Convertibles: Their Incredible Pros and Cons

Convertibles offer an incredible experience when the weather is nice that no other vehicle can. We’ve decided to break down the pros and cons of owning one so that you can decide if you want to try them out. If the cons aren’t too much for you, you certainly won’t regret getting a convertible.

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Why Drive a Convertible?

Driving a convertible offers many opportunities. When the sun is out, you can choose a curvy road and drink in the beautiful outdoors. Thanks to the advancement of technology, there are some convertibles today that have improved heating, which makes it possible for you to enjoy their al fresco take on driving in bad weather. They’ve also started making them with improved roof construction. This makes them almost as quiet and insulating as the tin-topped vehicles. Almost every vehicle used to have a convertible option, even the likes of Chevrolet Cavalier. Nowadays, sports and luxury cars are pretty much the only options in the world of convertibles.

Find the One That’s Perfect For You

There are plenty of options when it comes to convertibles. You could choose a luxury or a gas-friendly one, and you will still have plenty of vehicles to choose from. You can get a used one instead of buying a new one. Last year, convertibles had quite a bit of time in the spotlight. A lot of new models were debuting or were undergoing big underhauls. Most of them fall into the middle of the market. This means that they cost more than an average new car, but they are still well under the six-figure mark. Take your time when choosing and enjoy the journey.

2021 Convertibles

Mazda MX-5 Miata
This is the cheapest two-seater convertible on the market and therefore needs to be mentioned. The 2019 update brought more advanced technology. This is a car that earned its place as a modern icon, staying true to what made it so famous in the first place for 30 years. Its bright driving demeanor has always been its strongest attribute. The engine delivers enough power to make it feel spunky. The chassis is beautifully balanced, making it perfect for moving on curvy roads. Keep in mind that it wasn’t made for road trips. It’s suitable for track days and vibrant sun-drenched drives.
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible
The Corvette had its first convertible more than 65 years ago, and it continues to be available with the newest model. The eighth-generation model is a pretty big deal. It has exceptional performance and high-end luxury at an affordable price. It’s impossible to take this car anywhere without people wanting to sit in it, touch it, or take pictures in it. You will surely draw attention if you decide to go for this one. It has astonishing performance and a 490-hp V-8 engine. The two-seat cabin makes it cozy and spacious for adults. The cargo space may be limited, but you can fit smaller things in the back, and the front trunk can hold a carry-on suitcase.
The BMW Z4 is an incredible sports car. Its platform-mate, Toyota Supra, gathered more attention, and we think this isn’t fair. It’s hard not to love its dramatic styling and advanced technology. Its soft top is one of the best you can find. It’s saving weight over the heavy folding item from 2018. When you retract it, you can still have convos with your passengers or listen to the radio at motorway speeds. It also has more engine options than its Japanese counterpart. The sDrive40i uses the BMW inline-six, producing a solid 382 hp. All in all, this is a very impressive car.
If you’re looking for a convertible nowadays, most of them are luxury offerings. BMW, Mercedes, and Audi all offer them. Audi has only two open-air models at the moment. Porsche offers the Boxster and the 911 Cabriolet as well. If the 911 Cabriolet is a little too much for your taste, you have the new 911 Targa, for example. If your taste leans towards British thrills, there’s the Jaguar F-Type. But if you’re more of an American guy, you can get the Chevrolet Camaro or Ford Mustang at a low price. You’ll have a lot of thinking to do with this amount of options!

The Benefits of Owning a Convertible

• Once the top is down, you’ll get an unforgettable and unparalleled open-air driving experience. There’s nothing else that can compare to a convertible in this regard. You’ll feel the wind blowing in your hair, the sun on your skin, with the music playing on the radio – what else is there to ask for? The summer will never be the same with one.
• You’ll stand out from the crowd. Convertibles are known for their dramatic and sporty looks. It’d be quite hard not to notice one. A choice of bold colors will enhance this quality even further.
• Modern technology will keep you warm even when the weather is less than ideal.
• You’ll have a lot of headroom. If you’re tall, you won’t have anything to worry about with a convertible. You can also feel the wind from every direction!
• With a convertible, you’ll be able to see everything around you. This means there’ll be no excuses for a bad parking job, though!

The Disadvantages of Owning a Convertible

• They are expensive. Anywhere between 5000$ and 9000$ might get added to your price.
• While feeling the sun on your skin might be good news for some, it also makes it easier for you to get a sunburn.
• This vehicle is not a good choice for introverts.
• Your driving experience will be noisy, so if you’re a highly sensitive person, it’s not a good choice for you. You can check if it’s too much for you by rolling down the windows when you’re driving on the highway the next time. That’s how loud driving a convertible will probably be.
• The interior will age quickly, thanks to the top being down. It’s even worse if you have leather seats.

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