10 Best Online Degree Options in Ohio

Are you interested in going to school but don’t have time to drive to campus every day? Do you live too far out for commuting to be feasible? Or do you need to take classes but don’t want the time and expense of a regular degree program? If one or all the situations describes you, you might want to consider the best online degree options in Ohio.

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The best online degree options in Ohio allow students to partake in courses and complete the necessary coursework to fulfill degree requirements at a pace that works for them. They also provide students with helpful tools such as online tutoring and discussion boards. Many young adults are now choosing to attend online institutions where they can sit at their computers and take classes from accredited institutions without leaving the comfort of their homes.
Best Online Degree Options in Ohio

Ranking of the Best Online Degree Options in Ohio

The State of Ohio has many options when it comes to online degree colleges. Here are some of the top schools in the state offering online educational opportunities:

University of Dayton – Dayton, OH
U of D has an excellent online education program. They offer several different majors for their online students, including Accounting, Management, Marketing, and many more. In addition, UD is one of the few colleges in Ohio that offers all four years of courses entirely online.

Ashland University – Ashland, OH
This school offers options on various fields of study for its online students, including Education, Business Administration, and Criminal Justice. They also provide a Multi-track Learning degree program that allows the student to have a wide range of courses available at the most convenient time to them.

University of Akron – Akron, OH
The University of Akron offers its online degree seekers courses on Business Administration and Public Health (Health Management). In addition, their unique Associate Degree Nursing Program can get you an RN degree in the traditional or online format.

Walsh University – North Canton, OH
This UniversityUniversity offers a business program with majors such as Business Management and Accounting that will allow you to work on your degree anytime, anyplace. They also provide online courses to go with their MBA program for people who would like to finish it but still work full time. Walsh is a place to get your degree without having to leave your job or family obligations.

University of Cincinnati – Cincinnati, OH
This school offers many different majors for its online students, including Health Management and Policy, Education, and Nursing. In addition, the school provides both on-campus and virtual sessions.

Franklin University – Columbus, OH
Columbus may be one of the most popular cities in Ohio, but it is also home to many great online degree programs. Franklin University offers several different majors for their online students, including CPA Preparation, Business Administration, and Health Management. This school ensures that all of its students receive the best education possible, no matter the location.

University of Toledo – Toledo, OH
The University of Toledo is another good school for online degree seekers to attend. They offer several different fields, such as Criminal Justice and Health Services Administration. They also offer a unique program called the Master of Arts in Rehabilitation Counseling that allows students to work on their master’s degree while pursuing a full-time job.

Ohio State University – Columbus, OH
OSU is well known for its outstanding sports and academics alike. This school has one of the top Business Administration programs in the country, and they offer it completely online to their degree seekers. Master of Science in Sports Medicine allows you to get your master’s degree while working on your doctorate, thus complete your academic career quickly.

Cedarville University – Cedarville, OH
Cedarville is well known for offering students a variety of online learning courses that will allow them to acquire a degree no matter where they are in life. In addition, they have many different majors for their online learners, including Criminal Justice, Elementary Education, and Health Administration. As such, you can get your degree while still working full time as the courses take place around the student’s schedule at all hours.

University of Findlay – Findlay, OH
This UniversityUniversity offers many different great degrees for anyone looking to get their education from home. They have majors such as Health Management and Occupational Therapy, where students can work on their degrees online while still living a productive life. This school also offers courses in Human Resource Management and Sports Business which are unique and helpful fields of study.

Your Final Take

One branch of online learning that is rising in popularity in distance education programs. However, with so many options available to choose from, it can be difficult for students to find the best online degree options in Ohio.

There are, however, several schools in Ohio that offer online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. It will depend on which school you prefer to attend.

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