Hiring an Electrician: Why Is It Essential For Your Home’s Happiness and How Much Does It Cost?

When it comes to the electrical works of your home, it is essential to have a proper wiring system to forestall power surges that will damage several appliances with a spike. Electricians are there to help you achieve this.

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If there are damages to the wiring system, it will need to be fixed by either hiring professionals or doing it yourself. However, electrical works come with a few dangers of electrocution or electrical shocks that can cause harm to one and also set one’s home ablaze in deteriorated cases.

DIY Electrician

If you decide to fix electrical problems in your home without hiring a licensed electrician depends on the type of electrical damage you are fixing and the safety it demands. However, it is advisable to fix electrical problems that do not require sophisticated tools to meet safety, such as rewiring broken lamps and replacing a light switch that demands the use of minor tools like pliers and screwdrivers.

Those kinds of jobs guarantee safety by switching your home’s power off before performing electrical jobs. The only advantage of doing it yourself is the cheaper costs you will require to get an electrical job done.

Professional Electrician

There are several electrical problems that require greater safety procedures and sophisticated tools a DIYer does not possess. Failure to abide by the safety procedures and the use of sophisticated tools will subject you to severe dangers if you attempt to do it yourself.

These electrical jobs include the rewiring of your home, installation of new circuits, and working on faulty electrical panels or breaker boxes. However, it is costly to hire an expert that specializes in electrical repairs and installations to provide you with professionalism and a high-quality job.

Licensed Electrician Prices

A licensed electrician charge hourly, and the average cost of hiring one ranges from $50 to $100 per hour and in most cases, the costs of an electrical job ranges from $160 to $500. However, there are several factors that can alter the costs of hiring a licensed electrician, and they include:

Size of the job: Electricians charge hourly; hence an increase in the size of electrical damages or areas of electrical installation also increases the hours required to perform a task, thereby increasing the costs of their services.
Equipment used: The kind of equipment used depends on the type of job that ranges from repairing to installation because the equipment used varies for electrical repairs and installations. However, if you decide to provide the necessary equipment, it will alleviate the costs of hiring a licensed electrician.
Accessibility to worksite: The costs required to wire concealed spaces such as ceiling cavity are lesser because it is easier to access; on the contrary, rewiring a home is more expensive due to the difficulty in accessibility towards such area
The kind of tasks: The type of task that needs the expertise of a professional electrician plays a significant role in the alteration of the cost of hiring an electrician.

Tasks with Different Prices

Here are some tasks with variations in expenses:

– Electrical breaker job costs about $100 to $160
– Ceiling fans jobs cost about $50 to $200
– Socket installation costs between $150 to $200
– Wiring a whole house costs about $550 to $750
– The light fixture works ranges between $150 to $750
– Smart home installation tasks cost about $400 to $2,000

However, it is one thing to know the approximate costs of hiring an electrician. It is a different case to hiring one that will offer you a high-quality job with the professionalism that supersedes that which is done by yourself.


The availability of a plethora of electricians makes it difficult for one to hire an electrician that would provide a high-quality job without tampering with the wiring system. It would be best if you probe at least three different electricians and compare them based on the following factors to forestall ruining your wiring system by hiring a bad electrician.

License and insurance: The electrician you hire should be licensed and possess other certifications. It would be best if you verify the authenticity of their credentials to forestall future disputes. Furthermore, the electrician you hire should have liability insurance, which protects you from ad hoc accidents and injuries.

Experience: Experience plays a significant role among other factors you should consider while hiring an electrician. It would help if you made research to know how long they have been specialized in electrical work to avoid low-quality jobs that would cause more ruins than repairs to your home electrical wiring.

Expenses: As important as this factor is to the hiring of licensed electricians, it is also crucial to be alert of scams with special offers. You should also reach out to at least three electricians to compare their quotes before hiring the one that is fit for your requirements.

References: References for an electrician are the feedbacks of his past clients. It would be good if you ask around to know about the quality of jobs the electricians in your preference list offer before hiring them to be safe.


Electrical works may be dangerous with ad hoc electrocution, which can be forestalled by hiring a licensed electrician. You may do it yourself to save costs, but this encompasses only minor issues like replacing light switches and rewiring broken lamps.
When it comes to the wiring of a whole home or the installation of a new circuit, it would be best if you hire a professional electrician because you will be susceptible to electrocution if you decide to do it yourself.

Even if you succeed in accomplishing them without getting electrocuted, it will be a low-quality job without a vestige of professionalism in them. However, if you hire an expert who is specialized in that field, you won’t have to bother about low-quality jobs because you will be provided with a better job that supersedes a DIYer effort.
However, they charge more hourly based on a few factors, such as the size of the job and the kind of electrical tasks such as an electrical breaker or smart house installation jobs. In the long run, it is worth it.

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