Online Brain Games That Help Seniors Prevent Dementia And Alzheimer’s

Some people believe that gaming is only for kids, teens and young adults, but that’s entirely false. The booming gaming industry is actually quite diverse. Many seniors enjoy the same games that the younger generation plays, along with special games that sharpen cognitive function and help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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While there is no cure or 100% preventative for any form of dementia, extensive studies and research conducted by neurologists in recent years have found that games can be very helpful for seniors, particularly online brain training games that challenge and exercise your mind daily. These brain power games are one of the best ways to reduce your chances of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s because they can potentially repair damaged neural pathways and make new ones. This then improves short and long term memory, focus, thought processing, behavior patterns, and more.

And thanks to smartphones, tablets and laptops, you can take your favorite games with you everywhere you go and play them anytime, provided that you have internet access. As an added bonus, you can also play many of these games with a friend or a relative to make it even more fun, challenging and mentally stimulating in equal measure.

The following online games have shown to be effective in helping seniors to better protect themselves from dementia and Alzheimer’s.



Remember that spell “Lumos” from the Harry Potter books and movies that created a bright light at the end of the wand? Well, Lumosity will undoubtedly spark a magical light in your brain. Lumosity provides a wide variety of cognitive games that are scientifically designed and proven to boost your memory capacity and stimulate your brain on a daily basis. This game is free to download from both the Apple iOS Store and Android Play Store.

Another helpful characteristic of these games is that they strengthen your ability to focus on certain tasks, numbers, words or objects, and ignore other things that can easily distract you. Additionally, Lumosity is currently one of the most successful and popular brain-training games online, being used by more than 60 million people globally.

Brain Trainer

Brain Trainer is available on both Google Play and iTunes as a free version or a pro version for a small fee. This app is steadily growing in popularity and offers one of the largest collections of brain-training games out there, from language games, math games, speedy shape games, Sudoku and countless more.

One of the features that really makes Brain Trainer stand out from the crowd is that you can customize your gaming experience based on your personal goals, whether it’s problem solving, memory, attention or mental agility.

Cognifit Brain Fitness

Available for free in the iTunes store, Cognifit Brain Fitness gives users easy and full access to a wide variety of entertaining, well-designed games designed by neuroscientists. As a player, you have the ability to track your progress and receive a cognitive assessment at the end of each game. Games are always more fun with a partner, so if you’re really feeling competitive, go ahead and challenge your friends and younger relatives for a gaming session.

Don’t forget to also have some tasty, healthy snacks while you’re at it, as eating while you exercise your brain has also extensively shown to significantly aid with info and memory retention.

Brain Metrix

Brain Metrix is yet another free online gaming service that is worth checking out. As the name suggests, Brain Metrix trains and polishes your brain in a number of different ways. You’ll get a large collection of games that work on your concentration, color, IQ, spatial intelligence, memory, and creativity. Pretty soon, you’ll feel like the smartest and mentally sharpest person in any room. All in all, if you have an interest in playing the type of games that strengthen your brain’s fitness, specifically in ways that can help prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia, then Brain Metrix has it all.


Eidetic’s tagline “Learn and remember anything” is well deserved. Scientific studies of the way the brain functions and learns have clearly demonstrated that repetition is a key component to getting a new piece of information stored and set into our long-term memory. So how does Eidetic achieve this? By using a technique called “spaced repetition”, this helps you learn and remember all sorts of interesting words and facts quicker and easier. It’s available for download via the iOS App for iPhones and iPads.


Dakim prides itself as a “brain fitness program”, and offers users a set of games and puzzles designed to help give your brain a thorough and comprehensive workout. The program gives you access to more than 100 different brain exercises, all of which are designed to improve focus and concentration. In essence, Dakim’s got the very kind of mental games and tasks that have been demonstrated again and again to be beneficial in the battle of preventing Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. So what are you waiting for? Try Dakim for free on their website.

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