Internet Only Options Best For Seniors

The large majority of seniors today use the internet regularly, mostly from their home. For many of them, their computer hooked up to the internet is their “window on the world”. Seniors use, or even depend on, the internet for news, shopping, and very importantly staying in touch with loved ones and friends.

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What makes the best choice of an internet service provider for seniors of course includes price, but there are other important factors to consider as well. These other factors can basically be lumped together into what is called being “senior friendly”. Some of these factors include:

– Customer service: Can you get a live person to talk to, as opposed to text messaging and just creating a request for service? Are the customer service reps friendly and patient?

– Technical Support: Do they have easily available, live support 24/7? Again, are the support reps friendly and patient? Are the reps truly “supportive”?

– Service Reliability: Will your internet connection be properly working at all times? Is the service of high quality at all times? Are you getting what you paid for?

– Price and Contracts: What is the bottom line price, including all fees and taxes? Can the price be increased? Is there a contract with cancellation penalties?

– Installation and Equipment: Will the internet company fully and professionally install the service at your home – or are you going to have to hook up equipment yourself? How much do they charge for installation? Is there any charge for necessary equipment? Tip – a senior friendly company will actually hook up your computer to the service and make sure it is working properly before they leave your home.

The following five internet service providers provide the best options for seniors to receive internet in their home.



As mentioned above, senior friendly customer service and technical support are ‘must have’ features of an internet provider. AT&T rates excellent in both these areas, with multiple ways to get in touch with an AT&T representative, including a chatbox on the website, an email address, and an actual phone number to talk to friendly and helpful representatives. AT&T’s internet services are top-notch, delivering a high-speed, secure internet connection with 99 percent reliability. Plus, all of their internet plans include a Security Suite powered by McAfee, which is strong security software to protect your computer.
AT&T’s Internet 50Mbps plan costs $45 per month, plus taxes and equipment fees.


A special feature of CenturyLink is their price-for-life program – which locks in your internet service price for the foreseeable future. This company ranks very high in customer satisfaction. Another nice feature is that they have support services available 24/7. They don’t require a contract – which means no cancellation penalties. CenturyLink also includes McAfee security for your computer. This company provides you with unlimited data usage – meaning no surprise extra charges. CenturyLink Internet costs $65.00 per month for very high speed 940 Mbps service.


This very large cable TV provider also offers internet only service and they are known to give excellent customer and technical support to their customers – which is available 24 hours a day. They offer excellent pricing with an annual contract, but you can also get their service on a month-to-month basis. They even give you a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on their plans. Unlike some other internet providers, Cox can often get you hooked up by the next business day after your order is placed. Their prices range from below $30 per month for Cox’s budget plan, and up to $99.99 per month for their top-of-the-line Gigablast plan.

Spectrum Internet

Spectrum does not require a contract for their service and thus you will not get stuck with a cancellation fee. Better yet, if you are currently under a contract with another provider – they will cover up to $500 for any cancellation fees if you switch to Spectrum. In addition, they don’t limit the amount of data you use (thus no surprise extra charges) and include a modem for no extra cost. Spectrum Internet costs $49.99 per month for speeds up to 100 Mbps, – but if you are a low income senior receiving SSI, then you can get a large discount through their Spectrum Internet Assist plan.


This company provides one of the largest varieties of plan options and with a blazing 2,000Mb speed service available in many areas. Very good pricing is offered with a contract, but month-to-month service is also provided. Xfinity’s cheapest package costs just $19.99 per month and their most expensive at $299.95. For most seniors, their Blast! Pro Package at $64.99/month (with a one-year contract) will usually more than suffice.

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