Most Affordable Video Production Companies For Seniors

Do you have a special family occasion coming up? Do you have an educational, how – to, product, culinary or perhaps even a business idea that you wish to present or advertise in the best and most professional way? Then it’s time to call up a video production company.

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Video production companies can be super helpful and effective in so many ways. For instance, if you lack the time, energy, patience and skill to capture, edit and produce your videos professionally, then that alone is a good reason to leave it to the top pros in the business. They will create your video according to your goals, expectations and any other specifications, and will make changes at any time if desired. Plus, some of these companies offer relatively affordable rates, starting from just $1,000 for the entire project, which is a real bargain as far as video production goes. Beyond that, they also offer open portfolios that showcase samples of some of their very best work.

However, it’s important to note that even the greatest video production teams require sufficient time to complete an impressive video of pro caliber, so the sooner you give them your video goal before your deadline, the better the final result will be. After all, as the wise and timeless adage says, you can’t rush art.

Keep on reading to discover some of the most affordable video production companies that seniors have given 2 thumbs up to.



If you work in IT, have a business, product or simply a passionate love for gaming, Alconost is a super-budget friendly video production company that produces eye-catching & compelling videos.

Stationed in Virginia, Alconost offers 2-D animation videos, trailers, teaser trailers and cutscenes, explainers and how-to videos, advertising and tutorial clips, plus business videos with 3-D animation, such as presentations and logo animation. Additionally, they also offer gaming videos with actual gameplay within the video, voice overs, character and environment animation in 2-D and 3-D, trailers, teaser-trailers and more.

Minimum Starting Cost: $1,000


Although they are stationed in Canada, Webdew will take on projects in the US as well. They are also a super affordable video production company, and a leading HubSpot Diamond Partner. They have helped many individuals and companies, large and small, to grow and expand through their top-notch video, website, marketing, and HubSpot consulting services.

Over the years, they have successfully delivered projects on time or even ahead of schedule and provided top quality service to both small startups and top brand names, such as Fortune 500, UBER, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Calendar, and many others. Webdew believes in quick responses and reliable, consistent service and video quality. Their teams put in 100% effort to deliver the very best results and to ensure full satisfaction for their clients.

Minimum Starting Cost: $1,000

NextThought Studios

If you’re interested in a charming, funny or thought provoking animated video that will captivate the attention and stir emotions of everyone in the room, then NextThought from Oklahoma is a great choice. NextThought Studios is a full-service production house that excels at creating high-quality video assets and animations with a team of professional producers, directors of photography, artistic designers, post-production editors, sound designers and animators.

What makes NextThought Studios truly stand out from the crowd is that they are highly experienced and skilled at presenting and communicating complex ideas, tell a story or pass on knowledge in elegant, creative and entertaining ways.

Minimum Starting Cost: $5,000

Melty Cone Video

Do you own your own business, offer services or run your own social media page and want to build up your fanbase/clientele? Then look no further. Melty Cone is a video production company that provides video marketing services in New York, New Jersey and beyond. Their videos will undoubtedly get you more customers because video marketing, if done right, usually works very well. And it’s not hard to see why- when both our auditory and visual senses are engaged at the same time, the impact and result is much stronger. The following statistical fact says it all- videos and movies in general amount to about 80% of all internet traffic.

As a video marketing agency, Melty Cone’s main goal is to get your core messages in front of your target audience by delivering attention-grabbing, effective videos that will impress and attract lots of clients and customers.

Minimum Starting Cost: $5,000

LAI Video

Is there a movement, good cause, a specific individual, wildlife species or specific organization that you feel passionate about? Do you want to teach, inspire and spread awareness of it to others? Then LAI Video from Washington D.C is definitely your go to.

LAI Video is a boutique production house that specializes in advanced campaigns that beseech a call to action to the public and help drive positive change. They write and tell their client’s stories and ambitions through customized, human-centric processes and outstanding production techniques. Their services include motion graphics, live-action videos, corporate videos and commercials, live event videos and more.

Minimum Starting Cost: $10,000

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