Top Deals On Mobile Homes For Seniors

For the majority of people, even seniors, housing costs account for the largest portion of their budgets. Keeping seniors’ housing costs low is crucial because many of them rely on fixed incomes like Social Security benefits. Living in a “mobile home” is one method elderly people use to lower their housing expenses.

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It’s crucial to first comprehend what a mobile home is. For a very long period, any type of dwelling without a fixed foundation was referred as by this word. The government did, however, discontinue to recognize the phrase “mobile home” back in 1976 and instead created the categories of prefabricated homes, modular homes, and recreational vehicles (RVs). A prefabricated home is the term used to describe what most people still refer to as a “mobile home.” These houses are put together on the location where they will be built after being produced in a factory. They are not actually “mobile” once put together, which is why the name was changed. Apart from being significantly more affordable than a conventional home, a lot of manufactured home communities target just seniors (often those 55 years of age and above). As will be covered below, these communities provide seniors with a plethora of additional perks in addition to being less expensive to live in. The greatest “mobile home” offers for seniors in 2022 will then be listed after that. It’s also critical to understand that these residences and the communities they are located in are not “trailers” or recreational vehicles. They resemble typical residences in terms of appearance and functionality, but typically smaller and without a private yard or garage.

The Pros and Cons

– Economical: Among the most economical housing options available are manufactured homes. According to reports, homeowners paid an average of $57,700 for constructed single-wide homes that ranged in size from 784 to 1,440 square feet. This is far less costly than a conventional house or apartment.

– Low Maintenance: Manufactured homes require little to no maintenance, in contrast to typical private residences. Typically, the only things you’ll need to worry about are periodic maintenance and regular housework.

– Senior-Focused Community: A senior manufactured home community is one where you won’t feel alienated. Senior-focused social and recreational services and events are available in the majority of these communities. In addition, there are effective security measures including gates and even guards. The best part is that you won’t be “alone”; instead, you’ll be able to affordably maintain an independent lifestyle in your own private house.

The top senior prefabricated house offers are shown below.

The Grove Of Bradenton

Situated on Florida’s west coast, close to Tampa and St. Petersburg, is the 55+ community of Bradenton, FL. The average housing price in this community is just $48,000, making it one of the most affordable in the nation.

With almost 270 residences on a large 40-acre park, The Grove offers heated pools, clubhouses for community use, picnic areas, and numerous artificial ponds. Naturally, there is no winter here.

Florida's Lady Lake

This more affluent 55+ neighborhood is located in the middle of Florida, around an hour’s drive from Universal Studios, Disney World, and other well-known Orlando attractions. Lady Lake in Florida offers the ultimate in luxurious retirement living, perfect for you to enjoy during your golden years. Some of the most exquisite, well-built modern homes available are found in this luxury manufactured home development. Additionally, there are incredibly beautiful amenities like a clubhouse.

Texas's Wymberly

This neighborhood is a suburb of Augusta and is situated in Martinez, Georgia, a well regarded community. Numerous medical, retail, entertainment, and cultural venues are conveniently located for you to visit. This posh neighborhood has a golf course, clubhouse, and lovely picnic area. $120,000 is the average cost of a home.

Michigan's Tyrone Woods

With an average housing price of under $50,000, this community is also incredibly inexpensive. Tyrone Woods may be found in Fenton, Michigan, which is close to Flint. Despite being family-friendly, this community boasts a large senior population. This is a wise decision for you if you don’t want to hang out with other seniors. There is a well regarded school district, and you can even choose to have your grandchildren live with you for an extended period of time. In addition to the many commercial and cultural options in Fenton, the city offers a variety of amenities like parks and spas.

Cider Mill Crossings In Fenton

Additionally, Fenton, Michigan is home to this community. It offers an extensive selection of senior prefabricated houses for purchase. Depending on the kind and size of home you want, prices might range from $60,000 to $200,000. The neighborhood has a variety of amenities available. The clubhouse, workout center, spa, heated pool, and library are all available to residents.

Texas's El Valle Del Sol

This complex of rental homes is located in the Rio Grande Valley region of Texas, in Mission. South Padre Island and other Gulf Coast communities and landmarks are nearby. They provide both long-term and short-term leases, with monthly rent averaging just $430. This is not only a fantastic substitute for a hotel, but it’s also a reasonably priced option to experience living in a prefabricated home before you buy.

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