Diesel vs. Gas Trucks: Pros and Cons

Have you been looking for a new truck? You’re probably wondering whether you should buy diesel. Most diesel-powered vehicles in the US were trucks because diesel motors are better for bigger vehicles like tractor-trailers, school buses, and construction vehicles.

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We’ve written down the pros and cons for you in this article to help you see and decide for yourself whether they are good for you or not. Here are the things you need to consider:

Advantages of a Diesel Truck

More Torque

Thanks to the way diesel trucks’ engine burns fuel, significantly more torque is delivered to the driveshaft – giving them more direct power.

Because of this, diesel trucks accelerate and maintain power more easily. When there’s heavy towing involved

It’s also why diesels trump trucks with gasoline engines when it comes to towing. Not only can diesels haul heavier loads, but they can also do it more efficiently. This will save you a lot on fuel.
This is also why they are the perfect trucks for work and recreation.

That’s why they’re the perfect trucks for work-related or recreational use. They can handle tough challenges on the job, and they can also tow sport vehicles, trailers, or campers without hesitation. They can also tow sport vehicles, trailers, or campers without hesitation.

Better Fuel Economy

Fuel efficiency is one of a diesel truck’s excellent qualities. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, diesel engines have 30 percent greater fuel economy than gas engines.

Its combustion process is much leaner, meaning it doesn’t burn as much fuel to power a vehicle. It’s also more energy-rich, so you use less fuel than you’d use with gas.

You are going to save a lot of money even with slightly higher fuel costs because a tank lasts longer.

The best strategy you can take is to look at this as an investment because a diesel pick-up is going to cost more upfront. In any case, the reason it’s worth it is the fact that you’ll save more in the long run.


With a diesel truck, you won’t have to worry about spark plugs or distributors, and that in turn means fewer tune-ups.

But keep in mind that you still need to have regular maintenance like performing oil changes. Many diesel vehicles also have water separators that have to be taken care of. You also need to change air, oil, and fuel filters regularly. Failing to take care of maintenance might cause bigger issues.

Diesel engines need to be serviced by professional mechanics because they are technologically advanced. This might mean you are going to pay more.

One of the best things about diesel engines is the fact that they last long because of their build. They are designed to handle high compression, after all.

All in all, they can perform for years without major repairs because they are so reliable. You can rest assured that you’ll have this truck for years to come.

Advantages of a Gas Truck

Easier Maintenance

The maintenance will probably cost you less for a gas truck than for a diesel one. Diesel engines might be more complex, but gas ones are much more seen. Because of this, the maintenance will typically be lower, and you’ll find a mechanic to get the job done very easily. Gasoline engines have longer service intervals for engine coolant, engine oil, and spark plugs. For example, if you have the same oil change interval and you have 50% more in the diesel – that will probably be more expensive than the gasoline. In any case, if you want to save money on maintenance, go for the gas truck!

More Fuel Stations

It’s a well-known fact that searching for diesel fuel can really give you a headache. There are places where stations do not have a diesel pump. On the other hand, all gas stations sell gas, so you won’t have to drive much to get a fill-up.

The fuel cost per gallon should also be considered. For example, in December of 2008, diesel cost averaged more than 76 cents per gallon more than gasoline. Generally, diesel has been more expensive because of environmental restrictions and higher taxes. Diesel has averaged more than 14 cents more per gallon than gasoline over the past 10 years according to Steve Jansen.


Since diesel engines often weigh significantly more than their gas counterparts, trucks with gas engines usually have a higher payload capacity than ones with diesel engines. If a truck is being pushed to its limits, it is precisely the lighter weight of the gas engine that allows for a higher payload.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that when it comes to towing, a diesel engine has the advantage. This is because it has a lot of torque at low rpm. So you need to decide whether towing or hauling is more important to you when deciding what to buy.

Diesel or Gas Truck?

Both diesel and gas trucks use similar engine technology: internal combustion. This means that the fuel turns into energy inside of the engine. On the other hand, an external one works by creating fire outside of the engine.

But diesel ones have a higher compression ratio between 15:1 and 25:1, while the gas truck usually compresses air and fuel at a rate of 10:1. This is something that helps diesel self-ignite without spark plugs. Gas engines do need spark plugs.

Diesel engines also work at a more consistent temperature that promotes better fuel economy. Gas engines, on the other hand, are more unstable since they have bigger temperature swings.

If you want to drive long distances or use your truck for towing, a diesel one is surely the right pick.

If you’d maybe like to go off-roading or head into relatively unexplored, obscure areas, the gas engine can still be the better option.

Go ahead and weigh the pros and cons carefully; take your time to ensure you’re making the right choice. Good luck!

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