Why seniors should opt for home care services?

Old age comes with several inabilities to perform a variety of tasks that your youthful strengths will easily do without complaining about stress and difficulty. It is because the system that makes up a human body weakens with an increase in age.

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These weaknesses that come with old age include the loss of mobility and inability to complete several daily activities deteriorates over time, and you will need more than the assistance of a family member to take care of you.

The fear of ad hoc home accidents that may occur when a family member is not around the corner makes older people seek perpetual assistance, which may either be home care services or senior living facilities—such as a nursing home.

Senior living facility

A senior living facility such as a nursing home is a convalescent home for older people who can not perform their daily activities due to severe impairments to their physical or mental health (it could be both).

They are prominent for the round-the-clock monitoring and medical services they offer to seniors who need constant care due to their chronic health issues or deteriorating health, who have difficulty feeding themselves independently, or who need rehabilitation due to severe injuries.

However, the benefits of putting yourself, a friend or a family member in a nursing home comes at a very expensive cost that may vary due to a few factors such as the privacy of the room. The privacy of a nursing room may be semi-private or private; a semi-private room will cost you about $7,513 per month.

In contrast to this, a totally private room will cost you about $8,517 per month. Viz. The more private a nursing room will result in an increase in the cost of using it.

The expensive cost of using a senior living facility for seniors increases sporadically due to the increase in demand, and it may triple in a few years to come.

The expensive cost you will need to stay safe and have assistance for various activities you can not perform due to physical or mental health problems may shy low-income individuals from benefiting from senior living facilities and may be risky to their overall health conditions.

But you should not feel unlucky or unfortunate because there is an affordable option that will provide you with all the benefits that come from using senior living facilities at the convenience of your home when you opt for senior home care services.

Senior home care services

You will be a beneficiary of all the services a senior living facility offers, ranging from intermittent monitoring to medical attention at the comfort of your home, without the need to spend all your life saving after retirement if you opt for senior home care services.

Aside from the affordability of seniors home care services, it also provides seniors with the option of being independent rather than being restricted by the four sides of a wall. Most seniors prefer to retain their independent life and total privacy they will not acquire by moving into various senior living facilities.

But it is different with senior home care services that comprise personal and medical care to you at the comfort of your home.

Advantages of senior home care services

Personal care at the comfort of your home: In-home caregivers or professionals will make several of your day-to-day activities such as bathing, driving, feeding, and shopping from grocery stores easier and less stressful.

Medical cares at the comfort of your home: Seniors with several medical conditions that range from mild to chronic can receive the appropriate medical attention you will require to restore you to good health by offering you health care specialists for your specific medical condition.

Benefits of opting for home care services

The human body is sensitive to the environment, especially an unhealthy body with medical conditions. The body will need time to adapt, but this may never occur if you have underlying health issues because of the deterioration in the immune system when you are old.

Therefore about ninety percent of seniors that opt for the services of home care live healthier and longer. It is, however, a fact that is supported by a study made by a Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

They found out that seniors who receive health care services after they are discharged from a hospital tend to live longer without the susceptibility of being rehospitalized. The health improvement and longevity of life span you will get by opting for home care services over senior living facilities are due to the following benefits:

– Availability of easy transportation
– They support seniors with a few housework such as home cleaning and preparation of a meal
– They offer companionship that involves the visitation of health care professionals as they wish without time limitations seen in a senior living facility
– Home care services will provide you nutritional enrichment program to make you healthy by forestalling malnutrition
– They offer at-home medical cares for medical conditions that range from mild to severe such as IVs, post-surgery treatment and physical therapy
– The assistance they provide will improve your overall quality of life
– They will offer you personalized care that results in effective treatment

There are several types of home care services that offer in-house medical care for seniors with several diagnoses such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and personal care such as helping you with your day-to-day activities like meal preparation, housework, toileting, and conveying you in and out of bed.

Senior home care services do not comprise a single option. Still, they are instead designed with various categories you can adjust to meet your requirements at an affordable price. Home care professionals charge per hour for their services.

The average cost of home care services ranges from about $16 to $22 per hour, depending on the type of service they render. On the contrary, opting for a senior living facility is more expensive, with an average cost that ranges from $2,844 to $9,266 per month.

Home care services may also provide seniors with several technological instruments or devices for their safety—such as a fall detector for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer to notify care professionals.

They also offer an emergency response unit with a button to call on care professionals for help with just a push. Furthermore, home care services provide seniors with the various services senior living facilities render coupled with some additional benefits at an affordable cost.

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