school work and education. There are a large number of tutoring companies that hire on-line tutors. If you have a college degree (in almost any subject) and can pass an aptitude test, you can likely find an online tutoring job.

To work with children, you will need to demonstrate appropriate communication skills and personality traits. Working with high school or college students usually requires demonstrated advance subject knowledge. If you have an appropriate degree, it is also possible to become an actual remote course instructor at a college or sometimes a high school.


Although video and music are very popular things on the web, written content is still “king”. All the myriad of web sites, social media posts, blogs and other sites on the web need written content. Plus, most of these sites need a constant stream of fresh written content. Thus, there is a large and growing need for content writers and editors. This provides many online job opportunities, especially if you possess both the aptitude and skill for writing and good subject matter knowledge. For example, if you are a good writer and a car buff, you probably can find work as an automotive content writer.

Even without actual professional experience, if you can pass an aptitude test and demonstrate certain subject matter knowledge, there are opportunities available for you. If you have actual experience, you may also be able to get a job as a senior writer or remote editor.

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