Signs You Are Paying Too Much On Gas Electricity In The UK

It is easy to find out more about how expensive you are paying for a commodity. All you need to do is to check the rate other suppliers charge for the same commodity with similar quality.

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This is the same with the energy (gas and electricity) in the United Kingdom. Although there are various factors, such as location and size of home that may influence the cost of your energy tariff; there is however always a standard that should not be exceeded. If this standard or an average cost of electricity and gas tariff is exceeded, you are definitely paying too much.

The Cost Of Electricity and Gas Bills In the United Kingdom

There has been a drastic increase in the cost of gas and electricity over the past fifteen years in the United Kingdom. This stems from the sudden transition of the United Kingdom from being an exporter of energy to importing almost fifty percent of the gas they use. The importation of gas started from Norway and Holland, but they are currently dependent on the Middle Eastern region and Qatar for their gas source.

This is the primary factor that brought about or is responsible for the skyrocketing cost of gas and electricity bills in the United Kingdom. The average cost of energy in the United Kingdom according to the industry watchdog Ofgem is about £1138 per annum. This means that the gas and electricity cost about £3 per day and about £93.83 per month.

The average cost of energy tariff in the United Kingdom is not constant. It is more of a standard rate that is dependent or can be influenced by various factors. These factors include location, type of property, season, and the size of inhabitants. All of which may have a consistent variation.

  • Location
  • Location is one of the most significant factors that may influence the cost of your energy tariff. This is primarily because the local fuel costs, power plant availability, and regulations all depend on your current location. Hence, bringing about a variation in the cost of your energy tariff in different locales in the United Kingdom.

  • Type of property
  • This factor speaks more about the consumer of the energy; which may be residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Generally, these properties are charged per kilowatt-hour (KWh). Industrial properties are known to pay less per kilowatt-hour for their energy. On the contrary, commercial and residential properties pay more. This difference in rate is primarily because industrial properties are supplied energy in bulk. Hence, this difference in rate can be compared to purchasing a commodity at wholesale price and retail price.

  • Number of inhabitants
  • In a residential property, the cost of gas and electric bills can be broken down into three categories. Small, medium, and large-sized with respect to the number of inhabitants. A small-sized home with one or two inhabitants consumes approximately eight thousand and two thousand kilowatt-hour of gas per annum, respectively. This will cost about a thousand euros per annum. Hence, the larger the house and the more energy consumed and the cost of the tariff.

  • Season
  • Generally, the cost of electricity is lower in winter and higher in winter. In summer, there is a rise in the demand for energy, especially to power their air conditioning devices. This is however not the case in winter. The cost of energy increases when the demand is high; hence an increase in electricity tariff.

How To Reduce The Cost Of Electricity and Gas Bills

In this trying time, no one wishes or desires to spend more money than they save on anything including gas and electric bills. Most people have been wondering about the best possible ways to save money on energy. There are however several answers to the question “how do I save money on energy?” These answers include the following:

– Use of draught-proof
– Turn down radiator
– Switching energy supplier

  • Use of draught-proof
  • This process involves the use of draught-proof in your residential home to make your home by keeping cold air out. This method does not only save you about £60 per annum but also makes your home comfortable to live in.

  • Turn down radiator
  • A radiator is known as a heat exchanger and brings about the regulation of heating and cooling processes in the home. Radiators must be powered to function; hence it is always advisable to turn them down in areas of the home that are rarely used.

  • Switching energy supplier
  • This is the best way to save yourself hundreds of euros from your gas and electric bills. However, you can only find out about this by comparing the energy rates of different suppliers. The process of switching energy suppliers is fast and can occur within five days and at most twenty days. This duration is only feasible if the energy supplier is signed to Energy Switch Guarantee (ESG).

    An increase in the rate of gas and electric bills is a better excuse for switching energy suppliers. However, you can also consider switching energy suppliers before winter arrives especially if you are not on a fixed-term tariff. This is because of the advantages (cheaper tariff) you get from comparing the cost of energy from different suppliers.

    List Of Gas and Electric Suppliers In UK

    Finding the best energy supplier depends on the user’s location and energy consumption. You can source for the best, that is the cheapest by comparing the quotes of various energy suppliers. There are over sixty energy suppliers offering different services and tariffs which makes it difficult to find the cheapest. However, in no particular order the top ten energy suppliers in the United Kingdom includes the following:

    – Avro energy
    – Green
    – Simplicity
    – Neon Reef
    – People’s Energy
    – British Gas
    – Powershop
    – Outfox The Market
    – Utility Point
    – Shell Energy


    Generally, loyalty is a good virtue, but it is not the case in the business world where the ignorant is exploited. There are several suppliers in today’s market that can offer you the same products with similar qualities at a cheaper rate. Hence, the need to change your energy tariff or supplier to save yourself some money.

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