Best Online Spanish Classes For Adults

If you’ve been thinking about learning a new language lately but can’t decide which one, you should definitely consider Spanish. Apart from being one of the most pleasant – sounding and highly spoken languages in the world, it’s also Latin based, so English speakers can usually soak it up fairly rapidly.

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Learning and mastering a new language, however, can seem a bit daunting at first, especially in our adulthood. This is mainly due to a busy and often hectic daily schedule, along with the annoying fact that the brain often starts to lose its ability to retain new languages as time goes on. But thanks to computers, smart devices and the internet, you can now learn any language you want for an affordable price, at your own pace and when it’s most convenient for you. Plus, if you’re a frequent traveler or commute to work on the daily, online language practice is a perfect way to pass the time, keep you awake, sharpen your mind and brighten your mood. Additionally, according to extensive scientific research, learning and practicing some Spanish or any other foreign language each day can enhance your IQ and improve your overall mental health. Plus, it looks very good on a resume. Feliz aprendizaje!

Listed below are the best and top rated online Spanish classes for adults.



Preply is a major database of online tutors in Spanish and dozens of languages. You can filter through their tutor list to find the perfect Spanish tutor for your needs and taste. Plus, they’re weekly availability is clearly visible in their profile, including whether they’re a native or foreign speaker, what kind of Spanish they teach (Latin American or European), and perhaps most importantly, how much they charge for each lesson.

You can even see what other languages the tutor speaks, so if you’re not super confident in your Spanish, you can choose a tutor who also speaks English. Lessons start from around a mere $5 per hour and are 1-on-1, so it’s significantly better than sitting in a classroom and competing for your professor’s attention amongst dozens of other students.

Unlike other online courses, Preply places a particular emphasis on speaking. Most students typically feel comfortable enough to speak Spanish in a private video chat with a tutor because it’s a psychologically safe space to start practicing verbally. This technique is a fast and efficient way to prepare for real-world conversations. Best of all, there’s no pre – fixed curriculum or timeframes, which allows you and your tutor to create a customized lesson plan. You can decide what lessons to focus on, how much homework to give and how often to meet. You can even save the vocabulary you’ve learned thus far to go back to later on the Preply app, along with a free library of exercises on grammar, vocabulary, and conversation starters for self-study.

Coffee Break Spanish

Coffee Break Spanish is specially designed for people who run a tight ship and can only dedicate about a coffee break’s worth of time to studying each day, which is how it got its name. This course is formatted into 15-20 minute podcasts, with each series roughly divided and categorized into a level — absolute beginner, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced.

Coffee Break offers podcasts for free. However, if you want interactive materials, you can opt to purchase their full course for around $100 per season. Each level contains 40 bonus audio lessons to supplement the podcasts, 40 video lessons, and 40 files of lesson notes. Since it’s not a subscription, after paying this one time fee, you can use and keep the material as long as you wish. If your goal is to reach a conversational level, you’ll likely have to supplement your Coffee Break Spanish lessons with some interactive speaking practice. All in all though, this is a fantastic course.


Does a group setting appeal to you? Then look no further than AilMadrid. This language school is located in Madrid, Spain’s marvelous capital. During the Covid – 19 pandemic, they decided to create a full online option. They now offer 20 different online classes per week, with intensive courses starting from around $154. Courses are offered at every CEFR level, with video chat – based lessons that last approximately 50 minutes each. You can choose to either learn full-time, or study longer term in smaller portions.

One of the key things that differentiates AilMadrid from other online Spanish classes is its emphasis on the social aspect of the schooling experience. You’ll practice your Spanish in a “virtual classroom” consisting of 6-8 other students, along with sufficient opportunities to chat privately or work in groups. There are also informal “after-school activities”, similar to traditional language schools three times per week, including online museum tours and fun salsa-dancing lessons. At this school, you can be sure that you’re being taught with tried-and-tested methods, and who knows, you just might make some friends along the way.


Babbel is often compared with Duolingo, but its offer to students is very different. It’s designed to be treated as a low-intensity course, rather than a game. You’ll be given 20-minute interactive “lessons” on grammar rules and vocabulary conventions that are perfect for beginners. There’s also a flashcard section that allows you to quickly revise and review vocabulary.

The greatest thing about this course is that you don’t have to work through lessons in order to unlock new sections. You can switch back and forth to specific lessons and topics. If you’re really stuck on, for instance, the difference between a direct and an indirect object pronoun, you can repeat the lesson as many times as you need. Also, if you want to skip ahead to learn some Business Spanish phrases, that’s no problem either.

Pricewise, Babbel is super affordable: You can choose between $12.95/ month for 1 month, $8.95/month for 3 months, $7.45/month for 6 months or $6.95/month for a year.

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