Best Roofing Jobs For Seniors

While roofing may sound like one of those fields that seniors can’t or shouldn’t be doing, this is actually a major misconception. In fact, professional roofing involves so much more than a man who builds or fixes a roof. There are also many people working together behind the scenes.

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At this point, however, you may be wondering why any senior would want to keep working in roofing or any other field when they can just retire, enjoy their free time and do whatever they want? Well, there are a few reasons for this choice. For instance, it’s sad but true, but many seniors today don’t have sufficient savings or don’t receive enough pension/benefit funds to financially keep them afloat due to rising costs of living. Others enjoy what they do so much and have become so accustomed to the working life, that the mere thought of not working or earning money anymore literally scares them. Some seniors simply want to stay active and stick to a certain schedule for the sake of their self esteem and mental health.

Listed below are some of the best and safest roofing related jobs suitable for seniors that don’t involve climbing up onto a roof.


Office Administrator

Are you the type of person that likes to keep things in clear and perfect order, especially when it comes to your work? Are you good with computers? Then why not apply for the office administrator role? Some may not consider the Office Admin role as prestigious or worthy of a seasoned and highly experienced senior, but those who take on this responsibility are actually essential to the success of a roofing contractor’s operation.

Office Admins are no longer just answering phone calls and filing papers, they’re now computer savvy pros who need to be very well organized and reliable. Plus, thanks to roofing software such as iRoofing, the overall workload of office administrators has been reduced. Now, technicians in this field can create finished roof reports and estimates that require less editing and refining by the office admin.

Account Manager

If you’re interested in customer interaction and satisfaction, have good social skills and have a way with words, then this role would be a great fit for you. As account manager, you’ll need to maintain good and strong relationships with property owners, whether they’re current prospects or past customers.
These are key elements to successfully building loyalty and trust, reaping the benefits of repeat business, receiving positive reviews on websites and social media, and getting new potential business leads.

It’s important to note that Account Manager is one of those roofing jobs that are often given alternate titles, such as Sales Representative or Customer Consultant, depending on the size of the company. So be sure to keep your eye out for those various titles on your next job search.

Roofing Cost Estimator

Are you gifted with an artist’s eye? Are you strong with numbers and calculations and strive to be as precise as possible with your work? Then you would make an invaluable addition to the company as a roofing cost estimator with a keen sense for detail. A good cost estimator is absolutely vital in order to reach a fair price for a roof job that the customer will likely agree with, thus getting adequate profit for the company.

As the Estimator, you must take into account every necessary material, element and step of the project, from the accurate measurements of the roof to the work and equipment that is needed in cleaning up the area after the job is completed. Any inaccurate details or factors can easily result in lost customers, damaged reputation and lost revenue, so this job requires lots of focus and responsibility. Additionally, knowledge of any prior roof installation needs, such as soffit and fascia replacements, must be added to the total cost estimate as well.

Roofing Mechanic

Does the idea of getting greasy and fixing the inner workings of trucks and other vehicles appeal to you? Then you’re in luck. Keeping a fleet of roofing trucks running is the job of a trustworthy, specialized mechanic.

Larger roofing contractors need at least a few mechanics to maintain the smooth performance, effectiveness and safety of their roofing trucks, trailers, welding equipment, cutters, compressors and other gas and electric powered implements. These implements are employed for roof carpentry, installation and gutter work on shingle, tile, and metal roofing.

Storm Response / Insurance Specialist

A special and interesting area within the roofing industry is the post – storm response and insurance specialist. These contractors are always ready and fully equipped to promptly respond to weather catastrophes that destroy or cause severe damage to the client’s roof, whether the roof was built by the roofing company that they work for or wasn’t.

They often travel out-of-state via car, public transportation or plane and maintain licenses in various states that are prone to severe weather events, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, heavy rains and gusty winds. Storm Response Specialists can also help property owners get through the insurance claims process easier and faster, and will get their homes or buildings protected and secured from any further damages as quickly as possible.

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