Best Satellite Wi-Fi Deals for Seniors

The internet has become so important in modern life, that having access to it is considered as much as a necessity as electricity and water. This holds true for almost all types and ages of people, including seniors. The large majority of seniors use and depend on the internet on a daily basis.

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While water and electric utility services are available almost everywhere, the same is not true for internet service. Just like water and electric service depends on there being an installed infrastructure to bring the water and electricity into your home, internet service also needs to have an infrastructure to allow it to be accessed in your home. This is usually no problem in urban areas, where there is abundant infrastructure installed and many internet service providers. But in more rural areas, there is often very sparse or no wired internet infrastructure.

The solution to this situation is satellite based internet service. Because the internet “signal” is beamed directly from a satellite orbiting the earth, it works without land based infrastructure (unlike cable and fiber optic internet). This type of internet service allows seniors and other people living almost anywhere to have access to internet service. Below will be discussed the basic workings of satellite internet and Wi-Fi service, followed by a list of the best satellite Wi-Fi deals for seniors.


How Satellite Internet Wi-Fi Works

With land based internet service, some sort of wire or cable brings the internet feed into your home. This feed comes from a land based computer server system. With satellite service, a satellite receiving dish antenna (which receives the internet feed from a satellite in orbit) is installed at your home and a cable from it is attached to a special router box inside your home. This router box then transmits the internet signal in your home via a Wi-Fi signal. Thus, any devices in your home that are Wi-Fi capable will be able to use the internet.


This company is one of the largest satellite internet service providers in the country, in terms of number of customers and geographic coverage. They also offer the lowest prices for satellite internet service. Part of the reason their prices are lower is because of their size and their service is a modest 25 Mb in speed. This speed is still more than sufficient for most internet uses other than gaming and high-definition video. HughesNet service plans also don’t come with the large price hikes you’ll get with some other companies. The price you pay when you sign up is the price you’ll pay for at least the first 24 months. Plus, they often offer special discounts to new subscribers.

HughesNet plans and pricing:

Data plan Monthly Price Speed
15 GB $64.99 25 Mbps

30 GB $74.99 25 Mbps

50 GB $89.99 25 Mbps

100 GB $149.99 25 Mbps


Viasat offers truly high speed internet—up to 100 Mbps in many locations in North America. That’s four times faster than the top HughesNet speed. Viasat also offers a generous amount of data. With Viasat’s largest plan, you can get 150 GB of data per month, which will allow you to do a good amount of video streaming and other large data uses.

Please note that Viasat plans can vary by your location, so don’t be surprised if you sign up for Viasat and see some differences in what’s offered than what is listed here. However, the Viasat satellite internet plans listed below are the most common. Your actual data usage cap range will be determined by where you live. The reason for this is Viasat has differing data capacity depending on which geostationary satellite beam your home is under.

Viasat plans and pricing:

Plan Promo Price Speed Data Cap Regular Price

50 Mbps/60 GB $69.99 Up to 50 Mbps 60 GB $99.99

75 Mbps/100 GB $99.99 Up to 75 Mbps 100 GB $150.05

100 Mbps/150 GB $149.99 Up to 100 Mbps 150 GB $199.99

100 Mbps/300 GB $199.99 Up to 100 Mbps 300 GB $300.00


This new and exciting satellite service is another high-tech enterprise from the famous Elon Musk. This service is different from other satellite internet services because it uses LEO (low earth orbit) satellites. These types of satellites provide speeds and performance that rival some land based fiber optic services. Better yet, unlike their competitors, Starlink offers truly unlimited internet service – there are no data usage caps. Therefore, this service is ideal for heavy internet users and those who stream video regularly. However, there is a waiting list for this service – but can definitely be worth the wait if you love internet uses such as Netflix, YouTube and Skype.

Starlink plan and pricing:

Plan Monthly Price Equipment fee Speed
Starlink Unlimited Internet $110.00 $599.00 50–250 Mbps

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