How To Get Remote IT Jobs For Seniors

Work from home jobs, also known as remote jobs, used to be considered a fringe type of employment. However, with the onset of the COVID epidemic, many employers and employees were forced to turn to remote working models. Today, remote work is very common and accepted.

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This situation has been a boon for seniors who want to work from home. Many seniors are looking to work to stay active, earn extra money or both. Also, most seniors want the convenience and safety of being able to work remotely from their home. With the large number of remote work opportunities available, seniors have a good chance of getting such a job. Plus, many employers actually favor senior workers for these types of positions. This is because most seniors don’t have kids to distract them while working and are usually better suited to work long-term from home compared to younger workers.

One of the areas of remote work opportunities is in the field of Information Technology (IT) – namely things that are computer related. Because this field needs all sorts of staff – including customer service and help reps, salespeople and other administrative type of positions – you don’t have to be a computer programmer or engineer. However, there are certain things you can do to help you secure a remote IT job, which are discussed below.


Where To Look

Getting a computer related remote job requires using a computer to find such a job. The internet is full of job boards and employment sites, including ones that specialize in remote work positions. Also, by finding and responding to such opportunities, you will be demonstrating to a potential employer that you have some basic computer and internet skills. The following are some of the best such sites to use:

– FlexJobs: It’s easy to navigate, you won’t see any distracting ads, and you won’t have to worry about any scam postings because they monitor each job for legitimacy. While this site is not free, they offer very reasonable rates for the high quality and incredible access they offer.

– JustRemote: They provide a powerful remote job search platform to help you find fully remote positions across a wide range of companies. Even better, it is built specifically for people to discover the best remote job opportunities from around the world, without a focus on a particular location or region.

– Dynamite Jobs: The team at Dynamite Jobs checks each remote job listing to make sure it’s 100% remote, open and a legitimate paid position. Over 100+ quality remote jobs are added each week to the platform—and searching for the one you want is customizable with the site’s variety of filters and functionality.

Show Applicable Remote Work Experience or Skills

Your resume should show a potential employer that you have the ability to successfully work in a remote position. This can include things such as:

– That you have a comfortable and quiet work space in your home.

– You have and know how to use a modern computer and a stable, strong internet connection.

– List any kind of past work from home experience, even if it is from a different field.

– Make it clear that you are serious and committed to a work from home position – how it will benefit you, your applicable work style and habits and willingness to learn.

– That you are willing to take an “entry-level” position to start and that you can work flexible and non-traditional work hours.

Technology Section On Your Resume

Of course you want to list and even highlight past actual work experience on your resume. However, it is important to also have a separate section that shows any computer related skills you have, including:

– Your typing speed and accuracy – all IT positions require a lot of typing.

– Any and all computer programming languages and coding that you learned, even if it is just elementary or self taught.

– Your familiarity and competency with productivity software such as e-mail, spread sheets, data bases, communication and collaboration apps and software.

– Your ability to successfully and efficiently use the internet, including research, data entry, communications (like Skype and Zoom), CRM and other business type platforms.

Be Flexible and Patient

To have the best chance of success, you need to have and demonstrate flexibility and patience. Don’t expect or ask for a high-level position to start. Most employers want to see you demonstrate your abilities first. However, many of these types of jobs can lead to fairly quick and eventually significant “moving up the ladder”.

It is also very important to show that you are able and even eager to learn, as most of these jobs require and provide significant training, sometimes on an on-going basis. This is a great benefit, as it gives you a chance to get “in the door” even without any significant direct experience – if you show the potential and willingness to succeed.

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