Health Benefits of Investing in Solar Energy

Fossil fuels? Greenhouse gasses? Polluted water, air and soil? Thankfully, that long going unsustainable era is quickly drawing to a close. In recent years, people and companies worldwide have begun to understand how vitally important it is to start making significant changes in how we get and produce our energy.

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The switch from harmful, non-renewable energy to clean and green eco-friendly energy has so many benefits for the health and stability of our planet, and improves quality of life and health for us, plant life, our pets and our livestock. The total costs and work involved with purchasing and installing solar energy panels or solar water heaters can be somewhat expensive, but they are totally worth every penny of your investment. Believe it or not, you can even get solar powered air conditioners. Although solar panels do require some water and mineral extraction to make, it is still way less than power plants. Ordinary electric generators and engines must use a lot of water, natural gas, coal and fossil fuels, which release a lot of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere every day.

Keep on reading to learn some more of the health, economical and ecological benefits of investing in solar energy.


Improves The Overall Quality of Our Atmosphere

We all need clean air and water. One of the biggest benefits of solar energy is that it helps keep the air and water much cleaner, due to its zero pollutants and by-products. An analysis by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) found that widespread solar energy use significantly reduces the levels of nitrous oxides, sulfur dioxide, and particulate matter emissions. If not kept in check, these particles lead to dirty and toxic acid rain, which damages and kills trees, grass, flowers and other plant life.

Worse still, acid rain also pollutes and poisons the fertile and productive soil that we need for agriculture. And if it falls on cities and towns on an ongoing basis, extensive damage is inflicted on homes, buildings, cars, etc, which results in extensive repair and rebuilding costs.

Reduces And Slows The Harmful Effects Of Global Warming

Carbon emissions and other greenhouse gasses are major contributors to the increase in global temperature, known as global warming. Although some greenhouse gas emissions and other implications may occur during the manufacturing and transportation of solar panels, they do not produce any greenhouse gasses while generating and storing electricity, making them an excellent source of clean energy. Knowing this, every kilowatt per hour of electricity produced by solar panels can reduce the end user’s carbon footprint.

Moreover, the gradually rising global temperatures are having a major negative impact on people’s and animal’s health. In some places, the heat has become so extreme, staying outside or in a hot car too long can actually be lethal, due to dehydration and heat stroke. The reports of children and pets dying inside cars due to heat stroke is, sadly, no longer a rare occurrence.

Improves The Respiratory And Heart Health Of Both People And Animals

NREL has also found that, among its many health benefits, solar power results in much fewer cases of chronic bronchitis, asthma, respiratory and cardiovascular problems, and even cancer. It also cuts down the number of missed work days that are caused by sickness and health issues.

The cleanliness and quality of our air, water and soil that solar energy can provide is also important for the health of our pets, wild animals and livestock. They too need to breathe the same air, and drink clean and safe water to keep them healthy. If that isn’t alarming enough, If the soil becomes polluted, it will taint the water used to grow their food. This can lead to a slew of diseases and health problems, and can thus spread to people as well.

Helps To Protect The Ozone Layer

The ozone layer protects our skin and the entire planet from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The more we damage this protective layer around the globe with greenhouse gas emissions, the more UV rays get in, which then damages and burns our delicate skin. As our skin gets damaged and burned over time, this often leads to the development of skin cancers. Using solar energy, however, will help mitigate this serious health concern by reducing our dependence on the polluting and finite fossil fuels, coal and natural gas.

You Save A Lot Of Money

Although saving money may not be directly related to our physical health, using solar power to save on electric bills is definitely beneficial for our mental and socio-economic well being. Think about it- How many times have you gone through your periodic bills, including that electric bill, put all the figures together, and realized that, because of the ridiculously high amount, you may not have enough funds to cover other important things, like medications, treatments, home repairs, food or other important necessities?

Unfortunately, this happens to so many people, especially families and seniors. This forces them to either take loans that they may fail to pay back, leading to debt, or neglect something which can be detrimental to their health. As non-renewable energy sources dwindle and become harder to find, the costs of our power will keep going up, making life harder for everyone.

With the wide scale installation of solar panels and all solar powered devices, especially in poorer countries, energy will become so cheap and abundant, that this socio-economic problem will practically disappear.

Final Thoughts

With all these amazing benefits for our health, the planet and our pockets, it’s hard to fathom why anyone would want to stay with the electric company. Beyond the rising expense, they shut you off when you can’t pay them, or when they do routine maintenance or grid upgrades.

It’s high time we say goodbye to toxic, non-sustainable energy for good. It’s time to fully embrace solar energy.

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