Best Online Stores To Buy Bras For Seniors

No matter what you may think or feel about bras in general, there is no denying the fact that, without them, your bosoms would have no support and will gradually become saggy. Both teens and adult women need good quality bras, but this is especially true for many senior women.

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Why is this so? Seasoned women’s skin tends to lose elasticity as the years go by on all areas of the body. Top that off with bodily changes and menopause that leads to weight gain, it’s easy to see why it can be a daily struggle, especially if you’re a larger cup size. You need to find bra cups and straps that are large and comfortable enough to wear all day without it digging into your skin, nor cause achy breasts or icky perspiration. The bra also needs to be easy to get in and out of everyday, saving precious time, energy and hassle. Overall, all variables and preferences considered, there is no argument that one of the very best types of bra that every senior woman should own is a “front closure” bra. The hooks on these bras are situated between the cups instead of the back, which makes them super convenient and prevents potential strain or injury to your shoulders and back.

Listed below are some of the top online stores to buy bras for seniors.



If you’re looking for oodles of styles, options and sizes, ThirdLove would make an excellent choice and has something for everyone. They offer 11 bra types with at least eight color options, shoulder strap sizes from 32 to 44, and cup sizes ranging from A all the way to I. Their bras also feature ultra-thin memory foam cups that form to the body’s shape and foam-padded hooks, which prevent that awful itchy feeling that many women know all too well.

Their extensive virtual bra fitting room helps you discover what bra is best for you; you can even speak to an expert online via phone or chat if you’re unsure on how to measure your bust yourself or have any other questions / inquiries.

ThirdLove’s site also offers: A special discount section,15% off for first time customers, buy 2 bras and save $15, various seasonal sales, free standard shipping with purchases of $100 and above, free returns, user-friendly browsing options and more.

Top Seller: 24/7® Classic T-Shirt Bra – $72.00


Do you have a curvy physique, often suffer from back aches and struggle to get your bra on in the morning? Then look no further than Glamorise. This brand is at a level above the rest, boasting thousands of 4- and 5-star customer ratings on many of their styles, including the glorious frontal closure, wireless, sports bras and more. Their styles also come in an attractive array of color schemes.

While they mainly focus on curvy body types, they cater to nearly everyone with cup sizes ranging from B to L, and band sizes from 30 to 58. They provide thicker straps, full support, and excellent cuts that make all that bra related frustration a thing of the past. Glamorise also offers: Seasonal sales throughout the year, free exchanges, shipping and returns, user-friendly browsing options, online customer service via chat, special sales section and more.

Top Seller: WonderWire Front-Closure Bra – $36.40

Savage X Fenty

Savage X Fenty, a brand name created by the famous music artist Rihanna, should be one of your go to’s if you’re into more naughty styles. Once you become a Savage Club Member, you’ll get to enjoy high-quality bras at a fraction of the price. Every bra comes with at least a 25 percent off discount, which quickly and easily adds up if you enjoy treating yourself often.

Plus, the nearly $50 membership can be redeemed for purchases, so you can either shop or skip each drop. Whether you prefer a more trendy bra style or are looking for something more supportive, this brand’s bold and irresistible selection will not let you down in any department. Savage X Fenty also offers: Extra VIP sales and offers, including 2 bras for just $29 and a 90- day free return guarantee, a super helpful bust fitting guide and more.

Top Seller: Floral Lace Unlined Bra – $44.95


Nordstrom truly amazes with the sheer variety they have to offer, with eight different overarching categories – from bralettes and minimizers to sports bras and T-shirt bras, along with over 1000 styles. A particular customer favorite is their Natori line, a figure-flattering contour bra that provides more than ample support for the bust without compromising on quality, coming either delicately laced or finely trimmed. Cup sizes start from 28A all the way to 28H.

Overall, many of Nordstrom’s products may be pricier than what you may find on other online stores, but it’s definitely worth the extra investment. Besides, you totally deserve well designed bras that won’t break or rip easily. Nordstrom also offers: a $40 bonus for new credit cardmembers, gift cards, online customer service, free shipping, great return and exchange policies and more.

Top Seller: Feathers Underwire Contour Bra – $43.20

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