Best Phones For Seniors In 2023

Having and using a cell phone is basically an absolute must for almost everyone nowadays, including seniors. Because there are dozens of companies making these phones with hundreds of models, choosing the right phone can be a challenging task – since only a handful are senior friendly. This article will hopefully help you make a good choice.

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A senior friendly cell phone should have most of the following attributes:

Simplicity: The phone should be simple to use and easy to operate, otherwise many seniors will have a hard time – most seniors are not “geeks”.

Large Screen: As many seniors have impaired vision of some sort, this is very important. This is especially true for clarity of text.

Good Battery Life: A phone that needs to be constantly recharged is too high maintenance for many seniors.

Loud Speakers: As many seniors also have hearing impairment, both the speaker of the phone and the ear-speaker need to be loud and also clear to understand.

Smart Features: Things such as medical alert ability, easy to use GPS, voice command ability, self reading text and other such features help make a phone senior friendly.

Affordability: All of the above features do no good if the phone is not affordable. Always shop around from cell phone stores, online and cell phone service providers.

Cell phones come in two basic types: Smart Phones (Android and Apple) which are basically mini-computers and Flip-Phones which are phones for basically calling and texting. Listed below are the best senior friendly models of both of these types for 2023.


Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

This phone from the major manufacturer of Android smart phones is competitively priced from multiple vendors, including online, physical stores and from cell phone service providers. Although it is one of Samsung’s lowest priced models, this phone boasts several impressive features. The Samsung A32 5G has a durable battery that lasts very long. In terms of its camera, seniors can surely rely on its 48MP primary camera to take bright and clear photos. Plus, it offers a fast processor, an strong and clear gorilla glass display, and super fast state of the art 5G technology.

Motorola G Power

From the company that basically introduced the cell phone in America, the Motorola G Power phone offers incredibly smooth performance and durable battery life. Plus its built-in voice assistance is very helpful for seniors – the ability to send text messages by speaking, without having to type. Also, its large screen makes it easy to read text and its camera function sports a quad primary camera that takes excellent shots that seniors will like.

iPhone SE 2022

Apple is the other main player in smart phones in addition to Android phones. Their iPhone SE 2022 model is their senior friendly iPhone. Its reliable security system gives users data 100% protection and very importantly supports users with hearing aids, which is essential for many seniors. This iPhone also provides an excellent camera, water-resistant design, large storage space, fast performance and a durable battery.

Jitterbug Smart3

Jitterbug is a cell phone manufacturer that specializes in phones that are designed for seniors and their Smart3 model is indeed also designed specifically for older adults. It has a large amount of features making it senior friendly, including:

• Large screen.
• It’s easy to navigate.
• Great medical alert features.
• Hearing aid compatible.
• Rugged camera
• Voice commands

While this phone may not be as sleek, light or fast as the other phones listed in this article, it is perhaps the most overall senior friendly smart phone model available.

Consumer Cellular Link II Flip Phone

In terms of simplicity, the Consumer Cellular Link II is a flip phone that boasts such quality and is designed with seniors in mind. Its intuitive user interface and large keyboards make it easy for seniors to get used to the device quickly. This phone also offers many qualities like a long-lasting battery, rugged design, and lots more. Regarding user assistance, it possesses many assistive features that seniors will find helpful.

Alcatel Go Flip 4

This phone’s main feature are large and responsive buttons. Although it is a flip phone, it offers advanced features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, an internet browser, and Google maps. Plus, its call quality, durable battery (it can last up to 2 weeks after a single charge), intuitive user interface, hearing aid capability, and large screen allow seniors to enjoy a quality experience using the phone.

Jitterbug Flip2

Like their other phones, the Flip2 is designed specifically for senior users. Although it’s a flip phone, it provides medical alert capabilities and has built-in Alexa voice commands. The Flip2 is easy to use, features a large screen, and its buttons are very large. So, chances are no senior will find it difficult to use this phone.

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