Online Home Based Businesses Best to Start

Considering starting a business that can be based in your home? Thanks to modern internet and computer technology, you can own and operate an online business totally from your home easily and quickly. All you usually need is a modern computer, fast and stable internet connection, and a quiet and practical physical working space in your home.

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The advantages and appeal of working out of your home are many, including no more commuting back and forth from work, safety, convenience, and freedom. Working from home has become even more common due to the COVID epidemic. However, many people want to run a business and not be someone’s employee. For these people, there are many such opportunities to do this from home via the internet. Plus, there is the big financial advantage of not having to pay for a business location.

The best kind of these home based online businesses are basically service businesses, which require no inventory expense. Also, many of them can be conducted fully remotely – you won’t need to physically meet with customers or suppliers. Better yet, there are many online agencies that have clients who need your particular service and will supply you with work to do, in addition to any private customers you obtain. Listed below are the best types of home based online businesses to start and work.


Writing and Editing

Although most people seem to notice photos, graphics and videos on web sites, the true bulk of material are words. These words makeup a huge amount of web content and is constantly increasing and changing. This has created a great demand for writers and editors of web content. Some publishers of web content will give you work directly as an independent contractor business and there is also a good deal of this work available through agencies.

Teaching and Tutoring

Another modern development of the internet is that of distance (remote) education. Using interactive, live tools such as Zoom, it is possible to teach students of almost any age and in any location a wide range of subjects. There are colleges and school districts that hire teachers as independent contractors to teach online classes. This usually requires a teaching credential of some sort – so it is perfect for retired teachers. If you are not a teacher, but have a degree and good expertise in a certain subject area, then there are a lot of tutoring opportunities available, through agencies and directly.


There are lots of businesses that operate totally or mostly online, with either no or little office space. But most of them still need administrative and secretarial tasks to be done. Therefore, they hire people on a remote basis to get this work done. Again, there are many agencies that will provide you with customers plus the companies that will give you work directly. This work is mostly the basic traditional tasks of typing, filing, organizing, handling correspondence, phones and scheduling – all of which can now be done remotely via the internet.


This is another area that almost all businesses must have taken care of. Many businesses use a remote, independent contractor business to do their ‘number work’. If you have a degree or credentials as an accountant, then you can find many clients who will use you to do work remotely. If you don’t have such an accounting background, but are good with numbers and detail oriented, then there are numerous remote bookkeeping opportunities. Many of these bookkeeping jobs can be found through both agencies and directly.

Customer Service/Customer Support

This is one of the largest demand areas for remote work. Many companies, either directly or through agencies, use remote independent contractors to interact with their customers on a remote basis. Customer service work usually entails answering inquiries and handling complaints. Customer support and technical support (help desk) work involves assisting customers with a company’s website, services and products – especially technical issues. This work requires good computer and communication skills, with the ability to interact with customers properly and successfully via the phone, email and text messages.

Photography/Video and Graphic Services

If you are a serious amateur or semi-pro photographer, then you can turn your camera bug passion into a business. This type of online business will sometimes have you go out into the ‘field’ to take photos, but you can market your business fully online. Just like there being a large demand for web content writers, there is also a large need for photos and photo editing to be used for part of web content. The same goes true for video and various graphics. Photo and video editing can be totally done at home and online, and there are job opportunities both directly from clients and from agencies.


Thanks to tools like Zoom, consultants can now do their work almost totally remotely. If you are an expert in a particular area, especially if it’s business related – plus you have an established track record and other credentials, then you might consider becoming an online business consultant. This type of work is usually high paying and there are agencies that can get you clients, as well as online portals that you can use to market your consulting business.

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