Best Risk-Free Mattress Trials For Seniors

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, comfort, support and quality are of the essence. And for seniors who tend to suffer from body aches and pains, this is even more true. But if you’re unsure about a mattress, risk- free trial periods can be very helpful and convenient.

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For example, you might come across a beautiful and supremely comfortable mattress that you just want to bring home and stay in, but it’s made of certain materials and treated with substances that you’ve never slept on before. Or perhaps it felt fantastic when you first tried it out at the store, but then realize with dismay, days or weeks later, that it’s now the exact opposite. In other instances, you may find a highly rated mattress online, get it installed in your bedroom, only to be outright disappointed with it. But if you’re prone to allergic reactions, have sleep problems or have joint pains, ailments or sensitivities, you’re definitely going to need a trial period. Plus, the best part about these risk – free trials, hands down, is that you typically get at least 100 days, while others are even more generous and give you an entire year.

So which risk- free mattress trials suitable for seniors really beat the competition? Listed below are the top 5 winners for a great night’s sleep.



A restful night, specifically for side sleepers, depends greatly on pressure relief, which is one of the areas where the Saatva’s luxury mattress excel. Saatva’s quilted Euro pillow top and high-density memory foam layers provide cushioning support for the hips and shoulders, two sensitive pressure areas for people who sleep on their sides. Plus, their beds are very durable and made of eco-friendly material.

Put to the test in the Mattress Advisor lab, Saatva scored 9/10 for pressure relief—a solid score in a testing category important for side sleepers. Its 10/10 score for edge support is a two thumbs up for those who have trouble lifting themselves out of bed.

Saatva offers a 365 day free trial period, lifetime warranty plus fast and free shipping.
Best Seller: The Saatva Classic
Price: $1,545.00


Like other great mattresses specially made for couples, Helix mattresses make it easier to shift, toss and turn in without disturbing your partner. A key performance area for people who share a bed is blocking of motion transfer, and the Helix models scored an impressive 9/10 in the Mattress Advisor sleep lab.

Helix mattresses stand out in another senior-friendly category, with a 9/10 score for edge support. Strong support around the edges makes it easier to get in and out of bed. The Midnight also has exceptional spine alignment capabilities, which makes it an excellent choice for seniors with back and/or neck pain.

Their risk free trial period is 100 days. While this may not be as impressive as some other mattress trial periods, it’s still more than sufficient time to determine whether it’s a good choice for you. Helix also offers a 10 year warranty, plus free shipping and returns.

Best Seller: Helix Midnight
Price: $1,099


DreamCloud carries top-rated pillow top mattresses, and seniors with aches and pains are likely to appreciate the extra cushioning. Its luxurious design actually includes a pillow top 2-for-1: a cradle layer made of high-loft memory foam and a foam support layer beneath that. Dreamcloud is an especially great choice for those who are plus- sized.

In addition to the pillow-top layers, their luxury hybrids have a memory foam layer designed for contouring and pressure relief. In fact, Dreamcloud earned a 9/10 score for pressure relief in Mattress Advisor testing. It also scored a 8.5/10 for edge support, which should make the bed very easy to get into and out of.

Although the regular price of a queen-size is around $2,000, the sales, promotions, and discounts frequently available through online mattress shopping will trim the regular price considerably.

Dreamcloud offers a full year risk – free trial period, lifetime warranty, free shipping and free returns.
Best Seller: Dreamcloud Premier
Price: $1,399.00


Seniors shopping for a memory foam mattress will be happy to learn that the Leesa Studio delivers all of the comfort synonymous with this material at a very affordable price. Don’t let the foam construction fool you though, the Leesa isn’t too soft to provide you with the support you need to maintain good spine alignment and avoid back pain.

The high score (9/10) on the spine alignment test means that the Leesa’s mattresses do a real good job of helping your back rest in a healthy position.
Leesa also scored pretty well on the responsiveness test (8.25/10), so moving around on its surface to change sleeping positions is fairly easy.

Lessa offers a 100 day trial period, 10 year warranty and free shipping to all 50 US states.
Best Seller: Leesa Studio
Price: $699.00


Allergies and skin irritations are a very common culprit to bad nights, but Bear offers a natural way to help keep those sneezes and sniffles away. The Bear’s signature feature is a layer of foam infused with copper, a mineral known for its antiviral and antibacterial properties. It’s also a good option for couples.

Bear cites another benefit of adding copper: its ability to conduct heat away from you, which promotes a cooler night’s sleep as well. Bear is also GREENGUARD Gold Certified, meeting high standards for limiting exposure to chemicals and pollutants.

Bear offers a free trial period of 120 days and a lifetime warranty.
Best Seller: Bear Pro
Price: $1,026.00

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