Storage Unit Deals Best for Seniors in 2023

It is very common for people when they get older to “down size” – move to a smaller residence. This is because these seniors no longer need a family size home and perhaps to save money on housing expenses. However, they don’t always know what to do with all the stuff in their home.

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While much of your belongings can be sold, given away or discarded, there are special items you just don’t want to part with – but there just isn’t room for these things in your new smaller home. Renting a self storage unit can be a smart solution for this situation. Unlike traditional warehouse storage, self storage units are like a remote personal garage, which you can put things into and out of, as you please.

There are numerous self storage companies and facilities all across the nation. Then, each of these facilities usually have a number of choices of the kind of storage units available. While the basic concept is the same at these places, the features and services vary quite a bit. Also, pricing can differ greatly from location to location. Below is discussed features and information seniors should be looking for in a self storage facility, plus tips on how to save money. This is followed by a list of the best self storage companies for seniors.


Features To Look for in a Self Storage Facility

Of course a good price is nice, but the security and safety of your belongings and yourself are essential. Accessibility and utility are also very important issues. Along these lines, you should try to choose a self storage unit with as many of the following features as possible:

– Security: The facility itself should be very well secured, with fences, locked gates, security cameras and if possible, an alarm on your storage unit’s door. There should also be a fire alarm and fire suppression system.

– On Site Management: There should be a manager and personnel available at all hours the facility is open and if possible even when it is closed.

– Pest Control: There should be regular and effective pest control service, throughout the whole facility.

– Safety and Convenience: There should be very good lighting in the whole facility – including by or in your storage unit, wide doorways, an easy to open and lock individual unit door, and available moving dollys.

Tips On How to Save Money

One of the best ways to get a good deal on a storage unit is to follow these tips:

– Rent as small as possible unit: Consolidate your stuff – fill all drawers and empty spaces, stack things, especially boxes, all the way to the ceiling. You can cram in more things if you aren’t going to keep taking things out and in.

– Rent an inside unit rather than an outside drive-up one.

– If possible, choose a facility that’s away from any urban center.

– Don’t automatically buy the storage company’s insurance coverage – check your homeowner’s insurance coverage first.

– Always ask for and receive any applicable discounts, such as AARP, AAA, veteran.

– Arrange a lease or payments in advance, rather than month to month.

Extra Space Storage

They are one of the largest self storage companies in the country, with over 1,500 facilities in 38 states. Extra Space is very highly ranked due in part to that their facilities have electric gates, on-site managers, and video surveillance, and each location is treated often for pests such as insects and rodents. Their customer satisfaction rating is also very high. The rent on a standard 10 feet by 10 feet unit is between $50 – $100 per month (depending on location) and most locations will give you the first month for free.

Life Storage

This company has locations in 29 states. What makes Life Storage special is that they have the largest amount and types of climate controlled units available – both for temperature and humidity. This prevents mold infestation on your clothing, warping of your art pieces, can prevent your DVDs from melting and your metal tools from rusting. They are also highly rated for their excellent customer service and quality of service. Their smallest unit is 10 by 5 and starts at $72 per month, with many locations giving 50% off the second month.


The famous self moving company has over 6,000 locations nationwide, with almost all of them having self storage units. In addition to their size and reputation, they offer some of the best security for your belongings. There is 24 hour monitoring and patrolling at many of their locations and many of their individual units are alarmed.

Public Storage

This well known and established company started back in 1972 and they have the largest amount of storage units in the country. They are also special in that they offer twelve different sizes of storage units at most of their locations, again more than anyone else. Therefore, you have a good chance of finding the type of unit best for you. Public Storage has frequent specials and discounts, including the first month for a dollar.


CubeSmart has extra strong facility security, because most of their locations offer vehicle storage, which helps to also protect your stuff. They also provide an electrical outlet in many of their storage units, which is not common. In addition to getting the first month rent free, many of their locations provide a deeply discounted or even free moving truck to use.

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