Owning a Cool Sports Car: The Pros and Cons

There are many reasons for owning a sports car if it fits your personal aesthetic style. But like with everything else in life, there are downsides to owning one as well.

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The most obvious one is the amount of money you need. Looking at both sides of the coin can help you decide whether buying a sports car is for you or maybe you should opt for something different.
Sports Car

The Pros

1. They Are Fast
This is a very obvious reason for buying a sports car, and it’s why so many people love them. They might be the fastest cars out there. They are designed for speed and performance, after all. Thanks to the pace of technological advancements, today’s cars can achieve speeds that were impossible only a decade ago. They often reach speeds over 170 MPH, and sometimes they even go 100 MPH over that. So, if you plan on getting one, you should definitely find a local speed track. If that’s not an option, you should probably prepare yourself for all the speeding tickets you might get when your need for speed becomes too strong!

2. You Will Be Impressive
Driving a sports car makes you noticeable and impressive to others. It’s always refreshing to see someone owning one. Usually, you won’t see many people around you with a sports car. In some places, they are quite rare. This adds to the impression you leave if you decide to get one. You might be a part of only a handful of sports car owners, so it’ll make you seem unique and stylish. Many of them are, in fact, designed to stand out from the crowd and draw people’s attention. No other car looks like them. A lot of effort is put into the way they end up looking. In any case, you will be able to brag if you buy one!

There’s one more thing that’s impressive about these vehicles. Most of them still hold value. Some of them from just a few years ago are now valued at over half the price they were back then. Owning one can be an excellent investment.

3. Easy to Customize and Lots of Space
Sports cars are actually much easier to customize than other vehicles. There are some companies with stricter rules, but even that doesn’t change that fact. It’s a car you can really make your own. If that’s something that really matters to you, they certainly are a must. You can choose the color, the engine size, even the design of the wheels.

It’s also important to note that sports cars used to be known for their lack of storage space, but companies like the Chevrolette Corvette Z1 have started changing this, so it’s no longer an issue. If you wish to go on a trip in your sports car, you’ll be more than able to do so!

The Cons

1. They Are Expensive
When we say this, we don’t mean just the obvious – expensive to buy. They are actually really expensive to maintain. Repairs, car insurance, it’s all expensive. It is kind of logical that it’ll follow such a costly price tag. The better the technology, the more expensive the repairs. One issue can cause a domino effect. There are some sports cars so advanced that they need to be taken to a specialized repair spot. This makes accidents more of a thing to worry about because the repairs will inevitably be expensive.

Today’s models also require a lot of refueling, which won’t be easy for your wallet. The insurance is also much higher than for regular vehicles. You should take all of this into consideration before buying one.

2. Being Noticeable Isn’t Always A Good Thing
No one can deny that police officers, just like anyone else, pay more attention to a fancy-looking car than a regular SUV or sedan. This is why you should be extra careful when driving a sports car if you want to avoid being pulled over and getting speeding tickets. It’s more likely for the police to pull over someone with a sports car, while a regular car can go unnoticed at a higher speed.

Since these cars come off as pretty luxurious, and they are, you need to be wary of criminals too. Your car is something worth stealing, after all!
Some of the attention they draw won’t be positive when it comes to regular people as well. They might think you are an attention seeker, flaunting your wealth and status. You will get more judgmental opinions than a regular car owner.

3. They Are Getting Less Popular
Since they are so pricey, fewer people are buying them these days, especially because of the unsure economy and them feeling less secure financially. Most would even argue that SUVs and sedans are better cars. The following is still there, though, just maybe smaller.
You should know that a lot of the good ones aren’t available in the United States. There are several reasons for this. Sometimes they don’t meet the emissions and road tests for American roads. In other cases, they fall under the blocks for foreign imports and companies that are not importing yet. It’s unfair, but if you are an American citizen, you won’t be able to get many of them.

4. It Can Be A Drag
Having a sports car when you are in the city, for example, may not be worth the cost. When there’s traffic congestion, it doesn’t matter how fast your car is, and bigger cities are infamous for their traffic. It’s also more likely for your vehicle to get damaged by accidents, criminals, or some other random event.

There will probably be some strict rules you’ll have to follow too. Some companies are very strict and won’t allow bigger modifications. It depends on the car you get, but keep in mind that you should do your research because there are manufacturers known for taking your vehicle away if you dare to violate the rules.

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