How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Car?

Did you finally come to the decision to paint your car? Then there’s no need to worry because we’ve got you covered. This is an excellent opportunity to make your car look fresh and new. You’d want to prepare well for this endeavor and to make sure you enjoy the entire journey.

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Why Paint Your Car?

Cars may last forever, but the paintwork often lasts five years. 1 out of 10 people, according to Kuehn, the owner of Affordable Auto Painting in Tucson, Arizona, walk into his shop because of fading. Fading is a smaller problem in less extreme climates, there are other reasons some people might decide to change their vehicle’s color. They could be selling their car, for example, and investing in order to get more money for it. Another reason could be aesthetic reasons like personalizing the vehicle and really making it your own. Some people could be doing it because they’ve been in an accident recently too.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost for a single-coat synthetic enamel paint job ranges from 300$ to 900$. A mid-level one can range from around 1000$ to 3500$ with an average of 1316$. A high-quality paint job ranges from 2,400$ to 7,500$.

The average price for a car is between 600$ and 1000$, according to Kuehn. Most full paint jobs cost around 2,000$. The prices vary depending on the paint color and the car’s size. One gallon of white paint, for example, might cost 100$, while a gallon of red might cost 250$. Kuehn charges between 150$ and 200$.

What Types of Paint Jobs Are There?

Mike Frost, owner of Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting in Laurel, Maryland, says that his company specifically offers four types of paint jobs. The prices differ greatly:

• A basic paint job – it includes a single-stage enamel paint to freshen up the vehicle’s appearance. It includes a one-year warranty and gives the car a nice shine.
• A preferred paint job – a single-stage application with urethane paint. It’s more resistant than enamel finishes and includes a three-year warranty.
• A premium paint job – a two-stage application with a shiny finish, color match, and urethane sealer. It includes a five-year warranty.
• A platinum paint job – includes a light chip and scratch repair, priming, and block sanding all areas with a urethane sealer. It comes with a five-year warranty.

What Affects the Prices?

Frost says his prices start at 299$ and move up to 3000$ for a premium show-car-quality finish.
The prices are determined by location, the bodywork that’s needed, whether base coats and clear coats are selected, and much more. All Maaco paint jobs are equal in quality, but there are things that differ between them, like the paint’s longevity and appearance of paint and whether it’s gloss, metallic, or color match.
There are small spot requests on cars, according to Frost, like small scratches, bumpers, and dents. There are also hoods and side-view mirrors. We don’t have an average price for them because the prices vary based on repairs’ specific needs.
Paint repair prices vary greatly depending on several factors like whether the repair is to a fender, door, and paint.

What You Need to Consider Before Painting Your Car

Consumers need to educate themselves before painting their car because they often have unrealistic expectations of what it will turn out to be, according to Ron Meister, the owner of Shaker Quality Auto Body. New paint cannot fix flaws in the body. A shiny new coat of paint might make them stand out even more so you should keep that in mind.
Meister recommends asking in advance what a paint shop will do in writing for surface preparation. You also need to ask if there is a warranty, whether the company paints doorjambs, fender edges, and under the hood, or if it applies a protective clearcoat finish.
You should also ask yourself if it makes economic sense to paint the vehicle instead of trading it in.
Keep in mind that there are also full vinyl car wraps that have grown in popularity in recent years as an alternative to painting. They can cost 1,500$ or more.

Professional Painting or DIY?

Deciding whether you want professional or DIY painting, consider why you want the paint job in the first place. Is it for a cosmetic fix before selling it to someone else, or are you working on a restoration passion project? Choosing the DIY paint fix might add some value, but it won’t actually improve the vehicle.
Painting your own vehicle is possible, but it requires skill, patience, and a range of paints and tools. This might be the best option when it comes to older vehicles or all-terrain vehicles.
If you want to restore a family or collector’s car, it might be better to get a professional painting.

Consider Quality Vs. Price

We all want a cost-effective service, so it’s common to look for the lowest price possible.
But you need to keep in mind that you’ll get what you pay for. It’s not always the case, but a lower price probably means a low-quality paint job with inferior materials and skipping important steps. For example, instead of removing trim, the professionals may only mask it off, and they might also avoid the places where it isn’t visible. A lot of the problems might be painted over instead of directly addressed. Do your research well when choosing the place; ask around and look at the reviews. Check with the painters what steps and details the price covers.
All in all, after deciding what type of a paint job is the best choice for you, be sure to figure out how much it costs for the various types of paint services.
After finding out the costs, consider your painting needs and budget carefully. If you try to get the job done for the lowest price possible, you might not get what you were looking for.

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