Best Online Pilates Classes For Seniors

Just like Yoga and some other wellness practices, pilates are gentle, low- impact exercises that involve the health, balance and strength of both the body and spirit. Online pilates classes can be especially beneficial for seniors in particular, because they can do it at home or anywhere they desire.

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What else makes online pilates classes so convenient for seniors? Apart from having busy daily schedules, many seniors have certain preferences that they can’t enjoy if they’re with a class or a group- such as their favorite music playlist, or surroundings of choice. Some seniors may also get distracted too easily, or simply don’t feel comfortable in larger groups. Others may live too far away from the nearest pilates studio to get to easily and regularly, or they just can’t afford it.

For all these reasons and more, online pilates classes are a game changer. They don’t demand or require very much, just a minimum amount of time, energy, money and equipment. Better yet, they offer free trial periods as well. So what are you waiting for? Time to roll out that mat and start experiencing the beautiful mind and spirit connection. Listed below are some of the top rated online pilates classes that seniors love and appreciate.


Alo Moves - Pilates Form

In Pilates Form, instructor Tela Anderson takes beginner exercises from the Pilates Mat class and breaks them down in an easy to follow fashion to help you focus on each exercise’s specific form and technique. Each 30-minute class is a full-body workout that specifically works on the form and technique of the classical Pilates exercises, including the Pilates Hundred, Single-Leg Stretch, Pilates Roll-Down, Rolling Like a Ball, Spine Stretch, Swimming, and more.
The recommended daily schedule for this program is six classes per week, one per day, for a month in total.

If you like the free 14-day trial and would like to progress further, Alo Moves offers a yearly plan for just $199.00, or a monthly payment for only $20.00. The monthly fee includes hundreds of Pilates and other courses designed to do at home, at your own time and pace. Available on IOS, Android And Web-based.

Daily Burn - Pilates Phase One

If you’re new to Pilates, start with Pilates Phase One. This comprehensive program covers the fundamentals of the practice in six different videos, including Intro to Pilates, Classic 1, Classic 2, Core Flow 1, Core Flow 2, and Stretch. Each class length varies and ranges from nine to around 30 minutes.

After mastering this level, you’re on to Phase 2. This series takes the foundation of Phase One and increases the difficulty of the workouts by focusing on a controlled flow of exercises and removing breaks in between. You’ll need a Pilates Magic Circle for both phases.

Daily Burn offers a free 30-day trial where you can check out Pilates Phase One and Two, as well as its other fitness classes. Subscriptions are super affordable, starting at around $15.00 per month for the Basic plan, up to just about $20.00 per month for the Premium plan. Available platforms: IOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire and Chromecast

Pilates on Fifth

If you enjoy lifting, holding, sitting on and maneuvering equipment or props while exercising, this is probably the best online pilates class for you. Pilates on Fifth offers classes that incorporate props such as the small ball, stability ball, chair, Cadillac, Reformer, Ladder Barrel, Magic Circle, exercise bands, and more.

Their on-demand service gives you access to more than 700 videos in roughly 23 different categories, including Pilates workouts, educational training, technique, and more. The Pilates on Fifth On-Demand program only costs about $13.00 per month. You can also sign-up for the virtual studio that offers live Pilates classes like Pilates, CARDIOLATES, Barres & Belles, CoreAlign, and SilkSuspension via Zoom.

Additionally, if you have your heart set on it, Pilates on Fifth offers Pilates Academy International, a teacher training program designed to help you become a Pilates instructor yourself. Available platforms: IOS and Android


When you’re super short on time, check out this 13-minute Supercharged Abs class by the instructor Caroline Sandry. She will take you through a series of Pilates exercises using a set of light dumbbells. If you don’t have weights, you can use filled water bottles instead. Sandry demonstrates each move while providing detailed cues to walk you through the steps. In addition to working your core muscles, this class also focuses on the glutes, shoulders, arms, chest, and back.

If you enjoy the course, Gaia has thousands of other videos. Gaia offers a free, seven-day trial, followed by three subscription plan options- $12.00 monthly, an annual package for about $99.00, or the Live Access plan for roughly $25 per month. Available Platforms: IOS, Roku, Android, Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV

Ultimate Pilates Toning Workout

Don’t feel like paying for classes? No problem. This 30-minute Ultimate Pilates Toning Workout is not only free, but also guaranteed to tone, lengthen, and strengthen your body with minimum time and effort. The routine targets the abs, glutes, and back muscles, while also focusing on proper posture and form. Aimed at intermediate levels, the class moves at a moderate pace with plenty of opportunities for stretching that allow for active rest. Murphy provides excellent cues and detailed instructions, and she counts down when performing the exercises.

If you enjoyed the Ultimate Pilate Toning Workout videos, you can join Lottie Murphy’s YouTube channel, which offers several free Pilates classes along with yoga-inspired workouts.

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