How Much Does A New Front Door Cost?

Just like our favorite fashion styles or vehicle models, we all want our home to be beautiful and express our personality. Apart from providing shelter from the elements, our home is meant to be a sanctuary. However, if your front door says “tired”, it may be time to replace it.

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But how much does it cost to replace a front door, and what does it entail? Whether you live in an apartment, cottage or house, there is no getting around the fact that replacing a door can be a pricey endeavor. First things first, you have to pay for the door itself, with a varying price range that depends on three primary factors – the kind of door, its overall dimensions and the material. Secondly, you’ll need to have the door properly installed by a trained and experienced professional, which will further add to the total cost. Lastly, if you recently moved into a new home, it’s also highly recommended to have the inner lock and master key changed, as not doing so will leave your home vulnerable and accessible to workers and previous residents.

Beyond that, a broken or problematic door will waste electricity, and you’ll soon wind up with an infestation of mosquitoes or other parasites as well. Although the cost of replacing a door may sound like a hefty hassle, it’s of vital importance to keep your home safe and in optimal condition. With that being said, it’s time to walk right into it. Listed below are the total average costs of the most popular types of front doors, including their installation.


Pre-Hung And Screen

Prehung doors come already framed, hinged, and complete with some or all of the basic hardware. This type of front door is a good choice for homeowners who want to replace their front door but have a bad frame. Although pre-hung doors cost more than slab doors, they have lower installation costs.

Total Cost: Anywhere between $470 and $2,900, depending on the material.

Similar to the pre-hung door, which generally has an aluminum or wooden frame with a fine mesh panel, the screen door is installed over a front door or any exterior door to ventilate homes while keeping bugs out. Screen doors can protect metal front doors from rusting and exterior wooden doors from swelling in colder climates.

Total Cost: Starts at $180 and can go up to $450. Price includes basic hardware and hinges.

Pocket And Storm

A type of sliding door, the pocket door is a unique design. It basically has an extended track that slides into the wall behind, concealing the stacked panels. Exterior pocket doors are more pricey than other doors due to the significant extra labor required to retrofit or install them.

Total Cost: Between $7,000 to $15,000.

The storm door is installed over the front door, but is made of sturdier materials such as steel for strength, along with features such as solid glass panels to better block out heat and cold and increase energy efficiency. Essentially, the storm door acts as an extra layer of defense for exterior doors, protecting them from scratches that could cause unsightly dents.

Total Cost: Ranges between $180 to $800, depending on the material.

French And Double

Exterior French doors are famous for being stylish, durable, and low-maintenance. They come in eye-catching colors, patterns, and shapes, along with a variety of materials as well. French doors are also pretty affordable if you stick to the midrange.

Total Cost: $900 for basic wooden types, $5,300 for superior steel types.

Double doors are two independent doors placed side by side and locked together without using a stile. They are customizable and can increase the functionality of the house while improving the aesthetics. The installation of double doors makes them a bit higher in price than single doors.

Total cost: Begins at $1,150, can go up to $7,035.

Ultra Security And Fire Rated

Exterior security doors are stronger and more resilient than regular or interior doors. Not only are they reinforced with steel, but they are also equipped with hidden hinges and security features such as locks and deadbolts, so you and your loved ones will always feel safe.

Total Cost: Anywhere between $445 to $3,840.

Fire rated doors are exterior fire-resistant doors that can help contain a fire for about three to four hours. They feature special parts, heavy hardware, and self-closing hinges. With a fire rated door, you’ll be more protected in case a fire breaks out.

Total Cost: Approximately $450 for lower end models, to $1,200 for higher end models.

Patio And Sliding Glass

Although patio doors are typically located at the back of the house, you can use them as entryway doors as well, depending on the design and structure of the house. Most patio doors are sliding doors made from high-efficiency glass with a vinyl frame. Still, they are also available in a variety of finishes, materials, and options, such as French-hinged patio doors and French sliding doors.

Total Cost: Expect to pay between $600 to a whopping $5,360

Sliding doors are made of glass and have a small wheel at the base that allows them to glide on a track. They fit well as a front door, especially if your house is fenced and you have a porch at the entrance. Sliding doors can either be single or double-paneled.

Total Cost: Ranges from $985 all the way up to $4,865.

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