Best Online Pizza Delivery Options For Seniors

It may be surprising for some people, but believe it or not, not all seniors follow a strict diet every day. Far from it. Diet or no diet, when seniors get those munchies and cravings, pizza is definitely one of their favorite choices, especially when their grandkids come to visit.

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Many seniors, however, struggle at times with ordering pizza and food in general. Whether it’s online or in person, they often have a hard time working the website/app, or understanding the employee on the phone. They may also not feel comfortable with giving their credit/debit card info to people they don’t know, or they simply don’t have one to use. In other cases, they may be sensitive and allergic to gluten, and thus need a gluten-free pizza option. Some also have busy schedules, so they need a reliable and punctual delivery service. With so many pizza places and food delivery services out there, which ones are really worth entrusting with your upcoming pizza party?

Search no further, you’ve come to the right place. Listed below are some of the top notch online pizza delivery options that everyone raves about, seniors included.

Pieology Pizzeria

If you’re a true, forever pizza lover and often enjoy trying new things, Pieology will take you on a delicious and irresistible pizza safari that you’ll never get tired of. Pieology has a plethora of over 40 toppings, crusts, sauces and spices to choose from, and you can make any kind of combo you want. They even offer healthier crust options that are vegan, zero bad cholesterol, gluten free, vegetarian or low carb friendly, such as their cauliflower crust, thin crust, dairy free crust and more. Better yet, they also make healthy salads, yummy cookies, drinks and other delights, so you can really dish out a party without feeling guilty about it.

Pieology Pizzeria’s online store offers “Pie Life” member point rewards and a 10% discount on your first order. You can choose to pick up or have it delivered straight to your door, and you can get exclusive discounts, offers, coupons and gift cards. The site is also user-friendly with accessibility adjustment options for those with sensitivities, disabilities or impairments, plus they have helpful apps on the go that you can find on Apple and Google Play.

Little Caesars

Every true pizza fan in America knows Little Caesars and has them on their go to list. Fun fact- Little Caesars is the pizza chain that was featured in the famous and iconic Home Alone movies. There are a few reasons why they should be on your top 5 list as well. Not only do they have super affordable and attractive prices for their selection of pies and different crusts, they also have deep dish pies, chicken “Caesar Wings”, and savory “cookie dough brownies” for dessert. As an added topping to the fun, Little Caesars also has a super cool merch and apparel section, so you and your friends or family can show off your pizza love with style.

Little Caesars website allows you to make your own pizza, has easy smartphone apps on Apple and Google Play, supports a number of good causes and community projects, reliable delivery service, a special customer service number that you can call if you need some assistance, and at store pick up or delivery to your home.

Pizza Uno

Uno, dos, tres! Pizza Uno is another fantastic choice to satisfy your pizza cravings. One of the features that makes Pizza Uno stand out from the massive competition is their “Ship A Pizza” service. Yes, you read that correctly. Pizza Uno can actually freeze any of their deep dish pizzas that you desire, pack it in dry ice, then have it shipped anywhere you want. Uno promises fast delivery of up to 3 business days, with certain terms and conditions.

Pizza Uno’s online site accepts several payment methods, offers group sales and gift cards, attractive deals and discounts, and accessibility adjustments.

Papa John’s

Papa John’s is a name that might make you think of warm and cozy hugs from someone you love. And that’s precisely what Papa John’s will deliver, in the form of a delicious pizza pie.

Papa John’s will make you smile with their free and fast delivery, coupon orders, freshly baked pizzas, decent policies, buy one get one 50% off, ingredient allergen information, and a special membership “Papa Club” where you get exclusive free gifts and deals.


Let’s say you’re in the mood for pizza, but your friend, spouse or relative isn’t. No problem. Just download the Grubhub app on your smartphone and tap it. While it’s not exclusively a pizza app, Grubhub can most definitely get you a piping hot, cheesy pie – or tacos, Pad Thai, or whatever else your guests might want.

When you are in the mood for pizza, just type “pizza” into the search bar and a listing of the nearest pizza joints will pop up. The app lets you find delivery restaurants, carryout spots or both. You can also store and save your payment information so you don’t have to fumble with your card every time you want food.

Final Thoughts

After working hard for so many years and giving so much to your kids and grandkids, you deserve to enjoy a succulent pizza pie when you want it. There is no age limit on having fun.

So go ahead, order that pizza pie. And most importantly, have no regrets about it.

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